Friday, February 1, 2008

Homeless- Day 1

Well, here we are, at my BIL's house. We are all staying in a big room off of the living room. It's roomy enough. We got all the suitcases in and they had extra matresses for us to use. I guess it's better than staying in the van. My husband had the oh so great idea of stopping at my Mom and Dad's house on our way through to get here. That was a debacle and a half! I haven't spoken to them in several weeks. Ever since I called my Mom to tell her what had happened, and she instantly launched into "I have no money to give you and your HHH probably did do something to get fired." speech, I have avoided them like the plague! I was already stressed from HHH being fired for shit that never happened, I didn't need her trying to make it worse! She was all nice to HHH on the phone when he called to say we were stopping by, but when we got there she took me off on a tour of her yard and spent the time bad mouthing HHH and saying I was stupid and dumb to have married him in the first place! WHAT!?! I thought family was supposed to support you in hard times? I must have been mistaken. You can bet she won't get any more Buche de Noel's from me! Anyway, she basically spent the whole time bitching at me and tearing me down. As we walked back up to the house, HHH took one look at my face, and said, "Let's go." So we loaded the kids up in the van and left. I didn't say good bye, didn't want to. Hell, I never wanted to go there. HHH made me. We got to HHH's brother's house about 7:30pm. After getting everything in, we settled down and got everyone to sleep. I couldn't sleep for shit. The A/C was soooooooo loud. I'm gonna have to turn that off tonight. I didn't sleep a wink! At one point, I even dreamed I got up and turned it off. Then, I heard it come on and it woke me up and I cursed under my breath that it had been a dream! I hate that. Kinda like when you dream you already got up and got ready for work, but then the alarm goes off??? Yeah, like that. Sucks don't it!

HHH has gone off to an interview this morning. The place seemed pretty anxious to talk to him. Looks like a property got purchased and they are hiring a whole new staff. The woman on the phone said he would get between $12 and $15 and hour, which is what we are looking for. It's in Brandon over by Tampa. There are a few more doctors for the kids there. We had originally wanted to move there when we came down from Memphis, but it was the season, and nothing to rent was available, plus the rents were high as shit! (tourist season sucks!)
At least we'll be close to Busch Gardens. That would be nice. Our taxes are due around Feb. 12th, if the IRS site can be believed. I can't wait. I don't want to be a burden to our in laws. Right now, I have a cold, along with HHH and Morgan, so we are trying to stay away from the cousins and my SIL, Erin. She's pregnant with their 4th child, and I know how hellish it was to be preggers and have a cold. It sucked major ass! At least there is a wireless signal to bounce off here. Apparently, the BIL's neighbor has internet. I didn't expect it out here in the stix. And do mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out here in the stix. Wachula, Florida to be exact. I dated a guy who lived here when I was in high school. He was cute and a year older than me. We met in 4H. Yes people, I was in 4H. In Okeechobee, there pretty much wasn't anything else to do. I was president of the Horticulture club at the time, and we would go to district meetings and state conferences. I even went with him to his Grad night at Disney. Anyway, anchient history, I got me a jock now! (HHH played football) So I am familiar with the town and it's layout, now we just have to wait for our taxes and HHH to have a job come through. If this one doesn't pan out, he has another interview on Monday! We'll see. Till then, this is homeless- Day 1.

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