Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Early Morning.

Here I am again, so early the rooster hasn't even gotten out of bed yet, and my stomach all torn to shreds. I think I am allergic to the early, but I can't be sure. I have to do something about it, my son has a field trip next week on Tuesday and I can't be all messed up in the yummy department. Just doesn't jive with a school bus ride!
Last night was a hoot. ( I am being sarcastic ) I was just floored that my BIL was being attacked by that Pseudo-Christian Harpy! WTF does she think she is? If she hadn't let those two alone when they were teenagers, there wouldn't be any babies for her to bitch about disciplining. My BIL is sending his wife and kids to Ft. Myers with a friend for a few days to clear the air. He seems pretty convinced that his MIL will grab them and run and then turn him into the cops! Apparently they know of someone who was prosecuted for just spanking their child and he doesn't want that to happen. What a prize he got marrying into that family!

LESSON: Keep your penis to yourself, or keep it wrapped, because you could end up with in-laws from hell at 16 if you don't!

I still feel bad for him, hell for them. My SIL tries to keep the peace, she tries to make everyone happy, but then something like this happens and it all goes to shit in a heart beat! This all started when after church, (you know, the church they have tacked on to the back of the house?), the MIL made the comment, "You should be out looking for a job instead of playing video games all day!" BIL heard that and exploded from there. I thought this was another example of someone who does not have all the facts running off at the mouth. See, BIL had been out looking for jobs for half of the day. He went and put in 6 applications around town and is going with my HHH today to look for more. (HHH is still hired on at the first place, but they are taking FOREVER to get his paperwork finished so he can start up.) So the MIL started this whole to do over something she thought he wasn't doing but actually was! Now the tension in here is so palpable you could cut it with safety scissors! It just goes to show...... And the funniest thing is, one of the arguments of last night was getting the bills paid on time so stuff wouldn't be shut off, right? Well, last Monday, the power got cut off. When BIL went outside to talk to the power guy, the power guy said the bill had not been paid. BIL had apparently given his half of the money to his MIL/FIL to put with theirs and get the bill paid almost a week ago, before the bill was due, and they just didn't pay it! How do you tell someone they are no good and don't pay their bills when they actually do and you don't?? That's the pot calling the kettle black, I say!
I really hope that HHH gets this job today! It would be a free apartment. We could get the hell out of here! There is just too much drama going on for my tastes. I have enough problems without dealing with someone elses! Hell, all this crap has probably stressed out my SIL so much, I don't know how that baby hasn't been born yet!
Time to make the doughnuts people......I gotta go.

Till next time.


Russ said...

You are living the dream aren't you?

Blondefabulous said...

You know..... it's better than some TV shows. I still wish I had cable or satellite though!