Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Was Trying To Wait On This One, But......

I couldn't help it! I have been laughing about this ever since we saw it the other day. I don't know how I missed it before? HHH said it has been there the entire time and I guess I just didn't notice it. Yes, I am talking about the "Live Bait" vending machine sitting just outside the good ol' Wall to Wall Mart here in fabulous, downtown Wauchula! I almost DIED the other day when we came out of there after dropping off the scripts for the kids. This little old wrinkly man was shoving dollar bills in it to get some red wigglers. I felt like I was in a space/time warp and everything. I have lived in Memphis, Stuart, hell even Okeechobee wasn't THAT hick! I have never seen anything like this. I have been chuckling about it for a while now.
I am also posting this now because I do not know how I am going t be feeling tomorrow. Dr. Apu jinxed me at the office the other day when he said I would probably be the next to catch the flu from the kids, so now my chest has that deep seated pain down in my lungs, my head is beginning to pound, and I am feeling achy all over. My head isn't stuffed up yet, but I bet that's next. So I leave you all with the "Live Bait" machine and a good thought......... now you know where to go for your red wiggler habit at 4 in the morning!!
In the words of George Lopez.... "I have a pain.... in my chess..... and I can't breef!!"


pinktomato said...

I'm cracking up.

Ok- i will share our wal-fart's personality too. we live in the middle of amish country here. they have horse & buggy hitches, and a feed/weather shelter for the horses here at ours. I will so totally have to take a picture now and post it for you. Actually - its pretty cool.

Russ said...

Every time I think the Carolinas are pretty darn rednecky, good ole florida rises to the occasion.