Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ahhhh.... Saturday Morning.

Mmmmm..... I woke up deliciously late this morning. 9:30. Yummy! I woke up, and HHH was making me breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. Bonus! HHH went shopping last night and we are maxed out with food now. Now if I could just get the neighbor's chickens to stop crowing at such an ungodly hour. Oh yeah... let me tell you about the chickens.

We are in the country now. Bowling Green, Florida. It is a small, 1 stop light town about 5 miles from Wauchula. Our house is just out side of the town on a little road next to a BBQ place. It is quiet, peaceful, and my neighbor has a flock of chickens. We aren't talking a couple of chickens. I mean a flock! 2 roosters, 6 hens, and 5 baby chicks. Every morning, they go foraging in our new yard, and the roosters start crowing at 5 am. Usually this would not bother me. I have lived in Memphis and if I could sleep through the gun shots, muggings, and street noise of that city, I can sleep through anything, but these chickens are going right by the windows and crowing, clucking, and scratching! It's getting really old. I guess it would help if the birds weren't free range, but that is the thing now a days. And they are actually a working flock. Just something I am going to adjust to, I guess.

That's all I have for today. I may re post later with a picture of the chickens.
Enjoy your weekend.

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pinktomato said...

i had an idea! you might have this already around you, but the first time I ever heard of it was when we moved here. In the hometown grocery store, they employ a lady who puts meals together for working families who have no time to cook. She operate a little business inside the grocery store, supposing she has some sort of deal workedout with them, she pulls food from the shelves and pre-prepares complete meals. The people come pick it up and cook it at home or maybe its already cooked and they pick it up on their way home. It may be custom order...I dont know, but this seems right up your alley ! If you want me to find out more about how it operates, I can. Just let me know