Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Note To Self......

I have got to try and spend less time on the computer looking at websights that are of no real value to the world in general. Also, I am seriously going to implement my Frappaccino plan when our stimulus money comes in. I will be aquiring a coffee maker, blender and the ingredients for my own frappaccino. I am thinking Mocha for my first one. I just have to find the Bux Beans from somewhere around here. That's going to be the hard part. If freakin' Wauchula would just get off it's ass and open up the dang Dunkin' Donuts they have over there, I wouldn't have to resort to these drastic measures! It wouldn't be Bux, but it would at least be an unreasonable facsimile! I'm dying over here in Booney-ville!!!!!!
Oh well...... I need a frappaccino. :-(

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

People Who NEED To Be In Jail!!!

This woman is a menace to society! Why, you ask? Well, the woman has been caught 3, (Not 1, not 2, but 3!) times having sex with minor boys. EEEEEEWWWWWW!! Oh how nasty! She was caught at the house of a victim this third time, just after having sex with the boy! What is wrong with this woman. 3 Times?!? And now, every time she is in court or in public, she has this creepy, toothy grin. I shiver every time I see it. In the back of my mind, I am almost sure that smile is going to lead into an insanity defense at some point in the future. Either way, it creeps me out. Anyway, after being arrested this third time, the judge has FINALLY decided to revoke bond and keep this woman in jail! I guess this judge believes in three strikes. Me myself, I would've put her away after the first time. They do that for men who have sex with young girls, why not for women who have sex with young boys?? Tit for tat I say!
She's still creepy.

My Funny Bunnies.

Here are my munchkins getting off the bus. I thought this was cute. It won't be long until they are finished for the year and it's the good ol' summer time.
Rebecca is a little slower to get off the bus than the two.

Alone Again....Naturally!

Well, for the next 3 days, it's just the kids and myself. HHH had to make a run upstate to his dad's, so we are doing the mommy and kids thing till Thursday. Not that that is a bad thing. Yesterday, I cleaned up the house, scrubbed the kitchen counters, and when the kid got home, we went outside and hit a few balls out in the front yard. (Baseballs, quit thinking dirty!) My son is actually quite good, much to the chagrin of his father. HHH was a football man through and through. He did all the youth stuff, Pee-Wee, Youth League, etc... He played in high school. He blew out his knee before college could come knocking with a scholarship. Now he has a son. His only so, here to carry on the torch for good ol'Dad. Well, it may not be any time soon, cause now Junior is saying, "Mommy, tell Daddy I wanna play baseball, not football. He'll listen to you.". Kids. They constantly surprise you.
So did everyone get a peep,(hahahahaha) at the baby finch photo yesterday?? Oh he is sooo cute. I was trying to get in and out before the mom and dad finch came back from foraging. That's why the pic of him is so bad. If you magnify it and look really closely, you'll see a little pointy beak and pink skin. I may have to go and get a finch feeder so the mom and dad don't have to go so far to find food.
The other day, HHH was asking me if I wanted to paint the living room. When we moved in, the living room, nay the whole house, had not been repainted from the last tenant. I said sure, and off we went to Lowes. I love Lowes. We decided on a muted oatmeal with a white trim. Now all we need is that stimulus payment to hit the bank account, and voila'.......designer walls!
Sorry I am jumping all around this morning. I woke up at 4 am and have been awake ever since. So, if I sound like I am a little wired, forgive me. I did hit over 100 hits again, mostly for my blog from Sunday. And even though I asked a commenter to quit making racists comments on that blog, he kept doing it anyway, so that is why the comment moderator got turned on last night. I'll probably turn it off after all this blows over, but man.... this story about the 7 year old joyrider just went viral all over the world! I bet this kid is going to be the "fun to do bad things" boy for the rest of his life, and all the stigma that goes with it. Hah! I hope he gets haunted by it for the rest of his days. The authorities may not want to punish him, but the dang universe will! Karma, will get ya every time!
And on a final note, I put up a poll last week about animal cruelty being a gateway to other, more heinous violent crime, and mostly everyone who has voted, (8 people), has voted that yes it is. Well, here's some more proof. There was a violent rape and beating of a 17 year old girl who was trying to drop books off at a library after hours book drop. She is still in critical condition at the hospital. It turns out the kid (16) they found who did it, (They have DNA) is now a suspect in another rape at a DAYCARE CENTER! Scum! And, it also turns out he was arrested for animal cruelty for beating a duck until it was unconscious several years ago. Here's the story:

The world can be a crappy place if we let it. I'm gonna think good thoughts and watch the baby finches.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Finches: Update!

Finch update! We have at least one baby! I went really quickly and took the photo above. Didn't stay in long so as not to freak the parents out should they return quickly. I see a small pink bundle in the center towards the bottom. He was a cheeper too! Ah, spring babies!

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Yes that was a reference to Monty Python, and to yesterday's blog! As you can see by scrolling down, I wrote about the errant 7 year old and his joyride that was anything but for his grandmother. I got over 100 hit from blogging about my ire for this little brat and his declaration to news cameras..."It's fun to do bad things!". Oh God! That just burns me up! Perhaps not as much as the comments from someone who decided to make it a racial thing though. This commenter, who was the only one by the way, said to the effect that, he didn't need to even see the video, by just reading the story, he had an inkling that the child was black. Yep. Just knew the kid was black. WTF?? I wouldn't care if the kid was orange, blue, purple, or fuchsia...... YOU DON'T STEAL A CAR AND GO AROUND WRECKING THINGS! PERIOD! I tried to re butt his comments and point out that my blog wasn't about race, so much as about bad parenting and the governments and laws that get in the way of good parenting, but this guy was just on a roll and it was all down hill from the word go. So for once and for all.... RUDY CANOZA.... I am grateful for you opinion, even though I do not agree with what you were saying. You got something from my blog I was not trying to convey, No where in my blog did I ever refer to the race of the child, as that was not my focus. I was simply trying to state that children are no longer given defined boundaries and set consequences, and because of this, they act out in ways that are hurtful and harmful to others. The public's outcry for justice would have been swift and sure if this boy had run over another child or person, and not just the signs, curbs, and mailboxes he destroyed. I was also upset at the utter lack of remorse this child showed. Unfortunately, we see that lack of remorse all too often on the nightly news in the faces of many children of all races and nationalities, not just the black ones. I wrote about my ire as a commentary on society's willingness to let kids off the hook, and the children seeing this as a free pass to continue their bad behavior. Not black kids, not white kids, not yellow kids, not tan kids,..... just kids. End of story.
As parents, we need to take back our parenting rights. We can't just rely on the system to raise our children with the correct morals and values we need to function as a society. Enron, baseball, college cheating scandals, they are all out there, telling our kids it's OK to be shady. It's alright to fudge the truth. It's fine if you want to do something illegal so you can be better that everyone else. It's not OK, alright, or fine! People who used to be roll models are now being called into question, and if we don't put our foot down and say, NO.... then we haven't done our job as parents. My kids have rules. My kids have boundaries. My kids have punishments. My kids are complimented both at school and in public for their manners, conduct, and demeanor. They won't be stealing grandma's car and tooling around town.

Ah, now that that is off my chest, whoo hoo! Over 100 hits! That's a milestone for me. I've only ever been in the high 90's. I guess my blog on that pudgy good-for-nothing did have some good come out of it after all.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"It's Fun To Do Bad Things!"

I saw this last night and like to crapped myself. Lately, with the myspace beating, and other such incidents, there has been a lot of talk about discipline and today's youth. No one wants to say we are failing, but after I watched the news last night and saw this story, I gotta say, WE ARE IN FOR AN EPIC FAIL!
A seven year old boy from Palm Beach Gardens was angry with his mother about something, and to "get back" at her, he waited till his grandmother was in another room doing something, and took the grandmothers keys and went for a joyride! How the heck are you mad at your mom, and take grand mom's car?!? WTF?? He goes all over, running over mail boxes, swiping cars at a local Costco. hitting signs, until he finally crashes the suv! The car is totalled, the kid is fine. When you go watch the video, listen to the boy and look at his face when he says, "It's fun to do bad things." There's no remorse, no apology, he looks like he can't wait to go do it again! I feel for the Grandmother. She says, "If I didn't think they'd take me to jail, I'd whup his behind!", and that's where the problem lies. These kids know they can't be punished. At school they are taught that they can tell a teacher that they have been spanked and the cops will take away mommy or daddy to jail. They know that just the slightest hint of any physical discipline, and they can make life a nightmare for their parents. Hell, my 4 year old niece once told her daddy, "I'm gonna tell Nana you spanked me so she can send you to jail!" WTF does that accomplish? How does tying your hands as a parent make the world a better place?? It doesn't. It makes 7 year old's who think they can joyride and hurt others. It makes teens who think it's cool to beat the crap out of someone and video tape it for posting on YouTube. It makes the problems we have today with our youth. Now I am not talking beatings, I'm just saying a swat on the rear when they are young may help cure some of the problems we may have later. I was better for it, and I know my kids are better for it.

Here's the story:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Follies.

Mmmmmm.... I love being able to sleep in on the weekends. I was having trouble falling asleep last night, so around 12 am I took a couple of Tylenol PM's to get to sleep. It worked like a charm. I slept till 10 am! I guess HHH had to take care of the kids. They were fed and watching TV when I shuffled out. I didn't even hear the chickens.

Now for a topic that is on everyone's mind.... your economic stimulus check. I wanna know, what ya gonna do with it? The, ahem, president thinks we are all going to go out and spend it on frivolous items such as TV's, Stereo's, etc, etc.... I am thinking to myself, "Self, when that money shows up, we are going to pay all the bills." To me, being able to pay all the bills at once is a great thing. Pretty awesome. Amazing, actually!! How the heck does the government think we are going to go blow that money on disposable items when everyone is holding on by a thread?!? 3/4 of the country is in foreclosure, unemployment is way up, jobs are way down, and everyone is barely making ends meet! I bet most of the people who get that money are going to spend it on bills or food. I wish the government could come live my life for a week. I saw a story last month about two Florida House Representative's who decided to do and experiment with Food Stamps and live on what a normal person who receives food stamps gets from the government. It ended up to be about $20.00. Yep, the fat cats from the hill had to plan a weeks worth of meals on $20! No steaks, no fancy schmancy breakfasts, practically no meats, fresh veggies, or anything like that! They were amazed and surprised that they had been voting to lower the food stamp benefits when they couldn't get a decent meal out of what was on the books now. Hah! Just goes to prove that the idiots that run this country are out of touch with what us normal people have to deal with on a regular basis. So, back to the topic.... what are you going to do with your money? Like I said, We are going to spend it on bills. Hey, ya gotta have a place to live, and electricity right?

Anyway, that having been discussed, did you all know there is only 26 days left in the school year? Yikes! I have to try and get some activities together for us to do this summer. Cheap activities. Activities that don't require a lot of gas. The CNN ticker said it could be as bad a $5 a gallon by summers end. I was flipping through my high school yearbook and part of the thing had a section where it recorded prices from that year. Gas was .89 cents a gallon! .89 CENTS A GALLON!!!!!!!! I'd kill for .89 cents a gallon. Ah, the good old days.....

Well, time to go make lunch and start on my spring cleaning. I got most of the kitchen done yesterday, and am going to start on the bathroom and back rooms today! Plus, it's laundry day. Whoo hoo!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Ahhhhh.... Friday. Is there any better day in the week? It's the end of the work week for most. It's the end of the school week for the kids. Most festivals, parades, fairs, etc, start on a Friday. This has been a great week for me. I have been feeling better, haven't been as nauseous, and actually got in some nookie with HHH!(That's a good thing.) God bless HHH. He has been so patient and kind to put up with all the crap I have been going through. I married a man 6 years my junior because he had so much verve and energy. That was back when I was still doing good, not having the stomach issues I am having now. I was able to exercise regularly. I had energy. Now he has a wife who, on her good days, keeps the house clean, cooks, and makes time for a little you-know-what. Most wives do that every day anyway. Well, maybe not the cooking....... many women today have a career that can sometimes interfere with the making of the nightly dinner. Up until the economy got so bad, Americans were eating 32% of their caloric intake from restaurant or take-out food.* That's OK though. But a wife who stays home with the kids who can't get her crap together and get a meal on the table!?! Sounds kind of pathetic. I am going to get my crap together and get a meatloaf into the oven today. Meatloaf, herb roasted red potatoes, and baked summer squash. Yum! The veggie stand down the street has some really pretty cantaloupe as well. If I thought I could find a good deli, I'd buy one and cube it up to make prosciutto wrapped melon to serve as well. Well, maybe not. HHH isn't that snooty as to know what prosciutto is. What I really want to do is get some salmon and make him a nice grilled salmon. Sorry Russ, but I can't make the Bourbon salmon (I think it was Russ that gave me that recipe). My celiac's* won't let me have the Bourbon. (SUCKS)

This morning didn't start out as great as I would have liked. Someone turned down my alarm volume and I woke up at 6:46am and freaked. I got the kids up, waved the bus on since we weren't ready, and got HHH out of bed to take the kids to school. I hate not waking up on time. I usually get up before the alarm goes off and turn it off and go get the kids. Does that happen to anyone else? Do you get up before your alarms set time? I do this ALL the time. Drives me nuts. There I am, awake some 15 to 20 minutes before I have to be, all the while thinking, "Man! I'd love to be sleeping these extra few minutes!". Weird. Just really weird. So I get up and get everyone taken care of, & HHH gets them to the school. Whew. Thank goodness we get to sleep in for the next two days. I may go find some chicken repellent so the darn things will stay away from our house. Either or,.... Friday is here, and I am gonna enjoy it.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back To Normal.

Well, I don't know what happened the other day, but I am back to my decent numbers again. I guess me being sick and not commenting on my other regular blogs just finally caught up with me.

OK real weirdness! I just did an entire post and it didn't save, didn't publish, didn't anything!!!! Blogger better not start going like Yahoo 360 did. I don't want to have to move blog homes again!

Back to what I was talking about. I was going to ask a question of everyone about something that has happened around here. There was a construction crew re-roofing a local hospital in Tampa. Yesterday morning, as they are firing up the tar boiler, the workers hear a god awful noise. They look in the fire chamber and there are 3 raccoons hiding in it. Two run out, but one won't budge. The workers were still trying to get it out when the construction company owner comes over and wants to know why the workers are wasting time. They explain about the raccoon, but the boss doesn't care. He ORDERS the workers to turn on the tar boiler, and when they don't he does it himself, incinerating the raccoon....ALIVE! Oh My God!!!! How can anyone be so cruel?? How can anyone not care that much?? I was applauding the worker who turned him in to the wildlife officials. The guy was arrested and put in jail, but man! That has to be one of the most cold blooded things I had ever seen! here's the story.......

So here is my question..... is cruelty to animals a gateway to worse crimes?? If you read down through the comments, people are pretty divided on this. Personally, I think, if you can hurt an animal, it isn't that much of a jump to hurting a person. We are all living things, and we all deserve to be here if God put us here, (except the roach I squashed on my bedroom wall last night!). I think I am going to put up a poll about this so even the lurkers who don't comment can vote anonymously. I just think, It wouldn't have been but maybe an hour for fish and wildlife to come, remove the raccoon, and they could have been on their way. People are just sick some times.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Happened??

9. Nine. Nueve. I had 9 hits yesterday. I don't get it. Monday I had almost 80...... then 9. How? What? Why? My topic must have been pretty boring. Hmmm..... Things I learned over the weekend seemed like a good enough blog. It had human interest, changing times, coming of age, all that interesting crap! But nope, only 9. Weird. I guess I would have done better posting the picture of the "Choco-Bacon" display from the Kwiki Mart and spoofing it as a new product.
Anyway, I just thought it had to be said. I'm sure everyone else gets a bazillion hits a day, and like I said, I usually get more too..... but nine just threw me. Something weird to report, I was on CNN and they are running a story about a priest from Brazil. Seems the guy isn't one of "those" kinds of priests, but rather a tough, awesome kind of guy who came up with an idea to raise money for a spiritual truck stop by breaking the record for flying on party balloons. Yes, he wanted to break the time record for flying in the air on party balloons. Now he's missing. They found the balloons in the ocean, still intact, but no priest. The government is saying that this guy is pretty tough. He's had wilderness training, jungle survival courses, mountain climbing experience, and was equipped with food water and other necessities. Sounds like a MacGyver kinda priest to me. They are hoping to find him alive on a beach somewhere. I hope they're right. anyway, here's the link.
I guess church bingo must not be too popular down there as a fund raiser like it is here in the states. Seems safer, though.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I Learned This Weekend.

Universal was a blast this weekend. The kids had fun, Mommy and Daddy had fun, and we all got to do most of the things we wanted in the park. I did learn some new things while we were there. For instance.....

1) MY ELDEST DAUGHTER IS NOTICING BOYS! When did this start to happen??? She is only 11! I found out this little tidbit when we were watching the Beetlejuice show over in the San Francisco area. As we were walking out of the show when it was over, she says in a disappointing voice..."That wasn't the Dracula they had yesterday. He was much cuter." AAAACCCCCKKKKK!! I don't need this!! Bad enough I had to buy a bra for her this year, now I have to deal with boys too?? Nope. No dating. Nada. Zip. None. I can't take it.

2) I AM FINALLY ADMITTING MY COFFEE CRAVING. This has been coming for a long time. Now I am not to the point where I can drink hot coffee, but I am addicted to frappaccino's. Once we were inside City Walk, I made a bee line for the Starbucks and got my instant gratification. Living where we do, there is no coffee haven anywhere near us. I think Sebring and Orlando are the closest cities with a Bux in them. Yes I made fun of the people who would go there and stand in line to pay outrageous sums of money for a cup of Joe, but now I understand it. I crave it. I am considering buying a blender, a coffee maker, and some Bux in a bag and making my own frapps. O when did I fall into this pit??

3) I NEED TO GET INTO BETTER SHAPE. Two days of walking constantly through the parks has shown me that I need to be a more fit person. I was getting out of breath and my feet hurt after only a little while. Now, because of the kids diabetes, we get the fast passes for free from customer service. (Little kid dropping dead waiting in line is bad for PR.) This means we aren't waiting in line for the 30 to 60 minutes the sign at the front of the ride says. We wait maybe 2 to 5 minutes. Yeah, sucks to be everyone else, right? So it's not the standing in line that is killing me, it's the walking to and from the rides. I need to try to be a little more fit and get a little more exercise in.

4) I AM ADDICTED TO THE CHICKEN FINGERS AT IOA. Yes this is in complete contrast to #3, I know that. But something in those things is awesome! I'd rather have those or the fried chicken Caesar salad over everything they serve.

5) GOING TO THESE PLACES MAKES ME FEEL OLD. I went to Universal when it first opened. I remember our schools going there for field trips and such. I remember all the trouble they used to have with the rides. jaws not working, King Kong conking out mid ride and having to take the exit cleverly hidden in a building facade, etc..... Now they are changing things to keep up with the times, but it just makes me feel O-L-D. The newest thing to be mothballed is the old Back To The Future ride. It has now become the new Simpsons ride. Same concept, but they have decorated the outside different, and changed the cars and the movie you watch inside. It isn't open yet, but they already have the gift shop open for it. Go figure. I rode BTTF on it's opening weekend. It was so cool. Now it's gone. I feel old.

So there ya have it. Things that I learned while at the parks over the weekend. Some good, some not so good, but all together it was fun.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

So, I was tagged by for a cute meme. Here are the rules....
* Link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules in your blog.
* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
* Tell the other people you've tagged in their comments.

OK, not a problem. 1) I have a cleaning OCD. I gotta have everything cleaned to high, impossible standards. 2) Sausage makes me want to vomit. I got sick on it when I was pregnant with my son. He's six now, and I still want to hurl when I see it on pizza! 3) I am way to excited to watch cartoons with my kids. 4) I would rather eat a good loaf of exotic bread than a sugary dessert any day! (but I have Celiac's.) 5) I have a pirate collection that has nothing to do with Pirates of the Caribbean. I got married at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, and it wasn't cool to like pirates yet cause the movie wasn't out. 6) I can't ride roller coasters because of a fluid imbalance in my inner ear but they scare me anyway!

Ok, not so bad. I just want to say that I tag KVegas, Dad's who mock (russ), Pink Tomato, Putz, Lucrative Pain and I don't have a 6th. Crap. I gotta get more friends.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Other Pictures From Yesterday.

So, here are some of the other pictures I took yesterday. This is one of my boys in front of the statue over by Dueling Dragons.
Here's one that made me feel old. We were waiting on HHH to get some lunch and we saw Betty Boop posing for pictures. I got the kids their autograph books and they went over, got them signed, and we took a picture. Well, we get back to the table, and the kids ask me, "Mama, who was that?" {sigh} I must be getting old.
Ooooh! Here's another I feel old moment! I got the kids picture in front of the Back To The Future Delorean. They didn't know what that was either. The ride has been mothballed and they are making the new Simpsons ride in it's place.
Here's another good one. These "Ladies" were taking pictures over by the Voodoo Juice bar. I got HHH's picture with them. Notice how his hands are NOT touching the girls! Yeah, he stayed out of trouble.
And of course, Earth Wind & Fire. Man they were so awesome! I wish we could have stayed for the whole thing The kids were tired though. I did get to point out to my daughters that real bands have horn sections, rhythm sections, and such, not just little teeny boppers bouncing around the stage with back up dancers like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers! All in all we had a good time. Probably gonna go back this morning and hit up a few more rides!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Old School Is The Best School!

Oh man! Sorry this is so late in posting, but we just got out of the parks and was Earth Wind & Fire ever great! We started out at the park early, ((am!), and did both of them and then around 5pm, we went into the concert area and staked out our spot in the front of the stage. It was awesome! EW&F are still going strong,even 30 years after they first started. They opened with "Boogie Wonderland" and rolled through a lot of their hits! Halfway into "Shining Star", and older lady collapsed in the crowd next to us. It was weird because we had just seen her not 5 minutes before that dancing up a storm. I guess she danced herself silly. her friends got her over to the Med staff pretty quick, but I swear I saw her mouth, "No I want to stay and watch the concert.". No lie! We left about half way in because the kids were getting really tired. Plus they were not really into the music as much as I was. My daughter, Rebecca, said...."Oh, that's the Happy Feet song!" when they were playing "Shining Star". I feel sooooooooo old. I got a good shot of the band, even though they had a sign that said no photography. yeah, that was really going to happen. EVERYONE had a camera phone, camera, etc taking pictures.
After we got out of there, we hit up the Krispy Kreme that was right down the road from the hotel. It was AWESOME! I haven't had good doughnuts since we left Memphis. We got our Krispy Kreme doughnut's from the same place that used to make Elvis's personal doughnut orders when we lived up there. Now that we've had that and I had a Frappaccino and Cranberry muffin, I am set for at least a month. Maybe less, I don't know. Either way, I'll be posting more photo's later. I gotta rest my feet.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We Have Finches!

HHH and I made a discovery. The finches we have been seeing flitting about the house have nested in the out building. HHH found this out when he was putting a few things in there and had an angry mama finch come bursting out from one of the shelves. I was just breathing a sigh of relief because when I saw the conglomeration of twigs and grass and leaves, I thought maybe a nest of squirrels had moved in, and they can be mean when they are defending a nest. So, now I will keep an eye on the nest to see if there are any eggs and babies!

Finally...... A Real Post!

Yeah, so this week hasn't been one of my greatest. I have had some sort of stomach bug for the entire time, and on and off, so has my kids. Junior was particularly sick, and missed two days of school. Funny thing was, he missed Monday and Wednesday. Yep, alternating days. Weird huh? I don't know.

The neighbors are tenting their house. When the kids got home yesterday, they kept saying, "Oooooo look mommy, a circus tent!". I had to explain to them that, no it wasn't the circus, just a hoard of termites. They weren't impressed after that. The guys that the neighbors hired to do it were loud too. They got there at 10 am and immediately turned on a radio full blast, took out the worlds most clattery and rickety ladder and did the tango on the roof putting the tent on. I was half expecting to hear a thud followed by an anguished scream, but no. I did not. (darn!)

In my quest to feel better, I decided to get some fresh air and go outside with the kids after school. We used Juniors bat and ball and practiced hitting a few. Lucky for me the ball is foam, because Junior kept hitting line drives right at me! No kidding, the kid is good. If I felt safe enough, I'd get him a real ball and bat and see what he could do. Rebecca did good as well, but she is older and has better hand eye coordination. Morgan, we had to work on. She had a good stance, and she held the bat really firmly, but she kept trying to swat at the ball like you swat a fly. I showed her the correct way to swing, and wouldn't ya know, the next pitch, she hit a high fly way into the next yard. (Remember now.....foam ball.) Boy was she excited! I started running out of steam though, and I had to go in and sit down. The kids were mad at me, but what can you do? HHH came home just then anyway and he started cutting the grass. He has been doing all the lawn and garden work for our landlord. This is no small task, as the landlord owns houses all over the county. It is paying enough so for now it is good.

We are hoping to get to Universal again this Saturday. Earth Wind & Fire are playing the last night of Mardi Gras, and I want to go see them. It'll be cool!

See.... I told you I'd get a real post in.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Does Your Birthdate Mean For Your Love Life??

Yes, another cop out post. Yes, still sick. No, I haven't kicked this stomach bug yet. I'm not eating a whole lot right now, mostly just feeding the family. I just don't see how I am still over weight. I haven't been able to eat normally in at least a year! {Sigh.} Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Your Birthdate: July 2
You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.Number of True Loves You'll Have: 3Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's today's installment. Don't forget to comment what you are. Sorry my posts are so crappy lately, but I have been sick. This is my only form of entertainment.

You Are a Log Ride
You prefer to live a fairly calm, relaxed life... with a few surprises thrown in.You don't tend to get yourself worked up easily. You can roll with what life throws at you.In relationships, you are steady and solid. You maintain a pretty broad perspective on what's going on.That's not to say you can't get swept away. You're emotions run as deep as anyone else's.Your life seems like it has been remarkably easy so far. But that's due to how you manage it.You never stretch yourself too thinly, and you think out your decisions carefully.Taking the time to enjoy each day is important to you, and you don't let your emotions rule you.You stay the course and do what's right... knowing it will all work out in the end.At your best, you are tolerant and understanding of other people's quirks.You take "go with the flow" to the extreme. Even if you don't like where you're going.At your worst, you repress your feelings and end up being a little tightly wound.You definitely have some explosive emotions that occasionally come to the surface.
BTW...... HHH took the quiz and was a Ferris wheel. I thought it was funny. Back when we first met, his nickname was "Space Mountain" ....wink, wink! We also met when he was 21 so he was still into those cute names for his genitalia and all...... Young guys are sooooo cute.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Flavr.....I Loozez Interust!

The chickens have lost their sparkle. The kids are no longer interested or think they're cool. Now all I hear is, "Moooooom, make the dumb chickens shut up!" Yep, rural life has become just regular old life for them. Now I have another problem with the flock..... they keep dying.

I found another dead bird in my yard today. I was out walking the yard, trying to get some fresh air and feel better. My celiac's is giving me a butt load of trouble and has been for the last 2 days. As I was walking, I notice a fluffy little lump on the ground. Another dead chicken, or more over, a chick. This is the second one in 2 months. Now, aside from the nastiness of having a dead animal in the yard, I know that living out here in the boonies, a dead animal will attract other, unsavory animals who will want to eat it. Possums, raccoons, and the like. We don't need all that wild life out here. I made a few inquiring calls to the county and found that roaming flocks of chickens are not allowed anywhere in this county. They are supposed to pen up any livestock. I am going to see what HHH says about the matter. He wasn't too happy this morning when the roosters were fighting each other on our front porch, but just to be on the safe side, I'll confer with him before I sic code enforcement on the neighbors.

Other than that, I have been in bed all day. I don't know what I ate that is giving me this reaction, but I gotta not do that again! We'll see what tomorrow brings....

Monday, April 14, 2008


What moron did this????? Butterfingers!

One of the comments at the bottom of the article said, "A man in a Georgia Bulldogs jacket was seen fleeing the scene." I almost laughed.........almost.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mom Always Said........

Look before you leap.

She was right.

Ahhhhh... Sunday morning. Time to relax, sleep in, nibble on cinnamon rolls......ah who am I kidding. The chickens were crowing outside our windows at 7 am, the kids started rattling around at just about the same time, and I woke up with a monster nose bleed. Great, right? I wasn't thrilled, though the nose bleed explained why I had an upset stomach. I got out of bed, tried to stem the flow, and started breakfast for everyone. I wasn't that hungry. I'm gonna wait till lunch.

Not much to do today. I guess I am going to clean up around the house, get a pork roast prepped for tonight's dinner, and keep the kids from killing each other. Yesterday, the neighbors who were burning the contents of their shed the other day started putting up a fence. I think it is going to be a barbed wire fence. Maybe they are going to get some horses or something. We are in a pretty rural place. It wouldn't surprise me. If they are just hoping to put up a fence to keep my other neighbors chickens out, barbed wire isn't going to be very helpful. We'll see. HHH is out and about, mowing lawns for the landlord. It's pretty fun for HHH because he is on one of those professional Husqavana mowers. The weather looks cruddy outside. It isn't supposed to rain, but I am looking at the clouds outside and thinking, it just might.

Like I said, not much going on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The baker wishes to ask.... What cake are you?

You Are Strawberry Cake
Fresh, sassy, and romantic.You're a total flirt, who never would turn down a sugary treat.Occasionally you're a bit moody - but you usually stay sweet!

I am a baker. At my heart is butter and sugar and flour. I make my own icing from scratch. (I'm just too cheap to pay $1.68 for a little can of crap.) So here is my question for all of you...... What kind of cake are you? Click the link below, take the quiz, and comment here when you are done. Humor me. I have a sweet tooth. That goes for all you lurkers too!

Just Not Feeling It Today.

Man, do I feel crappy today. Unholy crappy. Someone just kicked me in the stomach and head with steel toed boots crappy! I gotta tell ya though, yesterday had me in tears, then laughter, then frustration.

Pink Tomato sent my children a care package. In the photo, they are wearing the outfits she sent to them. I was trying not to cry in front of the UPS man when he delivered the package and realized who it was from. Thanks Jodi! My kids were so thrilled and I was bowled over by your generous heart! I wish there were more people like you in the world. We would be in a better place if there were.

The laughter came when went to the kids school. I had to give the kids a shot, I needed to meet with the cafeteria staff, and I had to have a conference with my son's teacher. The first went OK, the second was a bit touchy. I had to tell the cafeteria ladies that my daughter, Morgan, would not go into anaphalactic shock if she got some wheat by accident, she would just be gassy. They seemed relieved, so I bid the adieu and went to Junior's teacher's room. She wanted to discuss his classroom antics. Oh this could not be good. Seems Junior is getting frustrated and giving up too easily on work in class, and when the teacher is giving a test where she says the sound of a letter and the kids have to write the letter down, he is calling out the answer out loud! Yeesh! Only my kid. I told the teacher we would welcome any extra work being sent home, and that Junior's father and I would have a discussion with him about giving away the test answers. Yep. Only my kid.

I gotta take it easy today. I feel drained, sleepy and sore, but then, I always feel that way during the monthly experience. If this is the precursor to menopause, menopause must be hell! Bleck!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Kids- For Jodi


Not Wussing Out.

OK......I was going to leave the last two posts on here as my Thursday and Friday selections, but I can't wuss out like that. I need to post something. Yesterday was oh so much fun in as such as I had crippling vertigo all day. ALL DAY! I couldn't get up without falling over, which made running to the bathroom interesting. Seems the imbalance of fluid in my right middle ear is giving me a hard time. Either that, or my other problems have ganged up on me and are attacking my brain. I think I am gonna go for the first answer. It sounds safer. HHH went and filled out an application for maintenance across the street from our house. Seems the retirement RV park needs someone to keep up the shuffle board courts and square dance facility. Ha! I guess that's it. I don't know. Do old people still play shuffle board? I have seen all those Ameritrade commercials and they show the older people flying planes, building homeless people shelter, and racing cars and such. Still, I guess they need their toilets snaked, and their grass mowed too. Here's hoping he gets it, the commute would be great!

I put the last two entries on here last night as I was waiting for my Midol to kick in. I wasn't sure if I would be able to post in the morning, what with the dizziness and all. I wondered if I would be chasing down the keys as they spun around me, (Come HERE you damn h key!). So I went to a favorite site called "Blogthings". It's great if you have a few minutes to kill and are bored online. Hundreds of quizzes to take to find out everything from "Are you too emo?" to "What nut are you?". I did the dog one, and the generation one. They seemed to be right on the money, but I have taken other quizzes before and they have been wrong. Still, for entertainment value, It seems to be OK. Go try it.

Ugh! I am getting dizzy again. I have heard of being a dizzy blond, but this is ridiculous!

Have a nice, spin-free day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Dog Should You Own??

You Should Own a Yorkshire Terrier
Lively, sweet, and easy to carry.

What Generation Do You Belong To??

You Belong in the Silent Generation
You fit in best with people born between 1925 and 1942.You are a person of high values and character.Family, your country, loyalty, and hard work all important to you.You are willing to do what's right, even when it's difficult.

Together Everyone Acomplishes More.

I saw this yesterday on CNN and I felt it was something I had to blog about. Seems one day, this guy came home to find that his apartment had been broken into. Some one had jimmied the lock on the window, and slid right in and stole his laptop, X-Box, flat screen TV, and ipod. I think a cell phone was involved too. Any way, the guy did the right thing and called police, made a report, and was told the cops would, "Get back to him." Yeah, we all know the story. The police are looking for murderers, child molesters, and rapists because that is the highest on the list of priorities, and rightly so, but then they have little time left to search for a thief. The victim's coworkers get together and buy him a new X-box, but the victim is not satisfied.... he starts his own investigation, googling the neighborhood and finding all the pawn shops with in a 5 mile radius, and as luck would have it, on told him a guy came in tying to pawn/sell a laptop computer. The shop even had the guy on video! The victim takes this information to the police where he is told, "We'll get right on it." Uh-huh. Yeah.

Now it gets interesting. The victim plugs in the new X-box his coworkers gifted to him, and he sees a message on the voice mail. It is the guy using his last X-box! The dude has the balls to tell the victim that he has his X-box and if the victim wants it back he has to buy it off of this scum! WTF!!!!! The victim is livid. Very livid. He posts what has been happening on his blog and in a matter of hours, gets hundreds of hits from outraged bloggers giving him the scum's screen names, myspace names, email, etc. The scum also gets barraged with hundreds of hate comments, nasty emails, etc from said outraged bloggers. It wasn't long before the guy, (who turns out not to be the thief, but bought the X-box off of the thief.), leaves the game console on the victims door step. The original thief hears about what happened to the dumb ass who taunted the victim, and a few days later, the laptop appears on the victim's door step too! Ha! Score one for us in the bloggosphere!

I was amazed that we could all pull together and do something like that. It was awesome. The police have one suspect in custody so far, and are looking for another, but I bet without the victim doing his investigation, and the bloggers going all out to get these idiots, the victim would be just another guy on the bottom of the waiting list of a criminal investigator.

Go Bloggers!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark Times.....

There are times when I wish my tenure on this Earth was at an end. I just do not see how every one's world wouldn't just be so much better if I wasn't around. Yeah, I have the kids and mostly the love of HHH, but I just see where we have fallen since we met and I wonder, what if...

What if I wasn't here to be a mom. Well, my daughters would live with their biological father over in Melbourne. Yeah, the ex lives with his mother and father, but it's a nice house in a good neighborhood and he isn't in danger of being homeless at any given time. They would get to live with their brother who I haven't seen in years. My first born who I know nothing about. At the time of my divorce, I let a judge tear him away from the girls and myself, but I wish I hadn't. Now he is a teenager, probably bitter and blaming me for never seeing his sisters. I am always in a monetary situation where I can't afford to go and see him. My illnesses and the kids illnesses keep me from holding down a real job, making real money, being normal. I hate that I am just dragging down this family like the dead weight that I am. Dead weight. I never really knew what that was till now. HHH was doing OK too till he met me. He had just got out of the Navy, had his own place, his own life. Now he is just being drained, having to take care of this family. When we got married, I know he didn't sign on for a sick wife, sick kids, and a crappy life. I feel like he ended up with the booby prize at the F*#k You Carnival. I feel like it is all my fault.

I had a good ol' row with HHH tonight. It started out as a simple little argument. We were trying to decide how to get our things from the storage facility in Stuart, to here in Bowling Green. Simple, right? WRONG. HHH says we need to ask the land lord if we can borrow his truck and trailer and make several trips from here to there and back, I say renting a moving truck and doing it all in one trip was best. Right away he gets defensive. He says it will be cheaper to borrow this truck and trailer( a ford ranger with an open trailer on the back), and I say gas-wise, it's cheaper to spend the money on a bigger truck and just do it all in one shot. Hell gas prices being what they are, I could only afford may be one trip in that little ranger hauling a full load behind it as it is. So we start arguing about it, HHH starts to raise his voice, and boom,......big fat ugly argument. It doesn't help that I have been ill all day, spent the majority of it in bed so I wouldn't projectile vomit, and to top that off I am having my monthly start. When it rains it pours. From there I delve into the bigger issue of joblessness, bills that are going to come due in a few weeks, and all our other problems that are banging me on the head with a large cast iron frying pan. Finally I have nothing else to say and slam into the empty bedroom. Here I am, writing about how I just don't think I can do this for much longer. The job market is a mess. Over 80,000 more jobs were cut last month in the US. I am not the only human in this jam. I just wish I could do right by my kids, you know? I don't want to give them everything they desire, but I want them to be comfortable. I want them to be secure. That's the word, secure. I want to be secure, and that is something in short supply for everyone these days. A friend of mine said the other day that the company they work for layed off 40 people. What the future holds, I don't know... but I need it to either get better, or just not include me.

Oh, HHH and I eventually made up. We said our sorry's, kissed and smoothed everything over, but I just can't help but think I dragged him, and everyone else I know, down to this level of hell. It is a constant voice in the back of my mind, whispering seductively to me when I am least expecting it, and lately, it seems to be making more sense.



Well,....... there went my bracket.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Monday Cluster F*#k.

There is a reason why Monday isn't a favorite day of the week. It is the start of the work week. It is the start of the school week. It is usually when anything "new" starts, like jury duty, a work project, or something equally distasteful. Garfield hates Monday's. Nuff said. Here's how mine has gone so far....

I got up at 6 am because my stomach was rumbling with dissatisfaction at something I ate the night before. I did my daily jog to the bathroom, and after I was done, went and got the kids up and getting ready for school. They were none too thrilled at having to be up at 6:15 am. Last week was the schools Spring Break and they had been sleeping in. Not this week though! Time to get up and get out of Mommy's hair! I look over at the Internet box and see all the lights lit up, so I get the computer started playing cartoons while I draw up insulin's, and make breakfasts. Lately, when it rains, the phone and Internet go on the fritz. As I am doing this, I am feeling my stomach rumbling again. Great! Just what I need. I look at the time and see that it is 5 minutes till the bus is scheduled to arrive. OK hold my breath and think other thoughts, trying to stem the inevitable tide. 6:50am comes and bus. I can't wait any longer, and I RUN to the bathroom. It's 6:55am......BUS! The kids are running to the door, I am checking the back packs from the bathroom......aaaannnnddd...... the bus drives away. Thanks a lot! It didn't even stop for 30 seconds! WTF??? So I get done with my business, get dressed, and start the walk to the school. Jeeze, I am a little pissed, but I take deep breaths and say to myself, "I needed to talk to the nurse anyway about Juniors reaction to the Hep A Vacc, so this was not the end of the world. We get to the school, I send the girl on their way, and I go to the office with Junior. While we are there, I express my distaste with the bus leaving the kids after less than 30 seconds wait and am informed that the kids are supposed to be out at the road when the bus is to arrive. OK. That would have been good to know BEFORE today! It is really dark in the mornings here, plus it had monsoon ed last night, so it was wet and nasty outside, and I usually keep the kids in the kitchen until the bus arrives, and then send them out. It just seems safer. I get to the school nurses office, she looks over Junior's leg and says she is going to keep an eye on it for me during the day. I leave and walk all the way home, fuming that no one could have told me before today to have the kids on the porch, for the bus. I get home, have to run for the bathroom YET again, (wtf did I eat that is irritating my Celiac's??) and then collapse next to HHH in bed to relax.

As we are relaxing in bed, the power shuts off and I hear someone out back messing with something. I shoot up out of bed, open the back door, and see the electrical man turning off the power. Seems the people that helped us get the house were supposed to have the electrical switched over into our name, somehow didn't get it done. So we have been living on some other lady's power since the 20th of last month! We told the man it was a mix up, showed him the kids insulin as to our reason why we could not have the power turned off immediately, and asked him for the number of someone to talk to about finding out what happened. HHH called the people that helped us get the house and they didn't know what happened either. Hopefully we can get it straightened out today and the electrical company can back track the charges to the 20th for us to have a correct bill.

Now I am just waiting to see what else is going to happen. I hate Monday. Just sucks big whoo hoo!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just To Prove A Point....

That I live in the farthest reaches of BFE, the neighbors are cleaning out their shed and garage. So how do the folks out here do this, you say? Well, they just dig a pit out back and BURN everything. Yes my neighbors are dragging all manner of things out of those outbuildings you see above and throwing it on the bonfire, or on that trailer. I guess the stuff on the trailer must not burn that well, or it would be on the bonfire too! Oh man, I gotta get out of here! I am in serious Starbucks withdrawal, and now this!?!


Vaccinations Suck!

Here it is, Sunday morning, and I am running around all fussy and worried. My son went and had some booster shots done on Friday. I believe I wrote about it in my blog that day. Well, he was only there to get 2 shots, but Dr. Apu, in his infinite wisdom, decided to add on Hepatitis A to the list. Junior has never had Hep A Vacc before. Now I have a kid with a fat leg who is having an allergic reaction to the injection! ARUGH! The information in the sheet they gave HHH said that you should get a Hep A injection if you are traveling outside the country, dealing with infected individuals, or working in a medical or hospital environment. Nothing that would indicate that my son would need this kind of injection! Well, HHH let them give it to Junior anyway, and now his left leg is twice the size of the right one, and it is red, blotchy, and hot to the touch. You can see the injection hole still! Of course this is happening on Sunday when the office is not open, and I can't call and ask what to do! Good ol' Internet! I have been looking it up on line to see what we can do, and most medical sites,(Mayo Clinic, Harvard, NYU....) have said to apply a cold compress, get some hydrocortisone cream for the itchy redness, and keep an eye on him. If the rash gets bigger, he refuses food, (Ha!), or has trouble breathing, call 911 or get to the hospital. I am closely watching.....

I just want to know why the Dr decided to give my kid Hep A Vacc? He didn't fit any of the vaccination profiles, and unless there is an outbreak of Hep A over here that we have not been made aware of, he should not have had to have that particular vaccination. You can bet we won't be following up on it with the required booster in 6 months! Junior is still alert, happy, and playful, but I just don't like it. I am not a happy Mommy.

So I will be spending today inside with my son, applying cold compresses, rubbing on hydro cream, and giving the loving care my munchkin is used to. Plus we'll play Polar Bowler till he naps!

Vaccinations suck.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Things At The Yard Sales.

We decided to go yard sale-ing today. I seemed like a worthy endeavor. Get the kids outside and into the fresh air, walk to the various sales and peruse the wares, get some much needed exercise, all good things. We started with the one farthest away and worked our way back to the house. The first one we went to was the local First Baptist Church. It was pretty big, with both an indoor and out door section. There was something for every category of stuff, from clothing to electronics, to used church furniture! We let the kids use their money to get some little toys, Rebecca bought a purse, and I picked out a vacuum. It was big and heavy, but still looked good. I should have listened to my inner voice, but more from that goof later. We paid for our wares and started walking on to the next one, it was a flea market type of place, but I only saw mostly bootleg Latino CD's and DVD's. Not anything I was interested in. I did see a few things that I might go back and get next weekend, you know, when HHH wasn't carrying a 1 ton vacuum. LOL! We crossed the street and headed back to the house, and stopped at the last place. It was a few sales set up around the produce stand. As we passed the produce stand I saw that they were selling a goat. Yes a goat. My kids were ooohing and aaaahing over it and saying how cute it was. I hated to tell them that the Latino woman selling it was indicating that it was meant to be slaughtered for a BBQ. So we walk the short distance to the house, and HHH instantly plugs in the vacuum to see if it works. It did work, for about 1 second then it shut off and would not turn back on. We looked it over to see if there was some trick, or if something wasn't switched on, my little voice in my head was doing a jig, laughing that I got all the way home and now it didn't work. So now HHH is walking back up to the church, the sale that was the farthest away to try and get our money back, or at least trade in for another vacuum. (They had several.) Poor HHH! :-(
So I am waiting for him to get back, then I am going to make home made tuna melts! Yummy.
UPDATE: HHH made it to the church and back ok. He traed in the non-working vacuum for a smaller, lighter one that worked. I tried it out and it worked great! We opted for grilled cheeses/ patty melts for lunch. You have not tasted heaven, until you have tasted HHH's patty melt!

Friday, April 4, 2008

I Can Be A Better Person.

That is a photo of my nephew, Kaleb. We are watching him tonight for my BIL. If it had been anyone else who asked me, I would've said no. What I don't understand is, why grandma and grandpa, (the idiots that threw us out) can't watch all 3 kids for them. They are just trying to go out and have some alone time! Sheesh! I don't think that the BIL and his wife have been in the good graces of the idiots lately either. I just get a bad feeling when I think about my BIL having to live under their rules, regulations, and crap. One of these days he's gonna snap and that won't be good for his marriage, family or anything! I guess I will just keep thinking good thoughts, sending good Karma his way, and hoping for the best. Meanwhile, Kaleb is stinky.... gotta run. I gotta be the better diaper changer.
UPDATE: I made home made chocolate chip cookies! What nephew wouldn't love to have home made cookies and a tall frosty glass of milk? I even made a pack to go home to my nieces. Yeah, I can be a better person.

Friday Fun.

We have made it to Friday. Spring break is almost over, I haven't killed my offspring, and HHH is over at Dr. Apu's getting Junior some obscure shot that the school says he is missing. I elected to stay home since last time we were there, Dr. Apu ended our appointment with "Thank you, Come again." and I almost lost it right there in the office! I swear, he sounds just like Apu from the Simpsons. The boys should be home later in the day. They are also going to run errands while over in Wauchula as well. Wauchula made the news yesterday, and not in a good way. Seems some lady was starving horses on a 13 acre farm over there. People can be so stupid. 2 of the horses had to be put down because they were in such bad shape. you can read the story here:

I just can't see how people can do that.

On a lighter note, HHH tried to make dinner for us last night. He was trying a new recipe for Tangy Hawaiian Chicken, and it just wouldn't work to save our life! It had a marinade that contained A LOT of soy sauce. Way too much. I tasted the marinade and it was awful. HHH was sooooo mad! I felt bad for him, so I went and made fried chicken for him. He likes that. After all the Easter Bunny photos I have put up, I owe him one or two.....

Oh, and another fun thing I have found about getting older.....I have a boil in my ear! WTF is that??? It looks like I have a big, painful pimple in my ear. HHH wants to lance it, but sharp pointy things in my ear make me nervous! I may have to go to the doctors to see about it, but know I won't be going to any of Jasper's doctors! His last post on Dad's Who Mock was seriously demented! Go have a read.... you'll laugh!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friend,.... Have You Bought A T-Shirt Yet?

I thought I would put up a snap shot of Toby in his "Blondefabulocity" t-shirt. He is so cute. Only dog I know who LIKES to wear this stuff. When we lived in Memphis, I had to buy him a whole winter wardrobe! The snow was a killer for his little fanny! I tried to get him to wear those little snow booties, but he just wasn't having that. Besides the doggie shirt, I have a coffee mug, tank to p for me, and a sticker. Go check out my wares. It is also a good place to make stuff for your own blog/organization. Just click on that cafe press square over to the right. Peruse my good,(get your minds O-U-T of the gutter!), and grab up a thing or two!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dinner Is Served!

I made a wonderful meatloaf tonight. I minced up carrot, celery, and an onion and sauteed it all in butter then added it to the meat along with a sprinkling of sea salt, ground pepper, and an egg. I left out the bread crumbs intentionally because of celiac girl and myself. I served it up with mashed potatoes, and a summer squash bake. (butter, salt, & pepper.) Everyone ate it up pretty quick, with HHH and Morgan going back for seconds! HHH made the dessert tonight. Banana Pudding! Yum! I gotta go. Time for dessert!

Fun With Bunny Pictures!

Here's another bunny photo. I thought it was hilarious with the fake magazine overlay!!

Good HHH!

This is my hunny, HHH! He's a hottie, huh? Yeah, I know I lucked out when I caught him. The pic on the left is at our wedding. The pic on the right is him too..... as the Easter Bunny this past Easter! yep, he was waving to kids, passing out candy, and generally being a great, all around guy. I finally got a copy of the picture, and I thought I would post it. ( Plus, for some reason, when HHH is featured on my site, get monster hits on this blog!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Me!

Well, today is April Fools Day. The day we reserve to trick our friends and relatives. The day family feuds begin and I am not talking the get to 300 points, win $20,000 kind of feud! I am just as funny as the next person. In college, I had a whole stand up routine I did about my home town and the dorkyness of it all, and the crazy roommates I got stuck with, etc..... I could KILL at the local brew pub, but when it came to playing tricks on others just to get a laugh, I wasn't so great. Back in high school, I made a new years resolution to no longer laugh at the misfortunes of others. Yep, I wasn't trying to lose weight, give up sweets, or anything like that. I was trying to be a better person. That meant stupid tricks that made someone else feel bad just so I could laugh at them was O-U-T! That also meant I was every one's trickee that year. (They knew they could get away without consequence.)

Through the years, I just lost touch with April Fools Day. It never held any great fun for me. It got even further on my crap list when I started an ill fated relationship on that day. Talk about killing a holiday!

Yeah, AFD is not on my list of holidays I enjoy. So I am going to slow roast a chicken,(not one of my neighbors!), hand mash some potatoes, steam some veggies, and make some home made gravy! I am going to clean up my kitchen, sweep the porch, and wash my rat of a dog. I am NOT going to drop a bucket of water on some one's head, not going to pour hot sauce in their drink, or put sand in their shoes. I may joke to my kids that Mommy "forgot" to make dinner, but that's about as far as I go. Most tricks are messy at the least, and my OCD for cleaning just won't let me participate in that kind of "fun".

Happy April Fools Day!