Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ahhhhh... Sunday morning. Time to relax, sleep in, nibble on cinnamon rolls......ah who am I kidding. The chickens were crowing outside our windows at 7 am, the kids started rattling around at just about the same time, and I woke up with a monster nose bleed. Great, right? I wasn't thrilled, though the nose bleed explained why I had an upset stomach. I got out of bed, tried to stem the flow, and started breakfast for everyone. I wasn't that hungry. I'm gonna wait till lunch.

Not much to do today. I guess I am going to clean up around the house, get a pork roast prepped for tonight's dinner, and keep the kids from killing each other. Yesterday, the neighbors who were burning the contents of their shed the other day started putting up a fence. I think it is going to be a barbed wire fence. Maybe they are going to get some horses or something. We are in a pretty rural place. It wouldn't surprise me. If they are just hoping to put up a fence to keep my other neighbors chickens out, barbed wire isn't going to be very helpful. We'll see. HHH is out and about, mowing lawns for the landlord. It's pretty fun for HHH because he is on one of those professional Husqavana mowers. The weather looks cruddy outside. It isn't supposed to rain, but I am looking at the clouds outside and thinking, it just might.

Like I said, not much going on.

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Anonymous said...

Cinnamon rolls, pork roast....nom nom nom you're killing me girlfriend!