Friday, February 29, 2008

Night Time With The Wetheringtons.

Oh Jeeze. I must have had a stroke when I agreed to go on this trip with my family. Not "my" family per se, but BIL's kids and wife. Have I mentioned that the kids are all 4 and younger? Well, here we are in a nice suite in a nice hotel and they are running around screaming at the tops of their lungs! This is a nice hotel. We will end up getting thrown OUT of here if BIL and his wife can't get them in line. My kids were brought up to be obedient and properly fearful of parental threats of bodily harm and such. Not so with BIL's kids. If you read back a ways, you'll see that they don't face consequence when they get in trouble. These kids think it's funny to talk back, run away, and scream for no reason. My SIL is 6 months preggers and shouldn't be chasing after these hellions, but, she helped make them and so did BIL. I hold out hope that they will take these kids firmly in hand when the new baby arrives. I see trouble on the horizon if they do not.

Here are some more pictures we took. Tomorrow will bw IOA time. The boys have a Spiderman thing and we can go to the Dr. Seuss area for the little kids. I got a killer headache today about 2 hours after we were in the park. All of the beautiful ornamental plants were pollinating and it was giving me the worst sinus headache ever! After dinner we had to jog over to the local Wal-Greens and get some sinus meds for me. Yeesh. All those plantings were pretty, but they gave me a pretty big headache.

Like I said earlier.... more to come tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have more lil'kid drama.

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