Saturday, February 2, 2008

Homeless-Day 2

Have you ever watched the show, "My Name Is Earl"? I am beginning to see how one can believe in Karma. Yesterday, I was cleaning my SIL's house while she had gone into town to run errends. As my kids were playing on the porch, and I was in the house mopping, a car pulled up. A detective from the sherriff's office got out and basically began to give me the Spanish Inquisition about some crap I had no idea about! He started asking me who lives at the house, where everyone was, what was I doing there, etc. Now, I am the type that, If I don't know the flavor of the Kool aid, I am not going to offer up anything that may make a bad situation worse. I am polite to the detective and say that I am uncomfortable with his questions and since we had just arrived the night before at 7:30 at night, I had no knowledge of any thing that may have occured and would he please come back at 7 pm when my BIL, ( which was who he said he was looking for.), would be home. I shut the door and tried to go back to cleaning, only to hear a sharp banging on the door. The detective was PISSED. He begins to rattle off why he is now going to take me to jail for not cooperating with him and offering up information I don't have! What the hell!?! How am I supposed to know what happened at the house when we weren't there??? He gets all pissy and rude and says that HE is investigating a Grand Theft of a motorcycle from this house and I should tell him anything he asks. Man, kiss my ass! I don't HAVE to do anything, especially when you are a rude idiot! I guess the sherriff's department has decided maybe someone at this house had taken the motorcycle that disappeared, and it was this detective's job to investigate everyone on the premisis. Fuck that! If I had known that there was a police investigation going on here, I would have slept in the van! They ended up hasseling me, and then HHH when he got home from his interview! STUPID!!!

As it is, HHH's interview went well. He said they are keen to hire him to start almost immediatly! We are waiting on a call for when he can go to drug testing. They also said that we could move on to the property! The place looks really nice. They were saying that HHH would get what he was making before, or more than that! I am excited. I am hoping good things will start happening, I have been trying to live well, be well, all that stuff, and I am hoping that Karma will take notice. I mean, cleaning my pregnant SIL's house, cooking dinner for the family, etc has to count for something, right??

My Name Is Blondefabulous.

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