Friday, March 14, 2008

Searching,....... Please Wait.

Ok, yesterday's unpleasantness has been taken care of, now on to today's fun and informative topic..... searches. I have MyBlogLog, and it has a statistic part where I can see how people found me. Mostly it shows other WONDERFUL bloggers that have links to me on there sites as how people found my blog. Then there are the ringers. The weirdies. The "How the hell did my blog come up in that search!" ones. Case in point.......

Today I was getting the kids ready for school at the ungodly hour of 6 am. As they are sleepily choking down their eggs and medicine, (we've had the flu all week, remember?), I am checking my stats for the day before and looking at my numbers. I glance over to the "Where Readers Came From" section and there at the top is "Google Search: Stiffed By A Hooker". WTF!?!? How did I come up on that one?? I don't think I have ever written about stiffing a hooker? Did I? Nope, sure didn't. So I start looking back at other searches in the past and I have come up with....

IRS Sucks


Restaurants Don


Not all weird, mind you, but that was in the past week. I had seen other weirder stuff, but the hooker thing took the cake for me! I just want it known right now that I pay all my service professionals with the utmost respect and I would never stiff anyone, from the waiter at the diner down the street, to the wonderful girl sent over by the Emperors Club! Oh wait. I'm not the Governor of New York. I am, also, a great tipper, though!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I have been chuckling at that last bit for a while now. How did the idiot from New York even THINK he could charge the taxpayers with his hooker bills and not get caught?!? Dumb ass! You can be called "Client 9" all you want, it'll still come back to haunt ya! At least he didn't pull a Bill Clinton and try to deny everything. I was surprised he owned up to it all. Think the new guy will ask the former guy to refund the states money for the hooker, seeing as how it isn't a legitimate entertainment expense?? And now this girl is getting so much attention! She was a call girl/singer, and now I bet the offers come pouring in from TV shows, magazines, recording studios, etc..... to have her. (Just not in her former capacity.)

So, keep on searching people. I'm sure I'll show up on some weird ones in the future.

PS- The other weird thing I found was people are REALLY interested in looking at my Husband, lovingly referred to as HHH on here. (Hot Hunky Hubby) His photo's get the most clicks out of any I have put on here. I thought it would've been the bait machine, myself. I know he's cute and all, but just remember...... he's mine! There will be no outsourcing of the husband, so don't ask!


Nicole said...

Well I'm glad you got things taken care of - I was almost scared to think about what I was going to have to do while you were gone; with nothing to read and all :)

Barlow Putz said...

from the weirdes of the weird, i too have feelings for your plite, i am sorry you have flu, and flew down the stairs,, and tylenol didn't help..usin's in utah would have the relief society visit you with ministrone soup and a short visit with faith will bring you out of this..this too will pass..if i'm not making sense with my dementia, please forgive me

Blondefabulous said...

No biggie Barlow. After I cleaved my skull on the wall at the bottom of the stairs, I'm not making a whole lot of sense either! :)