Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Blow Up!

I cannot believe what I am hearing! My BIL's MIL is at it again! She is trying to take his kids and hightail it to somewhere else. All he's been doing is trying to discipline them. I am not talking slapping, beating, or anything like that.... I am talking a spanking for lying or talking back to a parent, being made to mind an adult when given instructions, things of that nature. This woman is off her nut! They have (and by they I mean the nosey ass MIL) been going off on my BIL for the better part of two hours! Telling him how he is worthless and he doesn't take care of his family, etc, etc..... and like I said earlier, he is a bit callous and rough around the edges, but DAY-UM! Saying you are going to take his kids away is a pretty big step. Hell, if they had had a better handle on the situation with their daughter, maybe he wouldn't have gotten her pregnant at 15. Yes people, she was 15 and he was 16 when they got married and started having babies. And this woman wants to point fingers at who is the better parent?? I don't think so! That woman is a straight up bitch! You all heard what she did in my last blog about the dinner and food and all. I was trying my best to be nice and pitch in, but that harridan was just too much. I hope HHH gets his job soon so we can move the hell out of here! We haven't gotten a place down yet because HHH has two more interviews. It has to be soon though...... You all know me and my temper and I will eventually tell that woman about her ass and then my SIL will be mad at me.... and I don't want that! I love my nieces and nephew and want to see them. We'll see......

I still don't like the bitch.

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