Friday, March 7, 2008

The Winds Are Howling At My Chamber Door.

I am sitting here this morning, curled in the cerulean easy chair with my faithful canine, listing to the winds sing a litany of woe against the windows of this aging yellow matriarch I am residing in at the moment. My soul lies sleeping in the next room, blissfully snoring away the new day and all it's possibilities. I am awaiting the inevitable phone calls that will begin soon. Nurses trying to make my progeny healthy and happy despite nature's cruel joke having been played on them. It is grey outside. Steely and dismal, like the rest of March. I am nurturing thoughts that the spring will blossom with new hope, rebirth, and a little good news. I doubt it, so I will keep my hopes to myself.

OK. Enough melancholy. Time to get on with the day. The doctor's appointment went well. The Doc, (Who sounded like Apu on the Simpsons) Asked all the questions we are always asked, wrote down all the information, and then promptly asked me to get the Dr's orders from the school I had brought with us from our last school and bring them in so he could copy them down. He wants to copy it all over onto a form for this school and use that. OK. Why did I go to this guy again?? Oh right, the school made me! This is what I was talking about when I brought up the idea yesterday about a state form that would work for all schools with in a state. You know a kid with a chronic illness is always going to have it, and they are always going to be going to a doctor. Why wouldn't you just simplify the school process and make it easier on the parents and the school staff? Just a thought....

I am waiting for the Dr's office to open up (8:30am) so I can catch a ride over to the school, pick up said forms, take them to said Dr's office, get them copied onto this schools forms and then take them back to the school. Yeesh! Once again, a simplified, universal form for the entire school system in the state would make this soooooooo much easier. Yes I know I am repeating myself.

I think I am going to go and make some breakfast. My stomach is all torn up again, but not as bad. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, but being that it is Morgan's 9th birthday tomorrow, I doubt I will get to for very long. I got her a Hannah Montana doll for her birthday gift and I am making her a poured fudge icing cake for her birthday cake! Yummy!

And that's the way it was........ Friday....... March 7th..........

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