Friday, February 22, 2008

New Toy.

I have a new toy! Last night we bought a Nintendo DS. Yes I know it is silly, but I am hooked on a game called Mario Party. It's a board game of sorts that you play on the Nintendo systems. I have had every one that has come out. We have been trying to get a Wii so we can play the next generation of the game, but as you all know.....Wii's are in high demand, and in short supply! You can't find one anywhere! You would think Nintendo would crank up production and start making more now that Christmas is gone..... but no, they haven't. It sucks. So anyway, as I was walking around Wall to Wall Mart, I was looking at the games and noticing that there is only 1 game for my game cube. Sucks again! I see in the DS section that there is a Mario Party for the DS! Coolness. I look down and they actually have DS's available for purchase. Coolness again. I look at the DS's and they have a red one.(My fave color for anything!) This must be fate! I look at HHH and he say "Sure, why not. We can't get a Wii even if life itself depended on it.". So we get not one but two DS's because you can wirelessly link them together and play with two players! Neato! I'll be entertained for weeks on end!

We all went to the Fair last night. By we all I mean BIL's family and mine. I hadn't been to a county fair in ages. It took me back to the old days when I was in 4H and entered my projects in the fair. Now, I wasn't the steer showing, pig raising, veggie growing kind of 4Her..... I was a horticulturist, speech making, and Guide Dog raising 4Her. My guide dog project won 1st place one year! He flunked out of Guide Dog School though. He was startled by loud noises easily. When it thundered or a car backfired or anything loud happened, he would take off running at top speed! We figured he would need a blind person on roller skates! It had started raining while we were at the fair. Lucky for us we were at the show hall with the exhibits so we didn't get wet! It was still drizzly though. The kids rode all kinds of rides, (we had come on kids rides for 1 ticket night.) the adults rode a ride or two, (HHH stuffed his butt in the Zipper with BIL.), and we ate Fair food, (Funnel cake, french fries, Cappa-Frappa-Whoosie-Whatsie's). It was fun! Oh, and BIL actually knocked down the Clown that was razzing people from the dunk tank. Turned out, he was the only one to get him that night. Cool.

Well, I gotta get up and get breakfast running. Have a Blondefabulous day.
(buy a damn tshirt!)


Russ said...

Is there anything better than a funnel cake at the fair? I think not.

Tony said...

totally off topic - LOVED your comments on the Stuart blog regarding tipping. Well done!