Sunday, March 2, 2008

Made It Home. (FINALLY!)

Oh my Jesus Lord, I am never going to do that again! We finally got home from Orlando and I need a vacation from my vacation! Last night was like trying to watch a retard hump a door knob. My BIL's kids were just hateful hellions, talking back all nasty and rude to my BIL and SIL, running around the place,(how we didn't get thrown out I'll never know!), and basically being jackasses! I was almost relieved to hear that they wanted to split up for our last day there. Apparently, my SIL was unhappy that she hasn't been able to do anything with her husband over the weekend. Well, let's recap: She is 6 months preggers and we are at a theme park known for roller coasters, realistic 3-D rides, and such. Yeah..... there was just a WORLD of shit for her to do there! And I use the word shit because that was another thing about this weekend that almost killed me: we weren't allowed to curse in front of her becaues the "belly baby" would hear it!?! WTF??? We paid for the passes for them, we bought the gas in the van, we paid for the suite their kids were tearing up, we paid for almost all the food they consumed! I can cuss if I damn well freakin' feel like it!! I don't curse a whole lot, but I was under the impression damn wasn't looked upon with the same derision and the f-word. Not here in casa de Lil' kid! Then, he wanted to snake our complimentary Express passes we get for our kids being diabetic. We said uh-uh. We didn't want to get caught doing something shady and get our privileges revoked.

Well, that's over with and good riddence. I got a busy week ahead. My son's birthday is on Tuesday and my daughter's is on Saturday. They turn 6 and 9 respectively. I am soooo glad that my kids are older, especially after this weekend. I do not envy my in laws and their decision to keep having babies, (My SIL has a family member who has had 8 kids and is about to have the 9th in a month or two.). Apparently this is normal for my SIL's family, all I know is I gotta get out of here before what ever bug keeps biting them gets to me!

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Audrey said...

I smiled reading your post...sometimes family can be a real pain. I love Disney. We've not been there in several years, since my kids were really young.