Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mardi Gras.... For The Second Time.

Whoo Hoo! Throw me some beads mister! We went to Mardi Gras again tonight and I picked the most primo spot possible! I found a corner in Universal where the parade comes down the road one way, then it does a big loop and doubles back again and we ended up with twice the beads! We also got some coins and all kinds of crap. It was a blast. We did both parks today, but mostly IOA. We tried to get a lot of the park in fast, but they were having DCA competitions there and there were these hoards of giggling dance teams from high schools all over America traiping about. I don't know how it was at all your schools, but these girls were dressed like straight up hoochies! Slutty hoochies! Nasty, $2, slutty, hoochies! When did it become acceptable to dress pre-teen and teenage girls like $2 hookers and watch them shake it? Yeesh!

We got all the kids autograph books and they were running up to all the charecters and getting autographs. They got the Grinch and Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Grinch wrote "You Stink" in Rebecca's book! We laughed at that one. I got my hair braided over at Jurrasic Park. I had it done a year or two ago when we were here and it stayed pretty good. Nothing like a chunky white woman with corn rows! It does keep the hair out of my face, and until I can get to a beauty shop with some extra beauty to spare, it'll work.

So after spending tonight in the hotel, we are going to check out tomorrow, pack up, and head back to do the things we missed, like Spiderman, and some other stuff. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Catch you all later..............................

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