Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back To Normal.

Well, I don't know what happened the other day, but I am back to my decent numbers again. I guess me being sick and not commenting on my other regular blogs just finally caught up with me.

OK real weirdness! I just did an entire post and it didn't save, didn't publish, didn't anything!!!! Blogger better not start going like Yahoo 360 did. I don't want to have to move blog homes again!

Back to what I was talking about. I was going to ask a question of everyone about something that has happened around here. There was a construction crew re-roofing a local hospital in Tampa. Yesterday morning, as they are firing up the tar boiler, the workers hear a god awful noise. They look in the fire chamber and there are 3 raccoons hiding in it. Two run out, but one won't budge. The workers were still trying to get it out when the construction company owner comes over and wants to know why the workers are wasting time. They explain about the raccoon, but the boss doesn't care. He ORDERS the workers to turn on the tar boiler, and when they don't he does it himself, incinerating the raccoon....ALIVE! Oh My God!!!! How can anyone be so cruel?? How can anyone not care that much?? I was applauding the worker who turned him in to the wildlife officials. The guy was arrested and put in jail, but man! That has to be one of the most cold blooded things I had ever seen! here's the story.......

So here is my question..... is cruelty to animals a gateway to worse crimes?? If you read down through the comments, people are pretty divided on this. Personally, I think, if you can hurt an animal, it isn't that much of a jump to hurting a person. We are all living things, and we all deserve to be here if God put us here, (except the roach I squashed on my bedroom wall last night!). I think I am going to put up a poll about this so even the lurkers who don't comment can vote anonymously. I just think, It wouldn't have been but maybe an hour for fish and wildlife to come, remove the raccoon, and they could have been on their way. People are just sick some times.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, actually the "homicidal triad" is 1)cruelty to animals, 2)bedwetting, 3)fire setting. Bad stuff. Research has shown that most if not all serial killers and murderers have shown all 3 behaviors earlier in life.