Sunday, February 3, 2008

Homeless- Day 3

And the band plays on. Here it is Sunday, and we are still here at BIL's house. I am hoping HHH will hear from the place he interviewed at on Friday. So far nada. I have been keeping busy cleaning and cooking here. Yesterday, I had the boys go up into town and get me someabrasive cleaner and a few scrubby pads so I could take on the bathroom. They have "country" water out here, which means it is hard water that smells of sulfur. Yummy, right? Yeah, that's why I prefer to live in town with treated, chlorinated, flouridated water! I know that most people say they would like to own their own home, but me, I'd liketo be a high rise dweller. Give me a balcony over a yard that needs mowing any day! When we had a yard, I was the one that would always end up mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and all that jazz. HHH was always too tired after work to go out and spend hours on the yard! Besides, if I want plants, container gardens are the way to go. So, I was cleaning the hard water stains from the bathtub, and HHH was watching the kids. Fun Fun! I amso ready to get out of here. I remember why I said I didn't want any more kids. Mine are old enough to get their own breakfast in the morning, the nieces and nephew however are 2, 3, & 4 and are up at the crack of dawn making noise and being little kids. I like to sleep in. So does HHH.

On a better note, aside from the head cold that has me "snounding wike dis", I haven't feltquite as bad as when we were living at the old apartment. I am pleasently suprised at that. I was suspicious that the mold in the apartment could have been affecting me health wise, but now I am sure. I may have to go back there and warn the next tenent. (Or anonymosly call in a mold complaint to the head of the health department!) I am just glad I feel better.


Russ said...

Glad you're feeling better, hang in there and I hope HHH gets the job (assuming it is right for him).

BTW, what happened with the Detective? You didn't shoot him, did you? (Humming some Clapten now)

pinktomato said...

heyyyy - i am catching up on my blog reading. i'm crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer for you. don't you hate it when people say things happen for a reason? I do. but i believe it all the same. something great is coming your way. i feel it.

pinktomato said...

oh yeah-i wanna know about the sheriff too. details details!