Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rude Relitives.

Do you have someone like this in your family?

The person who demands your time, but gives none of their own.

The person who takes and takes, but never gives.

The person who say they'd like to help, but when asked says "Later".

I swear, my BIL and his in-laws are like this.

My SIL is 6 months preggers. She is having stress contractions. She had to go to the hospital last night because of said contractions. She was told by the doctors to stay on bed rest for the next couple of days. Was she able to do this?? NO! I was doing my level best by pitching in on their laundry, cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, picking up, etc.... BIL was doing nothing. He wasn't even trying to keep the kids in line so she could rest. he wouldn't fold his laundry when I got it out of the dryer, nada! Man what a lazy ass. yes I have to say ass, because he acts like one to the mother of his children. I made a huge dinner for my son's birthday tonight. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch, & butter and brown sugar glazed carrots. SIL asked BIL to get her a plate so she could relax and he goes..."Later." She pregnant for goshes sakes! Feed her and the damn baby you lazy ass! I have almost the whole kitchen cleaned up again. No one has had to do much cooking since I have been here. HHH and I have bought most of the groceries since we have been here too. It isn't asking much that he take care of his wife while she is feeling poorly. (Most of her stress is because of him anyway!)

Then there are BIL's in-laws. You know, the ones I wrote about who want to call the cops on him if he spanks his kids? Yeah, they are back. Seems they were only going to be gone for that week that the Pioneer days were going on down at the park. The MIL does not like us. I can tell. She is barely sociable to HHH and I and doesn't speak to our kids. Tonight I asked her if she like to have some of the dinner I made, and was flatly told "No, I'm not hungry.". This is the woman who brought the 4 year old back to the house last night and gave her juice and Skittles at 9 pm at night! You do NOT hop up a 4 year old on juice and candy at night if you want them to go to sleep any time soon! She did it knowing that she was dropping the 4 year old off and leaving HHH and I to deal with the problem. THANKS A LOT! I was in the process of getting my own kids down for the night because they were going to school the next day. That was screwed. Just a lovely woman all around. This was after I was nice and made food for their crap they were doing for those pioneer days.

So, Junior was happy with his birthday. Balloons, cake and toys will do that for a kid. He had a good time. (The MIL wouldn't even sing happy birthday.) I've gotta go and clean up and get dinner put away. With my SIL having problems, she needs to do as little as possible.
UPDATE: BIL's MIL went out and bought food at the local Chinese restaurant! Yes, after I had offered my slow roasted chickeny goodness, she goes out and buys food from somewhere else! Boy was I steamed! I stewed over it until HHH asked me why I was turning crimson in the face, and I told him. He went and asked BIL why she did that and BIL said she "Didn't want to eat food that I had purchased and cooked because she thought it would obligate her to purchase food to replace what she had consumed." W!T!F!??? And this is a woman who espouses christian morals and all that crap. Yeah she's REAL christian when she comes home and talks about people behind their backs and does that crap she did last night! Wtfever....

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