Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Making It.

Well, another morning already started, and a new day going. I got the kids up and ready before the school bus got here. BTW, yesterday was funny! We were called by the school around lunch time and told that the bus would be arriving at about 1:20pm, and we had to be outside waiting on it or they would take the kids back to the school. OK, no problem. We can do that. In the mean time, HHH and I were,..... um...... trying to take advantage of not having the kids around for a little bit, if you catch my drift! {wink, wink} As we were in the middle of our activities, HHH sees the outline of a bus go past the window. WHAT!!!!!! It didn't stop and we had to get decent to go run after it. I glance at the clock and it says 1:10pm. OMG! Was the bus early? HHH takes off out the door and by that time the bus has already turned the corner at the end of the street and is out of sight. Oh great! Now we have to walk to the school to get the kids. Crap! HHH is walking down the road and I was taking Toby out to pee really quick when I hear the phone ringing from inside. It was the Nurse at the school. She is asking about insulin for my daughter and I do a quick head shake. "Wait a minute," I ask. "you mean the kids aren't even on the bus yet??" "Nope.", the nurse replies. I breathe a sigh of relief that we didn't miss the kids and get a curious silence on the other end of the phone line. This prompts me to recount the missed bus story minus the , ahem,... "adult" parts. We laugh, and hang up. Then I start thinking......HHH! I run outside and whistle down the road and wave for him to come back. He gets back and I explain what has happened, and he is less than thrilled. You see, when we were at the BIL's house, all of us were staying in one little room. No Mommy/Daddy private time at all. It has been a while since we have had time to share with each other, what with the job search, problems, and no privacy. I won't repeat what exactly HHH said when I told him it was a false alarm, suffice it to say, he was not amused.

So, now we know what to expect of the buses, school, teachers, etc...... Things should get to running pretty smoothly. There is a great fresh produce stand right down the block from our new house. HHH picked up some squash and bell peppers yesterday and I made a nice spaghetti primavera. It tastes so much better than the canned crap you see in the store. I gotta think what I want to do for tonight. Oh, and did I mention what HHH did the Saturday before Easter? No? OK you gotta see this. The photo above shows my BIL kicking a costumed Easter Bunny in the jelly beans...... well that was HHH. Yes, he was willing to be an Easter Bunny for a local store just for some extra cash for the family! He is a great Hubby! The picture was staged, but it was funny. Actually, I thought it was appropriate considering what BIL had done to us with the kicking out and all. Still, I may make it my new screen saver!

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