Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Recovery

Whew! Yesterday was a handful and a half. With Morgan's birthday, the upset I had, and the bonfire last night, I am pooped. I have to plan for Tuesday's field trip to the Center For Great Apes, and we are hoping to hear from the Apartment company that HHH went and took the drug test for. Those places tend to get behind on Fridays and take till the middle of the week to get out the results to the apartment places.

The birthday went well. I made her a meatloaf, sweet potatoes, and peas for dinner like Morgan asked for,then we had the cake. As you can see, HHH wasn't doing really well at cutting it up.It was 4 layers tall and covered in fudge! Can't beat that with a stick! Then my BIL lit a bonfire outside. It was my in-law's friends birthday on the fourth as well and the friend came over as well last night and we were all partying!! HHH and his bro were fire walking in the bonfire, too! The friend had a cake, Morgan had a cake, we were all having a good old time!

The MIL and her husband left yesterday. Yep, packed up their motor home and moved on to some campground down the road! Suits me just fine. Apparently, before she had cleaned out the refrigerator, the FIL had had a talk with my BIL and the shit hit the fan with them again too, so my blow up wasn't that bad compared. I guess they figured that since I was angry at them, and my BIL was angry with them, this wouldn't be a great place to stay. I'm OK with it. Maybe they won't make my SIL as stressed as she has been being lately.

So now I am going to relax and take it easy today. Morgan said to say thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday. She is studying the world and is fascinated with the Feedjit Map I put up from my site. We study the flags from the countries we see on there and learn facts about them.

Have a great day....

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