Sunday, February 10, 2008

On To Day 10.

It is now Sunday and I am sick as a dog! (and my dog can really PUKE if it wants to!) I woke up last night around 3:30am and I noticed it was really light in the room. I wondered, "Why is it so bright in here? It can't be morning yet?" So, I get up and look at the clock and it was only 3:30 am. Why in the hell is it so bright in here? I get up and go to investigate. I look outside, and someone had turned on a light in the carport. A BRIGHT LIGHT! I was so pissed. I don't sleep easily and when I wake up in the middle of the night, It takes forever to get back to sleep!! I was about ready to get back to sleep and, boom. My stomach starts to cramp and the nauseous, bile raising feeling starts to hit BAD! I was then up for the next hour feeling completely miserable. Bleck! I think I finally fell back to sleep about 5:30am. I don't know. I do know I woke up to pee around 7:45am. Not alot of sleep for me and now I feel soooo crappy. Ugh. It doesn't help that Aunt Flo is here for her monthly visit either. Actually, I was late this month due to stress. Lots of Stress! On a good note, now that my BIL's MIL and FIL have moved back in here, the house is cleaner than I have ever seen! That is a woman after my own heart. I thought I was the only one who got up in the morniing and cleaned up the home, but she does it too. Whoo hoo. Now I don't have to keep the house clean all by myself! My poor SIL is 6 months preggers and my BIL does nothing to help with the cleaning or with the kids, (note- he's 21 and she's 20 and they are going to have 4 kids in a few months. You do the math.). I have been trying to help out as much as possible, cause I remember what it was like to be that big and have to work AND take care of the family! It sucks! My BIL said the other day that she has been feeling more relaxed lately so that's good.

I have to go and wash my dog now. He smells. I had sooo many people at the yard sale try to buy him! I kept saying "no", HHH kept saying "Yes!" At least he was asking for $300. Also, he was fed to busting, (the dog, not the HHH), with hot dogs from the birthday party they had for my SIL's brother, Todd. Toby even sneaked someone's hot dog off their plate! Sneaky mutt! Now he'll be pooping all day today.

So, I leave you here, at day 10.

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