Friday, March 7, 2008

Here's An Add On To Today's Post.

So, I had a bunch of stuff to do today. I had to go by the school to pick up the forms to bring to Doctor Apu. Funny story, the guys first name starts with the letters A-P-U. Something like Apubar or Apurab, or something like that. I almost laughed in his face when I thought about it. So I habd him the papers and go to sit down and I hear my name being called at the desk. Seems Dr. Apu has 35 or so toddler appointments scheduled for this morning and he won't be able to do the paper work right away like he had said yesterday. Great! Just what I wanted to hear. ( This is where the sarcasm begins to drip.) So I call the nurses at the school and tell them that good ol' Dr. Apu is burried under snotty noses and earaches and can't get to my stuff as promised. She was really excited about that as well. I assured her that I would be there to supervise the medications if they were needed and we said our good bye.
HHH and BIL dropped me off at the house and I sat around for an hour before going up to the school. HHH is riding with BIL to get BIL's last check from his former employer. Seems the employer was holding it until they got their uniforms returned. This is illegal in Florida and HHH went to be able to call the Wage and Labor Board if they tried any thing funny. So now, HHH and BIL are headed to Bradenton again to pick up the drug test form and hopefully finalize the job over there! It was a load more money than the one offered here in Wauchula, and these people here in Wauchula are using SNAIL MAIL to get all their information. (Background checks, references, etc...) How 19th century can you get! I have to start on my daughters cake today. I am baking the layers tonight and icing them tomorrow. The fudge icing is a family recipe that I learned from my Granny and Aunt Gail. My Father's Favorite. think I am the only one left in the family who makes it. My daughters have expressed interest in learning how to make it, so it will go on after I am gone.
Oh, and new things seen on the side of the road..... fast food wrappers, (Popeye's, McDonalds, etc..), a T-Shirt, and crushed plastic planter pots. There is a plant nursery across the road from the house and the winds have been wicked and blowing the trash from across the street. I also made my kitty an LOLcat. It was funny!!

Off to the races.....

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