Monday, March 31, 2008


I am not feeling well. Not in the least. It is 6:22am and I am awake, nauseous, crampy, and yucky! The Celiac's must have reacted to something I ate last night, (probably the dinner roll I had). Yeah, I know it's stupid to keep eating things I shouldn't, but it's kinda like a fat guy who keeps slopping at the trough even though he knows that he should lay off a meal or 5! Top that off with a healthy dose of the hot flashes, and my morning is complete. I just wanna crawl into the freezer right now. HHH is basically bundled up under the blankets shivering, and I am sitting here with sweat just rolling off me! Did I mention I am only 35? Yep, peri-menopausal in my mid 30's. Other women my age are planning another child, or planning what to do with the ones they have. Me, I get to plan out every day as to what I can and can't do according to my stomach and messed up thermostat. Those field trips I went on in the beginning of the year were always prepared for WAY in advance with medication, and then in the days after, I always felt crappy. I just know I DO NOT want to be like my mother. As a child, I never understood my mom. She slept all the time, never went anywhere, we never went to theme parks, never got out there. Oh we had family car trips, but that was about it. Now I know it was the medication she was on for all this hereditary stomach crap I am dealing with now. She never shared what was wrong, I just thought I wasn't important. I have told my kids everything. Why mommy doesn't feel good, when mommy is sleepy, it's because she took her meds so she can go on the field trip tomorrow, If mommy looks a little loopy, don't worry, just climb up into bed with her and we'll watch a movie together and that is the best medicine she needs! I never got that as a child. The old guard's practice of "don't tell the kids" was firmly in place at my house when I was growing up. Don't tell the kids about mommy's little drunk driving accident, (Even though I saw the car the next morning.). Don't tell the kids Daddy didn't come home from the bar last night, (even though we knew that was why mom was crying in her coffee.). Oh yeah, the kids won't know. Whatever. I knew. I always knew.
So I am sitting here on a Monday morning, feeling crappy, waiting for the kids to get up, and planning breakfast in my head. I may pass on it, but I want to make it for my family. I want to be there, despite my stomach and sweaty issues at this moment. They deserve more than I got. They deserve a MOM!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ah, Sunday. Usually I am relaxing on Sunday, and then running around the house trying to get clothes clean, snacks planned, and checking the school calender. Not this week. Spring Break is in effect for the next week. I get to sleep in and then hear the dulcet tones of my children screaming at the tops of their lungs...."MOOOOOM! She won't die in the game so I can play!!" Heh heh, yeah....spring break. (Maybe a break for the school.)

We went for a walk into town today. It isn't very far, and the exercise helps tire out the kids so they don't drive me nuts. We stopped by the dollar general, the open air veggie stands, the flea market. All those within walking distance. We got a box fan to help circulate the A/C, and some clothes pins so I can take advantage of the clean country air. Update on the of the chicks keeled over in the front yard! The kids found it outside and started having a major cow! I go over to look at it and it isn't chewed on, mutilated, or attacked in any way and I instantly think, "bird flu", right? I get a plastic bag, wrap it up, and drop it in the trash. Ick. Now the kids are outside playing and I am getting ready to put some country pork ribs into the oven for dinner. We are having it with baked beans, potato salad, and corn on the cob. Yum!

I gotta go. HHH is tempting me with his goodness. It is the weekend and all........


Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Flavur!

Ahhhh.... Saturday Morning.

Mmmmm..... I woke up deliciously late this morning. 9:30. Yummy! I woke up, and HHH was making me breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. Bonus! HHH went shopping last night and we are maxed out with food now. Now if I could just get the neighbor's chickens to stop crowing at such an ungodly hour. Oh yeah... let me tell you about the chickens.

We are in the country now. Bowling Green, Florida. It is a small, 1 stop light town about 5 miles from Wauchula. Our house is just out side of the town on a little road next to a BBQ place. It is quiet, peaceful, and my neighbor has a flock of chickens. We aren't talking a couple of chickens. I mean a flock! 2 roosters, 6 hens, and 5 baby chicks. Every morning, they go foraging in our new yard, and the roosters start crowing at 5 am. Usually this would not bother me. I have lived in Memphis and if I could sleep through the gun shots, muggings, and street noise of that city, I can sleep through anything, but these chickens are going right by the windows and crowing, clucking, and scratching! It's getting really old. I guess it would help if the birds weren't free range, but that is the thing now a days. And they are actually a working flock. Just something I am going to adjust to, I guess.

That's all I have for today. I may re post later with a picture of the chickens.
Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break.

Well, today is the last day of school and starts the beginning of spring break for the kids around here. Yeah, I know. We just got the kids in school and now have to deal with this. I guess it'll be OK. We have a big yard now and they can go outside and play. Fresh air will do them good! I am looking forward to sleeping in myself. We don't have to get up as early for the bus here, (6:15 as opposed to 5:50.), but I haven't been sleeping well at all lately and any extra I can get would probably do me good! The kids are even getting out of school early today. I have never been able to understand the purpose of a half day. Why bother to get up out of bed and go to the darn school for 4 hours?? It makes no sense. We never had half days when I was in school. It was all or nothing back then. Now there is some nonsense about the teachers staying the rest of the time for meetings, work, and all that jazz. Boy, you'd think they would rather just have the whole day and not have to hear the squalling, chattering, monkeys! Nope. They have half days. Dumb.

It also doesn't make sense from a parents stand to have a half day. You have to interrupt your work day half way through to go and get your kids, or wait for them at the bus stop, or other such nonsense. Yeah, bosses REALLY love to hear that crap. {sarcasm} It would be easier to find them day care for the WHOLE day than for half. Cheaper too, since drop in sometimes costs more. Eh,.....I don't know. I just don't see any educational value coming from 4 hours. The kids are wound up, the teachers are ready to get rid of them, I just don't see it.

Everyone needs to drop by Dad's Who Mock and give good ol' Russ a congrats and pat on the back. His lovely new daughter has made her entrance into the world! Little Miss L, welcome.

That's all I got for today. I hope the larger font took. I had a request for that yesterday, and being the people pleaser that I am, I was gonna try. Blogger, however, sometimes changes it back without my knowing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

WTF Is Up With Craigslist....... AGAIN!!

Oh man! Did you guys see this on the news yesterday? The Craigslist idiots are at it again. I saw not one, but TWO stories on various news reporting sites about someone using Craigslist as a way to hurt someone.

The first story was similar to ones I have seen in the past, where someone posts an ad saying they are leaving the country and for people to come and take everything out of their house free of charge. A man was renovating a home he was hoping to rent out, and he had gone into town to get supplies or something. The man was living at the home at the time so all his possessions were in the home. Then, someone posts an ad on Craigslist giving the address of this home and saying that the home owner has been transferred out of the country and needs to unload all their stuff fast, so come and get it, FREE! Who the hell is stupid enough to believe this??? There are no free lunches in this world! The kicker of it all is, the guy who was fixing up the house comes home in the middle of all these vultures tearing his house apart! He screams at people to put his stuff down and THEY TELL HIM TO SHUT UP AND STILL TAKE THE STUFF! OMG! He is standing right there watching these people take his clothes, fixtures, furniture, etc.... away from his house! Now the police have been involved and they and the people who run Craigslist are trying to find out just who posted this crap and they have also posted an ad stating that if the people do not return the things they took, they will be prosecuted along with the ad poster. I'm sorry, but I believe in the old adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. On to the next one.....

In Oregon, an ad was placed on Craigslist saying there was a baby for sale by "blank", and that they wanted to use the money to get tweeked. (high on meth) It also gave an address of where to buy the baby and that if the parents weren't there to just go on in and get the child and leave the money on the counter in case the parents were out making a quick score. Yeesh. The police were informed about this and tracked down the named person in the ad and found out it was a hoax. The woman did not have a child and knew nothing about the ad, baby, or any of it. The woman was in tears thinking about who would do such a thing to her and her husband.

Who the hell comes up with this stuff? Why the hell doesn't Craigslist have someone watching out for this kind of crap? What is it going to take to have someone keep an eye on what is going on there? It will probably come down to someone killing another person, or themselves like on Myspace. I have been on Craigslist, HHH has a resume posted on there. I take everything on it with a grain of salt, but you can bet that their little disclaimer at the top of the page about checking out the ad poster, watch for scams, check the ad for fake info, yadda, yadda, yadda, isn't going to cut it for much longer.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true.........It probably is.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Making It.

Well, another morning already started, and a new day going. I got the kids up and ready before the school bus got here. BTW, yesterday was funny! We were called by the school around lunch time and told that the bus would be arriving at about 1:20pm, and we had to be outside waiting on it or they would take the kids back to the school. OK, no problem. We can do that. In the mean time, HHH and I were,..... um...... trying to take advantage of not having the kids around for a little bit, if you catch my drift! {wink, wink} As we were in the middle of our activities, HHH sees the outline of a bus go past the window. WHAT!!!!!! It didn't stop and we had to get decent to go run after it. I glance at the clock and it says 1:10pm. OMG! Was the bus early? HHH takes off out the door and by that time the bus has already turned the corner at the end of the street and is out of sight. Oh great! Now we have to walk to the school to get the kids. Crap! HHH is walking down the road and I was taking Toby out to pee really quick when I hear the phone ringing from inside. It was the Nurse at the school. She is asking about insulin for my daughter and I do a quick head shake. "Wait a minute," I ask. "you mean the kids aren't even on the bus yet??" "Nope.", the nurse replies. I breathe a sigh of relief that we didn't miss the kids and get a curious silence on the other end of the phone line. This prompts me to recount the missed bus story minus the , ahem,... "adult" parts. We laugh, and hang up. Then I start thinking......HHH! I run outside and whistle down the road and wave for him to come back. He gets back and I explain what has happened, and he is less than thrilled. You see, when we were at the BIL's house, all of us were staying in one little room. No Mommy/Daddy private time at all. It has been a while since we have had time to share with each other, what with the job search, problems, and no privacy. I won't repeat what exactly HHH said when I told him it was a false alarm, suffice it to say, he was not amused.

So, now we know what to expect of the buses, school, teachers, etc...... Things should get to running pretty smoothly. There is a great fresh produce stand right down the block from our new house. HHH picked up some squash and bell peppers yesterday and I made a nice spaghetti primavera. It tastes so much better than the canned crap you see in the store. I gotta think what I want to do for tonight. Oh, and did I mention what HHH did the Saturday before Easter? No? OK you gotta see this. The photo above shows my BIL kicking a costumed Easter Bunny in the jelly beans...... well that was HHH. Yes, he was willing to be an Easter Bunny for a local store just for some extra cash for the family! He is a great Hubby! The picture was staged, but it was funny. Actually, I thought it was appropriate considering what BIL had done to us with the kicking out and all. Still, I may make it my new screen saver!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brrrrrr! It's Cold.

Oh man! We got up this morning and MAN! It was freezing. I woke up at 4:30am and turned on the oven to get the house warm. I should say my stomach woke me up. It has been a struggle these last 3 weeks. I eat maybe once a day and maybe a cup and a half total volume of food, but everything goes straight through and I can't see how I am getting any nutritional value from it. I think my Celiac's is starting to get worse. I know the doctors say you can't have a degree of Celiac's Disease, but when you talk to people who do have it, they'll tell you about how it came on slowly. First you can't eat bread, then oats, then something else...... till finally you are off all gluten. The bread is the hardest thing I have to try and give up. I love roasted garlic bread, rosemary olive oil bread, asiago cheese bread, you name it! I would rather have bread than sweets! It is just nummy. So, where was I? Oh yeah, cold as a well diggers ass.......

So I get the oven going and am checking the computer to see how cold it was, (45 degrees), and I see that I was a dummy and left the window in the kitchen open. Well no wonder it was chilly in the house! Duh! So I wait until 6am rolls around and get the kids out of bed. They are less than thrilled that it is so cold. I got a "Mooooom! I thought you said Florida was gonna be warmer than Memphis?!?" Yeah, sorry kids. It just happens that way sometimes. (Global warming, my ass!) I shooed them all into the kitchen and got breakfast and such going. I even put on cartoons on the computer for them to watch. Then 7 am rolled around and I had to get HHH up out of bed. he was a little wobbly, but I got it going. Then came the fun part....going to the school.

We had the fun fun time of walking to the school today. Yep, seem Bowling Green does not bus in the city limits. If you live in the city limits, you have to either drive or walk to the school. Well, our car is a bit defunct at the moment, so we have been walking. It isn't too bad, except that we have to walk next to a 4 lane highway to get to the school. Not the safest thing when there are large semi's and fast moving cars and trucks. When we went to register yesterday, we asked about a bus for the kids since they are diabetic and the school said the would check on it. Well, we get almost to the school and the kids nurse stops by and picks us up to go the rest of the way to the school. We get there and get everyone squared away and find out that yes there will be a bus provided and it will pick up and drop off at the door to our house! Score! Finally something that has gone right for us. So now the kids are taken care of, HHH and I are going to go find jobs, and this is hopefully the start of better things for us.

Well, we just got the call that the kids will be coming home on the bus this afternoon. Cool beans.

Things are looking up.

Yay us!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Return Of The Mack!

Hey everyone! I am back. We have been summarily kicked out of my BIL's house by his in-laws and thanks to the good people at the Hardee Help Center have been able to get a house over in Bowling Greene. It is about 4.82 miles from wauchula. Not too bad. Only down side I can see is it is too close to those idiots we were staying with, but I'll take what I can get.

Man, was that ever stupid! I can't believe that my BIL never told his in-laws we had given them money and food to live with them till HHH found a job! WTF!?! Then BIL's MIL went totally ape shit and threw us out on Thursday! So,.... just to recap.....

1) Gave BIL $650 in cash.

2) Gave BIL 3 annual tickets Universal.

3) Gave BIL our old laptop. (was only 1 year old.)

4) Bought $800 in food while we were there.

5)Paid for weekend in Orlando for everyone.(food & beverages included.)

6) Bought BIL and family gifts and such as a thank you.

I just don't get how he thinks it was OK for his in-laws to throw us out? He never even stood up for us. We weren't free loading, we weren't just taking and not giving, we definitely weren't sponging. HHH is really torn up over it all. This was his brother. His family. HHH has always said that "family comes first", and I guess he thought that his brother believed that too. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. So here we are, in a little 2/1 over in Bowling Greene. I guess you can't count on anyone but yourself.

Easter went well. We his eggs, (the plastic kind) and the kids had baskets and all. It was stuff we had bought before all this crap had gone down. They were suitably impressed with their haul. as you can see, Junior got the prize egg. We had roast pork tenderloin, herb ed potatoes and broccoli for dinner and I even made some home made chocolate chip cookies! This was a feat, mind you, because we have no pots and pans! The principal and the kids nurse from their school heard what was happening to us and gathered donations to buy us food. They also got us some disposable aluminum pans and I have been using those to cook in and with. If I was ever in a disaster, I have no problem with survival because I have found out I can pretty much use anything I have to make a suitable dinner for my family. That is the best attribute a cook/chef can have. Making something out of nothing! That's what I am doing here!

OK I have to go. You all take care and I'll drop by again soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I just wanted to make it crystal clear that I am not anti-christian. That is not what I was saying in my blog. I was trying to speak out about people who SAY they are good Christians, and that they want to help, but instead do the exact opposite. That is what we have going on here. I also found out that these people regularly lie. The FIL told my SIL he gave HHH money this morning to find somewhere else to live. That was a big lie. They also said that my SIL never told them that we gave them money($650) to stay here and contributed to the household with food and other things. That was a lie by omission. He didn't even offer to carry our stuff out the door! I have always had a problem with people who distort the Bible for their own purposes, and now I am categorizing my BIL's in-laws in that group. You don't just tell someone they can stay and then 2 days later kick them to the curb. WTF is that! It's not very Christian, My BIL is screwed. He will never be the head of his household as long as they live under the rule of his MIL and FIL. I feel sorry for him. He can't even discipline his own kids without his MIL threatening to call the cops and have him arrested. Some may say he asked for this by knocking up a 15 year old girl at 16, but how long you gotta pay the piper before you're square?!?

Anyway, I am so seriously not anit-Christian. I hope everyone has a really nice Easter Holiday.

Tis the ways of man I find no comfort in,

Trust only in the Lord.

The Sky Is Falling....

I am sorry. To all those whom I may have of did wrong in the past, I'm sorry. For anything I have done, be it intentional or unintentional.......I'M SORRY! Now will God, Allah, Karma, whatever just PLEASE get the hell off my back!?! Let me explain.....

I got up this morning thinking the world was going to be better. That we were going to get closer to being out of this situation, and back on track to real life. Boy was I wrong! After getting the kids off to school this morning, HHH and I went back to sleep. Cut to about 9:30am when there is a loud knock on the door. It is my BIL's FIL. HHH goes out into the hall and is told to get out. Pack up, grab your kids and GET OUT! No hello, goodbye, go to hell, or anything. See last night, we were moved up the stairs to another bedroom because my SIL needed the room we were in to get it ready for her impending arrival, ie. the baby. OK. We did this. If it was gonna make things easier between my BIL and SIL, nooooooo problem. So I moved everything up here. Well, now it seems my SIL's little brother (who is 18), is "uncomfortable" with us being here, and he feels uncomfortable in his own house, and he is upset that he can't make a weight room out of the room SIL put us in, so he had a tantrum to his daddy, (the FIL), and now we have until Monday morning to get out. I am going to be living in a van because of the "comfort" of an 18 year old. Now these are the "Christian" people who have the church tacked on to the back of the house here. The ones that profess to wanting to do the Lord's work and want to build their own free standing church with extra rooms so they can help families in need. YEAH, RIGHT! Fucking hypocrites! I haven't told my kids yet. They just started school again and I may have to tell them we have to leave again. HHH has been sending out resume after resume, but something always goes wrong. We are up to 126 resumes sent out so far. There are soooooo many people out of work right now, we are just caught in the tidal wave.

So let me have it said right here and right now......


OK, got that off my chest. I wouldn't be so upset if it hadn't been for the fact that HHH went and talked with Paula two days ago and she said we could stay. She told HHH that she would be glad to help us in any way she and Ervin could. Yeah..... I see that now. Your help is helping us out the door. I have two medically needy children. I am going to lose them,..... bigger than shit, if I can't get somewhere to stay. I am now looking for someone to take the dog and the cat. I love my little dog, I love my kitty. I will miss them soooooo much. i just can't drag them around willy nilly. Maybe I can find an old lady to take them.

God this is killing me. I want to go down and scream at these people. Where is your compassion? Where is your Christianity? We have contributed to this place since we have been here! We gave money, food, gifts, etc...... the only reason we didn't get a place of our own when we got our tax money was my BIL said we could save it and stay with him until HHH found a permanent job. Then it got frittered away on food, clothing for the kids, and more gifts for the people who we thought were graciously letting us stay. Whatever.

So, my fellow readers, we are truly going to be homeless. I am talking living in our van as of Monday, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. BIL is going to get me a job at the local circle k market, and If I can't get one there I will look for something somewhere else. There is just nothing here in this little backward ass town. I'm gonna lose my kids, my husband, everything! I am a 35 year old loser, and I just want it to be known.....I'm sorry. What ever I did, who ever I pissed off, I so so very sorry! Please don't punish my family any more for what ever it is I did. PLEASE!

And by the way... Happy Easter.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early Mornings.

What is it about the early morning? Why can't I shake the feeling that it is always creeping up on me to do some sort of wrong? That it is up to no good? I always set my clock for the times I have to be up, but I usually wake before it goes off, in anticipation of the morning sneaking up on me and getting the jump, as it were.

Today, I did sleep till the alarm went off. Not a still, deep slumber, but a rolling, waking kind. I got my young out of bed and prepared them for school and then we waited....... and waited......... and WAITED! The bus was late again. So much so that I was getting ready to change clothes and walk my kids to school! 30 minutes late. I don't get it. We live 1/4 mile from the school.

Maybe it is the fact that I never feel good in the morning. I am always sick to my stomach, tired, and in pain. That would make anyone dislike the approaching dawn. When I was younger, I loved the mornings, the new promise they held. It wasn't my enemy yet, but my new friend, come to visit me. I no longer have that luxury any more. So I am sitting in my domestic hell, surrounded by other peoples lives, typing away at the one thing that is keeping me sane. Insanity almost seems like a decent way out, but the bus will soon return my progeny, and I will find that insanity doesn't hold my most important possessions...... my family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Goofing Around.

I was just goofing around with something HHH found online. I thought it would make a good thing for on here. I'm not feeling so hot, so I didn't post this morning. This will have to work until I can get my brain cells in order. okthanxbai!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rebecca With Award.

Here is my wonderful, smart, awesome, amazing daughter, Rebecca. She is holding her ribbon and certificate she won from the Martin County Regional Science Fair. It is awesome that she won her honorable mention out of all the elementary kids in the county. It was apparently a big fair 'cause they had it at the Treasure Coast Square Mall. Everyone congratulate her!!!

Sunday Wrap Ups.

So here I am, sitting here in the living room at 9am on Sunday. I am listening to my in-laws get ready for church, my BIL take a shower, my kids eat breakfast, and my nephew destroy half the house. I just thought I would do a few things today and then relax. goes...

The Flu took up most of our week. The kids came down with it on last Friday and after the prerequisite 3 days at home with no getting better, we went to the doctor. Everyone was prescribed nasty tasting cough medicine and at one point Dr. Apu had Junior take a blood test at the hospital to check for something even nastier. Glad to inform everyone nothing came of that, or of the strep swabs that were taken at the office. Now the kids are better and back to getting up at 5:50am to get ready for school. (So excited about that! o_0)

My daughter, Rebecca, received an Honorable Mention at the Martin County Regional Science Fair! The teacher sent her her ribbon and certificate and we finally got it in the mail Thursday. She has been so excited about it she could POP! She took it to her teacher here in this one horse town and they were all VERY impressed. ( I bet they were.)

I found that the searches people do to find me are really weird! You saw all the ones I wrote about before, well last night I came up on one for porn. Yep, some search engine thinks I am a porn star or something like that. Uh-huh. Riiiiiiiiiight. 36, 3 kids, slightly pudgy. Yep I'm a porn star! I'm gonna keep track of that one.

I have been walking more. Town is not to far away. The school is not far away. I am getting off my lazy butt and doing something. In my travels I started looking at just what the population of this burg are throwing out. The strangest so far has been underpants! And just recently, the most disturbing has been bicycle parts with bicycle helmet pieces. I was not thrilled to see those. I am hoping for the best by imagining it is just some one's garbage that fell off the back of their truck, and not someone getting run over by a careless driver. (It was a Spiderman Helmet, indicating a child.)

I discovered you all like to see my HHH! When he has been on my photos in the blogs I post, I get TWICE as many hits! The last two times I put him on my blog, I got almost 100 hits on my blog. I now know how to increase traffic to my blog...... put up pictures of my Hubby!

Well, that's all I have for now. I am going to go and make some breakfast for everyone. Not me though. My stomach is torn up again and I ate a bit yesterday, but I just don't digest well at all. (I even anti glutened yesterday too!)

PS- Still haven't heard from Chocl8t in Atlanta yet. They said the power is still out over there. Clemson won over Duke, (Go Tigers!) and Think good thoughts for the NYC Crane Collapse. That dang city can't get a break!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tornados, Tournaments, and Twits!

Could you believe that stuff last night at the SEC tournament???? I was catching update about the game when they come over the news saying that a tornado had hit down town Atlanta and the Georgia Dome! O!M!G! I know my boys aren't in the tourney, but I was worried for everyone else. Plus, Chocl8t lives up in Hotlanta! So far there haven't been any deaths reported, but they said a loft building in the historic district had been pancaked, and they hadn't gone through it yet. I am sending good thoughts to Atlanta, ya'll join me.

As for the tourney, they had to move it over to Georgia Tech. That's going to go over well. The arena there is tiny in comparison to the Dome. To make it fair to everyone with tickets...... they aren't letting anyone go. Yep, only family, school officials, and credential holders will be allowed to go, maybe 2000 people in all, compared to the 20,000 + people who are holding tickets right now. That's going to go over like a lead balloon. I just hope that ... A) The fans are understanding of the reasons why the officials had to do this, and ...B) The schools, ticketmaster, etc... don't be complete jerks and not refund the fans money with the lame, lousy-ass excuse of "Act of God" is non-refundable. I can see some greedy ass saying just that.

My boys weren't there. Poo! UF graduated all the great players and now we are rebuilding on what we have left and what we recruited. It will be the second time a defending champion has not reached the March Madness since Kansas in 1986. Oh well, people were getting tired of UF winning! lol! Maybe next year will be better.

Update on my condition..... I am feeling better, but I can definitely tell EXACTLY where I hit when I fell the other day. It sucks too because I fell on the side I like to sleep on. I was feelin' it this morning when I woke up and got out of bed. Can we say snap, crackle, pop?!? My bones did! Ugh! And my stomach was messed up again. Like I said before, I think I am allergic to early. I haven't been eating much lately. A half cup of this, a smattering of that, I just haven't been hungry. I've been walking more lately too. I wish I felt better, but I don't. OK enough of that. I need to go and try to eat something for breakfast, even if it's just a bite. Maybe eggs, home fries and toast? We'll see.....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Searching,....... Please Wait.

Ok, yesterday's unpleasantness has been taken care of, now on to today's fun and informative topic..... searches. I have MyBlogLog, and it has a statistic part where I can see how people found me. Mostly it shows other WONDERFUL bloggers that have links to me on there sites as how people found my blog. Then there are the ringers. The weirdies. The "How the hell did my blog come up in that search!" ones. Case in point.......

Today I was getting the kids ready for school at the ungodly hour of 6 am. As they are sleepily choking down their eggs and medicine, (we've had the flu all week, remember?), I am checking my stats for the day before and looking at my numbers. I glance over to the "Where Readers Came From" section and there at the top is "Google Search: Stiffed By A Hooker". WTF!?!? How did I come up on that one?? I don't think I have ever written about stiffing a hooker? Did I? Nope, sure didn't. So I start looking back at other searches in the past and I have come up with....

IRS Sucks


Restaurants Don


Not all weird, mind you, but that was in the past week. I had seen other weirder stuff, but the hooker thing took the cake for me! I just want it known right now that I pay all my service professionals with the utmost respect and I would never stiff anyone, from the waiter at the diner down the street, to the wonderful girl sent over by the Emperors Club! Oh wait. I'm not the Governor of New York. I am, also, a great tipper, though!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I have been chuckling at that last bit for a while now. How did the idiot from New York even THINK he could charge the taxpayers with his hooker bills and not get caught?!? Dumb ass! You can be called "Client 9" all you want, it'll still come back to haunt ya! At least he didn't pull a Bill Clinton and try to deny everything. I was surprised he owned up to it all. Think the new guy will ask the former guy to refund the states money for the hooker, seeing as how it isn't a legitimate entertainment expense?? And now this girl is getting so much attention! She was a call girl/singer, and now I bet the offers come pouring in from TV shows, magazines, recording studios, etc..... to have her. (Just not in her former capacity.)

So, keep on searching people. I'm sure I'll show up on some weird ones in the future.

PS- The other weird thing I found was people are REALLY interested in looking at my Husband, lovingly referred to as HHH on here. (Hot Hunky Hubby) His photo's get the most clicks out of any I have put on here. I thought it would've been the bait machine, myself. I know he's cute and all, but just remember...... he's mine! There will be no outsourcing of the husband, so don't ask!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Gotta Go.....

Sorry folks. I have a big problem that needs to have a quick solution and I gotta go for a bit. Don't worry..... I'm not dead or dyin' or anything like that. Just something personal and very annoying. C-ya.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Am A Clumsy Oaf!

I fell. Not the trip, oops, caught myself kind of trip, but an OMG I fell down the steps in the house, whacked my head on the wall, carved a divot in my shin, crushed my right side kinda fall. OUCH. Now I am laid up in bed...... 1) On my cycle......2)with the flu.......3) and in serious pain!
My problems are no where NEAR my SIL's. She is at the hospital right now having tests to see why they can't get her pre-term labor stopped. She has been having problems for a while now, and we only became aware of them that weekend at Universal. I am sending good thoughts her way so that she keeps the bun in the oven seeing as how she's supposed to bake for a little bit longer! I haven't heard anything lately, but my BIL will be back around 5 and we'll probably get an update then. I'll keep everyone posted.
BIL got a job yesterday. He is head putter-together in the warehouse. If your grill is a little wobbly.... call him. HHH was called by the Bradenton place and they need him to come over and fill out some more paperwork. Why can't these places get it all up front in the beginning?? Why do they make someone come in over and over to get things filled out, turned in, tested, etc....... We can't get over there right now because SIL is in the hospital. That's real great. Very helpful.
I gotta go. I need to find some painkillers or something. I'm dying over here.

PS- To add to today's fun fest..... my cat,, Fluffy got sprayed by a skunk last night!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Was Trying To Wait On This One, But......

I couldn't help it! I have been laughing about this ever since we saw it the other day. I don't know how I missed it before? HHH said it has been there the entire time and I guess I just didn't notice it. Yes, I am talking about the "Live Bait" vending machine sitting just outside the good ol' Wall to Wall Mart here in fabulous, downtown Wauchula! I almost DIED the other day when we came out of there after dropping off the scripts for the kids. This little old wrinkly man was shoving dollar bills in it to get some red wigglers. I felt like I was in a space/time warp and everything. I have lived in Memphis, Stuart, hell even Okeechobee wasn't THAT hick! I have never seen anything like this. I have been chuckling about it for a while now.
I am also posting this now because I do not know how I am going t be feeling tomorrow. Dr. Apu jinxed me at the office the other day when he said I would probably be the next to catch the flu from the kids, so now my chest has that deep seated pain down in my lungs, my head is beginning to pound, and I am feeling achy all over. My head isn't stuffed up yet, but I bet that's next. So I leave you all with the "Live Bait" machine and a good thought......... now you know where to go for your red wiggler habit at 4 in the morning!!
In the words of George Lopez.... "I have a pain.... in my chess..... and I can't breef!!"

Another Loooooong Night.

It has been another doozy. Last night was long and involved. The meds worked on the kids symptoms, but Junior still slept restlessly and was in want of his daddy all night. Poor HHH. He has been getting the brunt of all this. About 5:30 this morning Junior started coughing, so we give him his meds, but wait..... it upsets his tummy and he ends up puking. GREAT! There's nothing on the bottle that says give with food. You think that would be something useful to know right? As it is, we have to go back to Wal-Mart and ask them to please reconstitute the antibiotic they so unceremoniously pawned off on my husband last night. Yes we dropped off the scripts yesterday at the pharmacy to be filled and were told to come back at 6pm to pick them up right? Well, HHH and BIL go back to get them and they are NOT ready. Surprise, surprise right? They end up waiting another hour and when they do get called up, the pharmacy is about to close and the woman pushes everything at them and snaps, "Pay up Front!" and then turns away and leaves. (We have Medicaid.) So anyway, HHH and BIL get home and start to go through the medicines, a total of 5 in all, and there are no measuring devices, no notes on the medicines, and the antibiotics are still in dry powdered form! Jeeze people. This is my kid we're talking about. I know you are trying to get out of there so you can run to your sewing circle or strawberry social, but have some respect for the customer you had waiting around for an extra hour! We'll see about it this morning.
I have to go..... more kids to medicate. This time, I'm gonna feed them first.
PS- I have a new member of my blogroll. Ya'll go give KVegas some love, kthanxbi!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Brought The Pestilence.

Why is it that when you send your children to school, they end up with some snot producing, cough enhancing, fever inducing virus that makes everyone in the house sick?!? All three of my kids are coughing, hacking, and are generally miserable today because they are very sick! Couldn't have happened at a better time too. (That was dripping with sarcasm.) The FCAT's for Rebecca start tomorrow, and my son's field trip is tomorrow! If they aren't better neither one of them will be going to the school for any of that! I am taking everyone to see the doctor at 2 today so that we can figure out what the heck this crap is. I know it is just the usual crud from school, but damn it all, we didn't need it!

Last night was crappy. At least one of the kids was up and coughing, hacking, or shaking from fever at some point in time last night. HHH has had no sleep and I had very little. We were dosing up the kids with meds and trying to make them as comfy as possible. At 4:45 am I decided to not send anyone to school. (Morgan wasn't as bad as the other two, but unlike other people, I didn't want her to share her sick with the rest of the class!) We are hoping that Dr. Apu can prescribe some really good med and help us get rid of this crap! We've had it the prerequisite 3 days before calling the Doctor, so we'll see.

UPDATE:We went in to see Dr. Apu. He and the staff of Heartland Pediatrics was very quick and professional. They took all kinds of vitals, administered medication in the form of childrens tylenol, and got us into a room fast! I had purposfully sat far away from any of the other parents waiting in the waiting room so as not to pass on our pestilence. This is apparently a new ides to most people. They act like they don't care if their kids infect others! Don't they realize there are kids like mine who have chronic illnesses who do not look sick on the outside, but the least little cold or flu can knock them on their back?!? have some restraint with your kids people! When Dr. Apu came in and began examining each kid, they all had differing symptoms to go with the rounds of coughing and sniffly noses. Rebecca had the cough, fever, and the running nose, but her mucus was green when the other two's wasn't. Morgan did not have the high fever of the other two, and Junior was the sickest of all. Dr. Apu wrote out scripts for all three and sent us up to the local hospital to have a blood draw on Junior. This worries me in the back of my mind and makes me wonder what he's looking for. They tested both diabetics for ketones, which they had none, thank goodness, and also swabbed for Strep on them as well. (Jasper Mockingbard knows bout this kind of thing....) We should get a call if they find anything bad. I hope not. As it is, we are on the high fluid, lots of rest regimine. Dr. Apu has cut out school for the next 3 days. My eldest daughter is upset she won't be starting her FCAT's and my son is mad he won't be going to the field trip. We will be returning to the Dr's office in 3 days to see if it is getting better and be re evaluated.
I am appling my own remedy with home made chicken soup. I am boiling the chicken carcasses now for stack and I am gonna drain it off and soup it up with veggies, chicken bits, and rice in it for texture. Wish us luck.

Oh great! The Dr just called and asked if we went to get the blood draw done on Junior. I told hin yes we did it right away like he asked for, and he said when he called the lab, they couldn't find my son's labs. Sheesh! I need to go soup it up and take my mind off this for a while.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Softball...Wetherington Style

We decided to run out to the local softball field and shag a few balls, (QUIT BEING DIRTY...... ALL OF YOU!!) HHH was in rare form, and my daughters were game to chase errant softballs out in the outfield! In the one photo, HHH looks like he is running so fast it blurred the pic! You go baby!

Sunday Recovery

Whew! Yesterday was a handful and a half. With Morgan's birthday, the upset I had, and the bonfire last night, I am pooped. I have to plan for Tuesday's field trip to the Center For Great Apes, and we are hoping to hear from the Apartment company that HHH went and took the drug test for. Those places tend to get behind on Fridays and take till the middle of the week to get out the results to the apartment places.

The birthday went well. I made her a meatloaf, sweet potatoes, and peas for dinner like Morgan asked for,then we had the cake. As you can see, HHH wasn't doing really well at cutting it up.It was 4 layers tall and covered in fudge! Can't beat that with a stick! Then my BIL lit a bonfire outside. It was my in-law's friends birthday on the fourth as well and the friend came over as well last night and we were all partying!! HHH and his bro were fire walking in the bonfire, too! The friend had a cake, Morgan had a cake, we were all having a good old time!

The MIL and her husband left yesterday. Yep, packed up their motor home and moved on to some campground down the road! Suits me just fine. Apparently, before she had cleaned out the refrigerator, the FIL had had a talk with my BIL and the shit hit the fan with them again too, so my blow up wasn't that bad compared. I guess they figured that since I was angry at them, and my BIL was angry with them, this wouldn't be a great place to stay. I'm OK with it. Maybe they won't make my SIL as stressed as she has been being lately.

So now I am going to relax and take it easy today. Morgan said to say thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday. She is studying the world and is fascinated with the Feedjit Map I put up from my site. We study the flags from the countries we see on there and learn facts about them.

Have a great day....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Birthday Girl!

My baby girl is turning 9 today! I am so happy and grateful. In the 9 years I have been blessed to have her in my life, I have been on the biggest roller coaster ride ever. From the rocky beginning at 16 months with the diabetes diagnosis, to the recent diagnosis of Celiac's, my little trooper has been a gem all around. My sweet, sweet little girl is growing up, and I am both sad and happy at the same time. It doesn't make sense, but it does. Oh well.....

I got the cake done last night. Not that the idiot relatives of my BIL made that easy or anything. BIL's wife and kids came home from Ft. Myers last night, and I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes and home made gravy, and green beans for all of us for dinner. It was awesome too! I was feeling tired so I went and rested in the bedroom while HHH handed out the dinner, and we ate in there. While we were eating, the MIL cleared off the stove and started to make spaghetti. She took these pathetic little chicken patties (The supermarket brand, not even Tyson brand!) and warmed them up in the oven dumped it on top of the spaghetti and called it chicken parmesan! WTF ev-ar! Then, the dumb ass woman has the gall to offer me and my kids some of her food after having made it clear that she will not partake in my food as it would obligate her to reciprocate! OMG! What a hypocrite! Then she started giving the 3 and 4 year old coke at 9:30 pm! Who gives a little kid coke at 9:30 at night? It's just stupid. Kids should be going to bed around that time of night! That won't cut it when the 4 year old starts school next year! Hell, my kids were asleep by 9 o'clock last night because they are still adjusting to the time difference in schools. (JD Parker was and 8:30 school, this one is a 7:30 school.) I don't know when they finally got off to bed, but when I got up this morning I saw that the house was trashed. Food left out all over the place, dirty dishes not scraped and stacked, toys and junk all over the place. I almost tripped over a few things, but caught myself on the banister. I am going to go make breakfast in a minute, and you can bet my butt ain't gonna go clean up their mess! We have contributed to this house for the time we have been here. Let me break it down for you.....

1. $650 in cash.

2. Our laptop that was only a year old. (We upgraded.)

3. Two passes to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure for a year.

4. Over $500 in food for this household.

5. My services as a house cleaner/babysitter/chef

6. Inclusion in our weekend getaway to Orlando last week.(Food and Beverages included.)

7. Telephone and wireless Internet services.

We have done our part for this house while we have been here, but no more! HHH has been talking about taking the telephone into our room at night because the others have been on it constantly since it has been put in. I am only going to be cooking and cleaning for my family from now on. I will be taking the cereal into our room as well. My daughter with the Celiac's has to have corn cereal and someone keeps eating it all and not buying more. I am just getting fed up with it all. HHH went for a pee test for that job in Bradenton and I know he is going to pass. With luck we will be gone from here and away from the crazy that is this house. I just have a bad feeling that one day things are gonna come to a head here and BIL and his MIL are going to have a major show down. I don't wanna be here when it happens.

Gotta make the breakfast people. Wish my daughter, Morgan, a happy birthday in the comments. She gets a kick out of it!!
UPDATE: OK. I lost it today. We're talking REALLY lost it! I waited until the others had cleaned up their mess in the kitchen and got done with their breakfast so I could take care of my kids. (I had tried to get them cereal, but someone had decimated it and there wasn't enough.) I looked in the fridge to get out the breakfast material, was a degree more empty than it was before. Half of the leftovers I had carefully planned into the lunch schedule of my kids was now gone. Thrown out. No one even asked me. I lost it. I asked my SIL nicely first if she knew what had happened, and when she said she didn't know, I had a thought. The MIL and her husband had left not 10 minutes before saying they were going grocery shopping. Yep, you guessed it.....MIL cleaned house. I lost it. I was so pissed off and so angry, and so incensed, I was shaking with rage. For the last 34 days, I have been putting up with crap from these people. They decided they wanted to do laundry, so they dumped my clothes out on the ground, (even though we were still in the middle of a couple of loads.), you heard about the food thing with MIL saying she wouldn't eat my food, and the out of control kids are just a nightmare. I didn't get way out of hand until after SIL left, but I don't think that we will have somewhere to sleep tonight. Looks like van city for us. I wish I could say I was over reacting, but I don't think we have been welcome here at all ever! BIL must have been the only one to have wanted to help us, and now we're screwed. I hate two faced people! Just my stupidity I guess, for believing someone actually wanted to help us in a genuine manner.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Here's An Add On To Today's Post.

So, I had a bunch of stuff to do today. I had to go by the school to pick up the forms to bring to Doctor Apu. Funny story, the guys first name starts with the letters A-P-U. Something like Apubar or Apurab, or something like that. I almost laughed in his face when I thought about it. So I habd him the papers and go to sit down and I hear my name being called at the desk. Seems Dr. Apu has 35 or so toddler appointments scheduled for this morning and he won't be able to do the paper work right away like he had said yesterday. Great! Just what I wanted to hear. ( This is where the sarcasm begins to drip.) So I call the nurses at the school and tell them that good ol' Dr. Apu is burried under snotty noses and earaches and can't get to my stuff as promised. She was really excited about that as well. I assured her that I would be there to supervise the medications if they were needed and we said our good bye.
HHH and BIL dropped me off at the house and I sat around for an hour before going up to the school. HHH is riding with BIL to get BIL's last check from his former employer. Seems the employer was holding it until they got their uniforms returned. This is illegal in Florida and HHH went to be able to call the Wage and Labor Board if they tried any thing funny. So now, HHH and BIL are headed to Bradenton again to pick up the drug test form and hopefully finalize the job over there! It was a load more money than the one offered here in Wauchula, and these people here in Wauchula are using SNAIL MAIL to get all their information. (Background checks, references, etc...) How 19th century can you get! I have to start on my daughters cake today. I am baking the layers tonight and icing them tomorrow. The fudge icing is a family recipe that I learned from my Granny and Aunt Gail. My Father's Favorite. think I am the only one left in the family who makes it. My daughters have expressed interest in learning how to make it, so it will go on after I am gone.
Oh, and new things seen on the side of the road..... fast food wrappers, (Popeye's, McDonalds, etc..), a T-Shirt, and crushed plastic planter pots. There is a plant nursery across the road from the house and the winds have been wicked and blowing the trash from across the street. I also made my kitty an LOLcat. It was funny!!

Off to the races.....

The Winds Are Howling At My Chamber Door.

I am sitting here this morning, curled in the cerulean easy chair with my faithful canine, listing to the winds sing a litany of woe against the windows of this aging yellow matriarch I am residing in at the moment. My soul lies sleeping in the next room, blissfully snoring away the new day and all it's possibilities. I am awaiting the inevitable phone calls that will begin soon. Nurses trying to make my progeny healthy and happy despite nature's cruel joke having been played on them. It is grey outside. Steely and dismal, like the rest of March. I am nurturing thoughts that the spring will blossom with new hope, rebirth, and a little good news. I doubt it, so I will keep my hopes to myself.

OK. Enough melancholy. Time to get on with the day. The doctor's appointment went well. The Doc, (Who sounded like Apu on the Simpsons) Asked all the questions we are always asked, wrote down all the information, and then promptly asked me to get the Dr's orders from the school I had brought with us from our last school and bring them in so he could copy them down. He wants to copy it all over onto a form for this school and use that. OK. Why did I go to this guy again?? Oh right, the school made me! This is what I was talking about when I brought up the idea yesterday about a state form that would work for all schools with in a state. You know a kid with a chronic illness is always going to have it, and they are always going to be going to a doctor. Why wouldn't you just simplify the school process and make it easier on the parents and the school staff? Just a thought....

I am waiting for the Dr's office to open up (8:30am) so I can catch a ride over to the school, pick up said forms, take them to said Dr's office, get them copied onto this schools forms and then take them back to the school. Yeesh! Once again, a simplified, universal form for the entire school system in the state would make this soooooooo much easier. Yes I know I am repeating myself.

I think I am going to go and make some breakfast. My stomach is all torn up again, but not as bad. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, but being that it is Morgan's 9th birthday tomorrow, I doubt I will get to for very long. I got her a Hannah Montana doll for her birthday gift and I am making her a poured fudge icing cake for her birthday cake! Yummy!

And that's the way it was........ Friday....... March 7th..........

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things Seen On The Side Of The Road.

Now that the kids are in school, I am trying to get back to my New Years Resolution of walking to the school to care for my young's medical needs. ( See "Resolutions.... Reservations from January) I did it yesterday with HHH and today I did it by myself. It isn't too far away. Just down the road and to the right. I timed it today and at a normal pace that would raise my heart rate decently, it took me 15 minutes. Yeah, not a long enough time to do anything good, but any movement is better than no movement! I trotted up there to take care of any problems, and luckily there were none. Morgan was 125 and Junior was 66. We gave Junior a juice and sent him off to lunch. I had to show the nurses how to code the kids machines when they get a new vial of blood test strips with a differing code. Nothing too big. Morgan and Junior have a Dr's appt. today at 2pm. Just the usual, "Physical exam" for the school. don't know why ever school has different forms for kids with chronic illnesses. It would seem to me that it would be more prudent to have a State of Florida, Dept. of Edu. kind of form that would cover the entire state when it comes to kids who have something like diabetes, asthma, or something like that. Families move, kids go to different schools, stuff happens. When you have moved, it takes time to look into new doctors and such,especially if you need a specialist. A simplified form that is good for the entire state for the whole school year would keep a lot of parents from getting that big "school form" headache.

Now, on to what the title of this blog hinted at. Things seen on the side of the road. In my 15 minutes of walking I saw squished oranges, (Duh! The house sits back in an orange grove.), Beer cans and bottles in various states of decomposition, broken glass that looked to be from windows, candy wrappers, mini bar sized liquor bottles, regular sized liquor bottles, condom wrappers(no used condoms thankfully!), plastic soda bottles, and underpants. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen..... underpants. I was still trying to figure that one out after I got back from the school. Who leaves their undies on the side of the road?? I don't know, but I just stepped around them and kept on walking!

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"

Another Early Morning.

Here I am again, so early the rooster hasn't even gotten out of bed yet, and my stomach all torn to shreds. I think I am allergic to the early, but I can't be sure. I have to do something about it, my son has a field trip next week on Tuesday and I can't be all messed up in the yummy department. Just doesn't jive with a school bus ride!
Last night was a hoot. ( I am being sarcastic ) I was just floored that my BIL was being attacked by that Pseudo-Christian Harpy! WTF does she think she is? If she hadn't let those two alone when they were teenagers, there wouldn't be any babies for her to bitch about disciplining. My BIL is sending his wife and kids to Ft. Myers with a friend for a few days to clear the air. He seems pretty convinced that his MIL will grab them and run and then turn him into the cops! Apparently they know of someone who was prosecuted for just spanking their child and he doesn't want that to happen. What a prize he got marrying into that family!

LESSON: Keep your penis to yourself, or keep it wrapped, because you could end up with in-laws from hell at 16 if you don't!

I still feel bad for him, hell for them. My SIL tries to keep the peace, she tries to make everyone happy, but then something like this happens and it all goes to shit in a heart beat! This all started when after church, (you know, the church they have tacked on to the back of the house?), the MIL made the comment, "You should be out looking for a job instead of playing video games all day!" BIL heard that and exploded from there. I thought this was another example of someone who does not have all the facts running off at the mouth. See, BIL had been out looking for jobs for half of the day. He went and put in 6 applications around town and is going with my HHH today to look for more. (HHH is still hired on at the first place, but they are taking FOREVER to get his paperwork finished so he can start up.) So the MIL started this whole to do over something she thought he wasn't doing but actually was! Now the tension in here is so palpable you could cut it with safety scissors! It just goes to show...... And the funniest thing is, one of the arguments of last night was getting the bills paid on time so stuff wouldn't be shut off, right? Well, last Monday, the power got cut off. When BIL went outside to talk to the power guy, the power guy said the bill had not been paid. BIL had apparently given his half of the money to his MIL/FIL to put with theirs and get the bill paid almost a week ago, before the bill was due, and they just didn't pay it! How do you tell someone they are no good and don't pay their bills when they actually do and you don't?? That's the pot calling the kettle black, I say!
I really hope that HHH gets this job today! It would be a free apartment. We could get the hell out of here! There is just too much drama going on for my tastes. I have enough problems without dealing with someone elses! Hell, all this crap has probably stressed out my SIL so much, I don't know how that baby hasn't been born yet!
Time to make the doughnuts people......I gotta go.

Till next time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Blow Up!

I cannot believe what I am hearing! My BIL's MIL is at it again! She is trying to take his kids and hightail it to somewhere else. All he's been doing is trying to discipline them. I am not talking slapping, beating, or anything like that.... I am talking a spanking for lying or talking back to a parent, being made to mind an adult when given instructions, things of that nature. This woman is off her nut! They have (and by they I mean the nosey ass MIL) been going off on my BIL for the better part of two hours! Telling him how he is worthless and he doesn't take care of his family, etc, etc..... and like I said earlier, he is a bit callous and rough around the edges, but DAY-UM! Saying you are going to take his kids away is a pretty big step. Hell, if they had had a better handle on the situation with their daughter, maybe he wouldn't have gotten her pregnant at 15. Yes people, she was 15 and he was 16 when they got married and started having babies. And this woman wants to point fingers at who is the better parent?? I don't think so! That woman is a straight up bitch! You all heard what she did in my last blog about the dinner and food and all. I was trying my best to be nice and pitch in, but that harridan was just too much. I hope HHH gets his job soon so we can move the hell out of here! We haven't gotten a place down yet because HHH has two more interviews. It has to be soon though...... You all know me and my temper and I will eventually tell that woman about her ass and then my SIL will be mad at me.... and I don't want that! I love my nieces and nephew and want to see them. We'll see......

I still don't like the bitch.

How Many Trips Does It Take......

I wa sup at the school today,.... AGAIN. I had to go and give the shot to my kids, who in the end didn't need anything. The nurses have said thet they would like to watch me give them their shots for the first week, but I am thinking, "Hey! These are medical professionals. They are both RN's and can do this. What's up?" I guess they want to see how the kids react to taking the shots and all. Still, them making me go up there every day this week is gonna be a pain. I walked there today with HHH. It is just down the road. I was hoping the exercise would make my stomach straighten up. It didn't. I still feel cruddy. My stomach has been all torn up today. I got up at 5:30am this morning because the bus my kids ride on comes at 6:25 am!


What freak of the week thought that one up?? My son did NOT want to get up. You have to remember, we have to have extra time built in so medications can be administered and breakfast can be eaten. After that and a backpack check, the bus has arrived and they are out the door. It was still almost pitch black out there! I hope daylight savings time comes soon.

I am tired. So tired. But I have to cook dinner and get my brood taken care of for the night.
White Bean and Ham Soup with Cornbread. Yummy. Maybe some comfort food will settle my tummy. ( Lord knows the people here won't!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rude Relitives.

Do you have someone like this in your family?

The person who demands your time, but gives none of their own.

The person who takes and takes, but never gives.

The person who say they'd like to help, but when asked says "Later".

I swear, my BIL and his in-laws are like this.

My SIL is 6 months preggers. She is having stress contractions. She had to go to the hospital last night because of said contractions. She was told by the doctors to stay on bed rest for the next couple of days. Was she able to do this?? NO! I was doing my level best by pitching in on their laundry, cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, picking up, etc.... BIL was doing nothing. He wasn't even trying to keep the kids in line so she could rest. he wouldn't fold his laundry when I got it out of the dryer, nada! Man what a lazy ass. yes I have to say ass, because he acts like one to the mother of his children. I made a huge dinner for my son's birthday tonight. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch, & butter and brown sugar glazed carrots. SIL asked BIL to get her a plate so she could relax and he goes..."Later." She pregnant for goshes sakes! Feed her and the damn baby you lazy ass! I have almost the whole kitchen cleaned up again. No one has had to do much cooking since I have been here. HHH and I have bought most of the groceries since we have been here too. It isn't asking much that he take care of his wife while she is feeling poorly. (Most of her stress is because of him anyway!)

Then there are BIL's in-laws. You know, the ones I wrote about who want to call the cops on him if he spanks his kids? Yeah, they are back. Seems they were only going to be gone for that week that the Pioneer days were going on down at the park. The MIL does not like us. I can tell. She is barely sociable to HHH and I and doesn't speak to our kids. Tonight I asked her if she like to have some of the dinner I made, and was flatly told "No, I'm not hungry.". This is the woman who brought the 4 year old back to the house last night and gave her juice and Skittles at 9 pm at night! You do NOT hop up a 4 year old on juice and candy at night if you want them to go to sleep any time soon! She did it knowing that she was dropping the 4 year old off and leaving HHH and I to deal with the problem. THANKS A LOT! I was in the process of getting my own kids down for the night because they were going to school the next day. That was screwed. Just a lovely woman all around. This was after I was nice and made food for their crap they were doing for those pioneer days.

So, Junior was happy with his birthday. Balloons, cake and toys will do that for a kid. He had a good time. (The MIL wouldn't even sing happy birthday.) I've gotta go and clean up and get dinner put away. With my SIL having problems, she needs to do as little as possible.
UPDATE: BIL's MIL went out and bought food at the local Chinese restaurant! Yes, after I had offered my slow roasted chickeny goodness, she goes out and buys food from somewhere else! Boy was I steamed! I stewed over it until HHH asked me why I was turning crimson in the face, and I told him. He went and asked BIL why she did that and BIL said she "Didn't want to eat food that I had purchased and cooked because she thought it would obligate her to purchase food to replace what she had consumed." W!T!F!??? And this is a woman who espouses christian morals and all that crap. Yeah she's REAL christian when she comes home and talks about people behind their backs and does that crap she did last night! Wtfever....

It's Hard To Be Fabulous In Small Town America.

Here we are, and here we are probably going to be for a while. Wauchula, Florida. Just the name conjures up thoughts of rolled up side walks, corner cafes and neighbors gossiping over who did what at the church social lst Sunday. It's not far from the truth. The town is the size of a postage stamp. 4 lights to go through town and you're gone. The "Super" Wall to Wall Mart is half the size of a regular Wall to Wall Mart! The house we are currently residing in is set back into an orange grove. When we were trying to get TV/Satellite/Cable service for the place, they all said "We can't find your address on our system.". We will have to travel great distances for our doctors. We will have to go two towns over for decent shopping for clothing and other items. There is just no selection here. Half of the town is seasonal, relying on the older retirees to provide much needed dollars. How does one be Blondefabulous here? We shall see......
Today is my sons birthday. He is 6 years old today. The kids are also starting school today. The month we spent going all over looking for a job for HHH has been murder, and I don't think that they will hold it against them. I have no worries about my eldest or the 2nd grader, but Junior and his attention span might be a bit more trouble. He was getting distracted easily in Stuart, and I will have to see how he does here. I got the cake done. Sorry, no pic's yet. I'll get them after I get the kiddies off t school. We have to go meet and greet today. We filled out all the paper work yesterday, and we are going to start them today. My eldest is excited. She is a social creature, very unlike me when I was in school. Morgan is just happy to get away from her cousins. There is only so much one can play with a 2, 3, & 4 year old. Perhaps they will be better behaved if they do not have someone to show off for.
Speaking of my BIL's kids, my SIL keeps getting contractions! They started on Saturday, but she thought it was from all the walking around we did at the park. She was supposed to go out with a friend last night to have dinner, but they ended up at the hospital! This is baby #4 for her and she is only 20 years old. BIL was saying that the Dr.'s are looking into pre-eclampsia and other related causes. I know when I was preggers and on my last kid, I started having heavy Braxton-Hicks contractions in my last 3 months! I sucked too because I would finally get to sleep and then one would wake me up! I'll keep everyone posted!
I have to run. Kids to wake up and dress, breakfast to make, all that jazz......

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spiderman, Spiderman.......

Whew! We have gotten all the cake materials for the seperate birthdays. My son wants a Spiderman cake, and my daughter wants a Poured Fudge Icing Cake. That last one is a family recipe. I got it from my Grandmother and Aunt on my Father's side. My son will be 6 tomorrow. I am going to make the Spiderman cake tonight. You'd think that after this weekend he would be tired of Spiderman, but no, he is not. He is even more psyched for Spiderman! We got all the kids autograph books and they had fun going around getting the various charecters to sign.

We got him a RC Truck as a gift. Their real gift was a great weekend at Universal, but now he'll have something to open on his birthday. We want to go and take them bowling on Saturday for Morgan's actual birthday. She will be 9 come Saturday. It sure doesn't seem like they have been around that long, but time has a way of flying by when you least expect it. My little Mr. GQ and my Pretty Princess. {sniff! sigh!}
Ok, I gotta change the subject. I have to go and make up the second layer of cake and get ready to do the icing. I am making it from scratch and coloring it myself. Photos to come later! See you later True Believers!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Made It Home. (FINALLY!)

Oh my Jesus Lord, I am never going to do that again! We finally got home from Orlando and I need a vacation from my vacation! Last night was like trying to watch a retard hump a door knob. My BIL's kids were just hateful hellions, talking back all nasty and rude to my BIL and SIL, running around the place,(how we didn't get thrown out I'll never know!), and basically being jackasses! I was almost relieved to hear that they wanted to split up for our last day there. Apparently, my SIL was unhappy that she hasn't been able to do anything with her husband over the weekend. Well, let's recap: She is 6 months preggers and we are at a theme park known for roller coasters, realistic 3-D rides, and such. Yeah..... there was just a WORLD of shit for her to do there! And I use the word shit because that was another thing about this weekend that almost killed me: we weren't allowed to curse in front of her becaues the "belly baby" would hear it!?! WTF??? We paid for the passes for them, we bought the gas in the van, we paid for the suite their kids were tearing up, we paid for almost all the food they consumed! I can cuss if I damn well freakin' feel like it!! I don't curse a whole lot, but I was under the impression damn wasn't looked upon with the same derision and the f-word. Not here in casa de Lil' kid! Then, he wanted to snake our complimentary Express passes we get for our kids being diabetic. We said uh-uh. We didn't want to get caught doing something shady and get our privileges revoked.

Well, that's over with and good riddence. I got a busy week ahead. My son's birthday is on Tuesday and my daughter's is on Saturday. They turn 6 and 9 respectively. I am soooo glad that my kids are older, especially after this weekend. I do not envy my in laws and their decision to keep having babies, (My SIL has a family member who has had 8 kids and is about to have the 9th in a month or two.). Apparently this is normal for my SIL's family, all I know is I gotta get out of here before what ever bug keeps biting them gets to me!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mardi Gras.... For The Second Time.

Whoo Hoo! Throw me some beads mister! We went to Mardi Gras again tonight and I picked the most primo spot possible! I found a corner in Universal where the parade comes down the road one way, then it does a big loop and doubles back again and we ended up with twice the beads! We also got some coins and all kinds of crap. It was a blast. We did both parks today, but mostly IOA. We tried to get a lot of the park in fast, but they were having DCA competitions there and there were these hoards of giggling dance teams from high schools all over America traiping about. I don't know how it was at all your schools, but these girls were dressed like straight up hoochies! Slutty hoochies! Nasty, $2, slutty, hoochies! When did it become acceptable to dress pre-teen and teenage girls like $2 hookers and watch them shake it? Yeesh!

We got all the kids autograph books and they were running up to all the charecters and getting autographs. They got the Grinch and Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Grinch wrote "You Stink" in Rebecca's book! We laughed at that one. I got my hair braided over at Jurrasic Park. I had it done a year or two ago when we were here and it stayed pretty good. Nothing like a chunky white woman with corn rows! It does keep the hair out of my face, and until I can get to a beauty shop with some extra beauty to spare, it'll work.

So after spending tonight in the hotel, we are going to check out tomorrow, pack up, and head back to do the things we missed, like Spiderman, and some other stuff. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Catch you all later..............................