Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things Seen On The Side Of The Road.

Now that the kids are in school, I am trying to get back to my New Years Resolution of walking to the school to care for my young's medical needs. ( See "Resolutions.... Reservations from January) I did it yesterday with HHH and today I did it by myself. It isn't too far away. Just down the road and to the right. I timed it today and at a normal pace that would raise my heart rate decently, it took me 15 minutes. Yeah, not a long enough time to do anything good, but any movement is better than no movement! I trotted up there to take care of any problems, and luckily there were none. Morgan was 125 and Junior was 66. We gave Junior a juice and sent him off to lunch. I had to show the nurses how to code the kids machines when they get a new vial of blood test strips with a differing code. Nothing too big. Morgan and Junior have a Dr's appt. today at 2pm. Just the usual, "Physical exam" for the school. don't know why ever school has different forms for kids with chronic illnesses. It would seem to me that it would be more prudent to have a State of Florida, Dept. of Edu. kind of form that would cover the entire state when it comes to kids who have something like diabetes, asthma, or something like that. Families move, kids go to different schools, stuff happens. When you have moved, it takes time to look into new doctors and such,especially if you need a specialist. A simplified form that is good for the entire state for the whole school year would keep a lot of parents from getting that big "school form" headache.

Now, on to what the title of this blog hinted at. Things seen on the side of the road. In my 15 minutes of walking I saw squished oranges, (Duh! The house sits back in an orange grove.), Beer cans and bottles in various states of decomposition, broken glass that looked to be from windows, candy wrappers, mini bar sized liquor bottles, regular sized liquor bottles, condom wrappers(no used condoms thankfully!), plastic soda bottles, and underpants. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen..... underpants. I was still trying to figure that one out after I got back from the school. Who leaves their undies on the side of the road?? I don't know, but I just stepped around them and kept on walking!

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"

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Finn said...

People never cease to amaze me. Nor does government.