Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Am A Clumsy Oaf!

I fell. Not the trip, oops, caught myself kind of trip, but an OMG I fell down the steps in the house, whacked my head on the wall, carved a divot in my shin, crushed my right side kinda fall. OUCH. Now I am laid up in bed...... 1) On my cycle......2)with the flu.......3) and in serious pain!
My problems are no where NEAR my SIL's. She is at the hospital right now having tests to see why they can't get her pre-term labor stopped. She has been having problems for a while now, and we only became aware of them that weekend at Universal. I am sending good thoughts her way so that she keeps the bun in the oven seeing as how she's supposed to bake for a little bit longer! I haven't heard anything lately, but my BIL will be back around 5 and we'll probably get an update then. I'll keep everyone posted.
BIL got a job yesterday. He is head putter-together in the warehouse. If your grill is a little wobbly.... call him. HHH was called by the Bradenton place and they need him to come over and fill out some more paperwork. Why can't these places get it all up front in the beginning?? Why do they make someone come in over and over to get things filled out, turned in, tested, etc....... We can't get over there right now because SIL is in the hospital. That's real great. Very helpful.
I gotta go. I need to find some painkillers or something. I'm dying over here.

PS- To add to today's fun fest..... my cat,, Fluffy got sprayed by a skunk last night!

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