Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Wrap Ups.

So here I am, sitting here in the living room at 9am on Sunday. I am listening to my in-laws get ready for church, my BIL take a shower, my kids eat breakfast, and my nephew destroy half the house. I just thought I would do a few things today and then relax. goes...

The Flu took up most of our week. The kids came down with it on last Friday and after the prerequisite 3 days at home with no getting better, we went to the doctor. Everyone was prescribed nasty tasting cough medicine and at one point Dr. Apu had Junior take a blood test at the hospital to check for something even nastier. Glad to inform everyone nothing came of that, or of the strep swabs that were taken at the office. Now the kids are better and back to getting up at 5:50am to get ready for school. (So excited about that! o_0)

My daughter, Rebecca, received an Honorable Mention at the Martin County Regional Science Fair! The teacher sent her her ribbon and certificate and we finally got it in the mail Thursday. She has been so excited about it she could POP! She took it to her teacher here in this one horse town and they were all VERY impressed. ( I bet they were.)

I found that the searches people do to find me are really weird! You saw all the ones I wrote about before, well last night I came up on one for porn. Yep, some search engine thinks I am a porn star or something like that. Uh-huh. Riiiiiiiiiight. 36, 3 kids, slightly pudgy. Yep I'm a porn star! I'm gonna keep track of that one.

I have been walking more. Town is not to far away. The school is not far away. I am getting off my lazy butt and doing something. In my travels I started looking at just what the population of this burg are throwing out. The strangest so far has been underpants! And just recently, the most disturbing has been bicycle parts with bicycle helmet pieces. I was not thrilled to see those. I am hoping for the best by imagining it is just some one's garbage that fell off the back of their truck, and not someone getting run over by a careless driver. (It was a Spiderman Helmet, indicating a child.)

I discovered you all like to see my HHH! When he has been on my photos in the blogs I post, I get TWICE as many hits! The last two times I put him on my blog, I got almost 100 hits on my blog. I now know how to increase traffic to my blog...... put up pictures of my Hubby!

Well, that's all I have for now. I am going to go and make some breakfast for everyone. Not me though. My stomach is torn up again and I ate a bit yesterday, but I just don't digest well at all. (I even anti glutened yesterday too!)

PS- Still haven't heard from Chocl8t in Atlanta yet. They said the power is still out over there. Clemson won over Duke, (Go Tigers!) and Think good thoughts for the NYC Crane Collapse. That dang city can't get a break!


pinktomato said...

you take such good photos - you should be scrapbooking them. i love how mens never read the signs...PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB

riiiight. i have a simliar picture of my men

Anonymous said...

how in the world do you check the searches.....I am so not savvy in this area!