Monday, March 3, 2008

Spiderman, Spiderman.......

Whew! We have gotten all the cake materials for the seperate birthdays. My son wants a Spiderman cake, and my daughter wants a Poured Fudge Icing Cake. That last one is a family recipe. I got it from my Grandmother and Aunt on my Father's side. My son will be 6 tomorrow. I am going to make the Spiderman cake tonight. You'd think that after this weekend he would be tired of Spiderman, but no, he is not. He is even more psyched for Spiderman! We got all the kids autograph books and they had fun going around getting the various charecters to sign.

We got him a RC Truck as a gift. Their real gift was a great weekend at Universal, but now he'll have something to open on his birthday. We want to go and take them bowling on Saturday for Morgan's actual birthday. She will be 9 come Saturday. It sure doesn't seem like they have been around that long, but time has a way of flying by when you least expect it. My little Mr. GQ and my Pretty Princess. {sniff! sigh!}
Ok, I gotta change the subject. I have to go and make up the second layer of cake and get ready to do the icing. I am making it from scratch and coloring it myself. Photos to come later! See you later True Believers!

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