Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How Many Trips Does It Take......

I wa sup at the school today,.... AGAIN. I had to go and give the shot to my kids, who in the end didn't need anything. The nurses have said thet they would like to watch me give them their shots for the first week, but I am thinking, "Hey! These are medical professionals. They are both RN's and can do this. What's up?" I guess they want to see how the kids react to taking the shots and all. Still, them making me go up there every day this week is gonna be a pain. I walked there today with HHH. It is just down the road. I was hoping the exercise would make my stomach straighten up. It didn't. I still feel cruddy. My stomach has been all torn up today. I got up at 5:30am this morning because the bus my kids ride on comes at 6:25 am!


What freak of the week thought that one up?? My son did NOT want to get up. You have to remember, we have to have extra time built in so medications can be administered and breakfast can be eaten. After that and a backpack check, the bus has arrived and they are out the door. It was still almost pitch black out there! I hope daylight savings time comes soon.

I am tired. So tired. But I have to cook dinner and get my brood taken care of for the night.
White Bean and Ham Soup with Cornbread. Yummy. Maybe some comfort food will settle my tummy. ( Lord knows the people here won't!)

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