Friday, February 15, 2008

Half Way Down

Day 15 has arrived on frigid wings of butterflies who know not that this is the sunshine state. It is 48 degrees outside and I am comfortably huddled up in my bed The heater isn't necessary for me, the hot flashes I have take care of that, but the family is probably a bit chilly. If the mood moves me, I will get up and make pancakes for everyone, and by everyone I mean the entire house full. My SIL had to go to a doctor's appt. and I am in charge of her kids as well as mine. 6 in all. Problem is, hers don't mind anyone. Seems my SIL doesn't believe in spanking and/or punishment in general. Now I don't beat my kids, but if they are heinous to others they know a swift pop on the bottom will soon follow such behavior. The middle child, "A" will purposly torment my son and him being the gentleman he is, he won't smack her back! I have spoken to this child till I am blue in the face, but nothing has come of it. A nice time out in a corner, or a well placed smack on the behind would probably help. Nope. No can do. When my SIL's mom was here the other night, she was discussing how she never had to spank her kids and they turned out to be great adults. Yeah right! My SIL is barely 20 and is having her 4th child, and good ol' mom's son just turned 18 and barely speaks to her. OK. You did good lady! Yes, parenting is a tricky quagmire of what to do and what not to do, but damn it, my kids are gonna respect me! If you love your pony toy and don't clean up your room, pony toy gets thrown in a box for a week to 10 days. If you ever back talk any adult, and I mean ANY adult....... don't expect to see the light of day after school for a month! And if you purposfully hurt another living thing, a spanking is in order. See, I'm not a monster, just a woman bent on getting my kids to respect other and themselves in the process.

V day came and went. I can't stand that dang day. I guess you guys found that out from yesterdays blog, huh? Yeah, I am not a fan of it from waaaaaaaaaay back. The day before, my SIL's brother brought his girlfriend over to give her some gifts for Valentine's Day. He got her flowers, a big stuffed teddy bear, and a big balloon that said I love you. Really going all out for this girl right??? Well she comes over, he gives her her gifts, and she is all squeals and giggles. At that moment, I opened up my door to take the dog out, right? Well, she sees the cute little dog, squeals even louder, and chucks the flowers and bear to pet the dog! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Yes, he spent $50 on all that stuff, but she chucked it in a heart beat to pet my puppy! Much too funny. For me, that's V Day in a nutshell. No matter what you do, someone will always top it and make you feel like crap!

I gotta go. Pancakes need to be made before the galloping hoard wakes up.

I leave you, my faithful, with day 15.

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Russ said...

A good swift pop on the bottom is the only thing some kids understand. Mr. B is really well behaved, but he didn't understand that Nala's food was off limits until the was a mild stinging sensation on his bottom every time he touched her food. Now, he leaves her food alone. The rest is positive reinforcement.