Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alone Again....Naturally!

Well, for the next 3 days, it's just the kids and myself. HHH had to make a run upstate to his dad's, so we are doing the mommy and kids thing till Thursday. Not that that is a bad thing. Yesterday, I cleaned up the house, scrubbed the kitchen counters, and when the kid got home, we went outside and hit a few balls out in the front yard. (Baseballs, quit thinking dirty!) My son is actually quite good, much to the chagrin of his father. HHH was a football man through and through. He did all the youth stuff, Pee-Wee, Youth League, etc... He played in high school. He blew out his knee before college could come knocking with a scholarship. Now he has a son. His only so, here to carry on the torch for good ol'Dad. Well, it may not be any time soon, cause now Junior is saying, "Mommy, tell Daddy I wanna play baseball, not football. He'll listen to you.". Kids. They constantly surprise you.
So did everyone get a peep,(hahahahaha) at the baby finch photo yesterday?? Oh he is sooo cute. I was trying to get in and out before the mom and dad finch came back from foraging. That's why the pic of him is so bad. If you magnify it and look really closely, you'll see a little pointy beak and pink skin. I may have to go and get a finch feeder so the mom and dad don't have to go so far to find food.
The other day, HHH was asking me if I wanted to paint the living room. When we moved in, the living room, nay the whole house, had not been repainted from the last tenant. I said sure, and off we went to Lowes. I love Lowes. We decided on a muted oatmeal with a white trim. Now all we need is that stimulus payment to hit the bank account, and voila'.......designer walls!
Sorry I am jumping all around this morning. I woke up at 4 am and have been awake ever since. So, if I sound like I am a little wired, forgive me. I did hit over 100 hits again, mostly for my blog from Sunday. And even though I asked a commenter to quit making racists comments on that blog, he kept doing it anyway, so that is why the comment moderator got turned on last night. I'll probably turn it off after all this blows over, but man.... this story about the 7 year old joyrider just went viral all over the world! I bet this kid is going to be the "fun to do bad things" boy for the rest of his life, and all the stigma that goes with it. Hah! I hope he gets haunted by it for the rest of his days. The authorities may not want to punish him, but the dang universe will! Karma, baby.......it will get ya every time!
And on a final note, I put up a poll last week about animal cruelty being a gateway to other, more heinous violent crime, and mostly everyone who has voted, (8 people), has voted that yes it is. Well, here's some more proof. There was a violent rape and beating of a 17 year old girl who was trying to drop books off at a library after hours book drop. She is still in critical condition at the hospital. It turns out the kid (16) they found who did it, (They have DNA) is now a suspect in another rape at a DAYCARE CENTER! Scum! And, it also turns out he was arrested for animal cruelty for beating a duck until it was unconscious several years ago. Here's the story:


The world can be a crappy place if we let it. I'm gonna think good thoughts and watch the baby finches.


Putz said...

oh my, he beat up a duck, i once had a friend who used to tie cats tails toghther and hang thme over a clothes line and watched them fight....he is now dead, was killed in a car accident, l love kittys, dogs, deear raccoons, chickens, finches, et etc etc

Blondefabulous said...

Just a big jerk all around. He even did it in front of a senior center! Well now all his sins are coming home to roost. Like I said about the 7 year old.... Karma will come back to get you!