Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Brought The Pestilence.

Why is it that when you send your children to school, they end up with some snot producing, cough enhancing, fever inducing virus that makes everyone in the house sick?!? All three of my kids are coughing, hacking, and are generally miserable today because they are very sick! Couldn't have happened at a better time too. (That was dripping with sarcasm.) The FCAT's for Rebecca start tomorrow, and my son's field trip is tomorrow! If they aren't better neither one of them will be going to the school for any of that! I am taking everyone to see the doctor at 2 today so that we can figure out what the heck this crap is. I know it is just the usual crud from school, but damn it all, we didn't need it!

Last night was crappy. At least one of the kids was up and coughing, hacking, or shaking from fever at some point in time last night. HHH has had no sleep and I had very little. We were dosing up the kids with meds and trying to make them as comfy as possible. At 4:45 am I decided to not send anyone to school. (Morgan wasn't as bad as the other two, but unlike other people, I didn't want her to share her sick with the rest of the class!) We are hoping that Dr. Apu can prescribe some really good med and help us get rid of this crap! We've had it the prerequisite 3 days before calling the Doctor, so we'll see.

UPDATE:We went in to see Dr. Apu. He and the staff of Heartland Pediatrics was very quick and professional. They took all kinds of vitals, administered medication in the form of childrens tylenol, and got us into a room fast! I had purposfully sat far away from any of the other parents waiting in the waiting room so as not to pass on our pestilence. This is apparently a new ides to most people. They act like they don't care if their kids infect others! Don't they realize there are kids like mine who have chronic illnesses who do not look sick on the outside, but the least little cold or flu can knock them on their back?!? have some restraint with your kids people! When Dr. Apu came in and began examining each kid, they all had differing symptoms to go with the rounds of coughing and sniffly noses. Rebecca had the cough, fever, and the running nose, but her mucus was green when the other two's wasn't. Morgan did not have the high fever of the other two, and Junior was the sickest of all. Dr. Apu wrote out scripts for all three and sent us up to the local hospital to have a blood draw on Junior. This worries me in the back of my mind and makes me wonder what he's looking for. They tested both diabetics for ketones, which they had none, thank goodness, and also swabbed for Strep on them as well. (Jasper Mockingbard knows bout this kind of thing....) We should get a call if they find anything bad. I hope not. As it is, we are on the high fluid, lots of rest regimine. Dr. Apu has cut out school for the next 3 days. My eldest daughter is upset she won't be starting her FCAT's and my son is mad he won't be going to the field trip. We will be returning to the Dr's office in 3 days to see if it is getting better and be re evaluated.
I am appling my own remedy with home made chicken soup. I am boiling the chicken carcasses now for stack and I am gonna drain it off and soup it up with veggies, chicken bits, and rice in it for texture. Wish us luck.

Oh great! The Dr just called and asked if we went to get the blood draw done on Junior. I told hin yes we did it right away like he asked for, and he said when he called the lab, they couldn't find my son's labs. Sheesh! I need to go soup it up and take my mind off this for a while.

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