Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Me!

Well, today is April Fools Day. The day we reserve to trick our friends and relatives. The day family feuds begin and I am not talking the get to 300 points, win $20,000 kind of feud! I am just as funny as the next person. In college, I had a whole stand up routine I did about my home town and the dorkyness of it all, and the crazy roommates I got stuck with, etc..... I could KILL at the local brew pub, but when it came to playing tricks on others just to get a laugh, I wasn't so great. Back in high school, I made a new years resolution to no longer laugh at the misfortunes of others. Yep, I wasn't trying to lose weight, give up sweets, or anything like that. I was trying to be a better person. That meant stupid tricks that made someone else feel bad just so I could laugh at them was O-U-T! That also meant I was every one's trickee that year. (They knew they could get away without consequence.)

Through the years, I just lost touch with April Fools Day. It never held any great fun for me. It got even further on my crap list when I started an ill fated relationship on that day. Talk about killing a holiday!

Yeah, AFD is not on my list of holidays I enjoy. So I am going to slow roast a chicken,(not one of my neighbors!), hand mash some potatoes, steam some veggies, and make some home made gravy! I am going to clean up my kitchen, sweep the porch, and wash my rat of a dog. I am NOT going to drop a bucket of water on some one's head, not going to pour hot sauce in their drink, or put sand in their shoes. I may joke to my kids that Mommy "forgot" to make dinner, but that's about as far as I go. Most tricks are messy at the least, and my OCD for cleaning just won't let me participate in that kind of "fun".

Happy April Fools Day!


Anonymous said...

The only joke I tried to play was telling Hubby that I was preggers again. He was delighted. I felt like an asshole when I told him April Fool's. Think I'm gonna get on your boat with that.

Blondefabulous said...

I can tell a god oke, but I ust never had it in me to trick someone just for the sake of laughing at their misery. ;-)