Sunday, February 24, 2008


Oh Lordy, Lordy. I can't move very much. Yesterday we trekked down to Universal with EVERYBODY! Yes I do mean both families, with all 6 kids. That was a study in futility. My BIL's kids are 4, 3, & 2 respectively, and BIL's wife is expecting #4 in May. (He has got to get a hobby or something!) My kids are 11, 8, & 5, so we could go on almost every ride, not so with BIL's kids. Oh, we did go on a few things, like Shrek 4-D and Jimmy Neutron, (they had stationary seating), but the majority of the theme park was out. Morgan, my daughter, fruited out in Shrek 4-D when it showed the spiders. It didn't help that they have those chairs that do the interactive crap and right when it shows the spiders, something tickled your legs! She started crying and screaming and latched onto HHH and wouldn't let go. She did the same thing on Jaws to. I had to cover her eyes and ears so she couldn't see or hear anything. The shark looks soooooo plastic. Very fake!

So we were spending the day there, having fun, and lo and behold...... it's also Mardi Gras there! Whoopee for me! That means I can get a voodoo juice and those little Cafe' du Monde beignets. Yummy. I haven't been to Nawlins since 1994. I miss the beignets and hot chocolate! We stayed for the parade, caught lots of beads, and had a good old time. The kids were nightmares! Of my 3, none of them would ever have to go to the bathroom at the same time. If I took 1, the other two would not have to go, but after I got back........THEN someone else would have to go. I am gonna buy Depends next trip and they will just go in their pants! I ain't making 20 trips to the bathroom!

The Blues Brothers Show was good. They had a great Jake. The Elwood was a little shaky though. In fact, most of the performers were a little shaky this time around. The Beetlejuice show was kinda weak. (vocally) Wolfman was crappy in the dancing department too. Oh well, maybe they'll be better next time.

Everyone send good Karma our way. HHH has a second interview with someone Tuesday!

See ya!


Russ said...

I sounds like your BIL does have a hobby...

Fingers crossed for HHH!

upset waitress said...

Still around girl? Moving? What's up?

Anonymous said...

It is a distinct possibility that I would have cried with her when my legs got tickled while watching spiders, too, LOL.