Thursday, February 14, 2008

F*#K Valentine's Day!

Well, here it is again. Valentine's Day. Time to guilt your spouse/boyfriend/signifigant other into spending a shit load of money on crap that either makes you fat, cost too much, or dies eventually! Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make people do this? When I was in school, (and when I actually had a b/f back then), they always had a big to do about Valentine's Day. All the popular people got tons of flowers and gifts, and those of us who didn't get squat felt like big fat losers. Even better, when ya did get something, everyone compared their stuff, (kinda a girls version of penis measuements.) One year when I did have a b/f, he got me something for Valentine's Day. The office sent out little notices to people when something arrived and you got to go pick it up at the end of the day. I get a little notice in 5th period and get all excited. Finally the end of the day rolls around, and the line to pick up at the office is HUGE! I wait and wait and watch all the other girls, (and some guys..) walk by with their roses, balloons, flower arrangements, etc, and I can't wait to see mine. I finally get to the front of the line and I hand the lady my pick up ticket. She smirks, swallows a giggle, and goes to the back. I look around and I see some of the office student staff whispering to each other and I see one point at me. I am wondering what is going on and then I see it. The office lady comes back with a tiny silver vase that looks like it had tarnished, filled with a teeny tiny spray of FAKE roses! Yes ladies and gentlemen, fake, fabric roses. They were even dusty and dirty, like someone had taken them off the shelf in their Gramma's bedroom! WTF! I realized that the entire office knew that that was the most pathetic gift recieved at the school that day and they were just waiting to see what unlucky schmo picked it up. Well, that schmo was me.

So there I was, 16, fake crap in hand, and having to walk the walk of shame past the rest of the girls waiting for all their beautiful flowers. I heard the snickers, the laughs, the evil comments directed my way with no regard for my feelings. I just walked past all that. And NO! I did not reem my then b/f out for the obvious embarassment I suffered. I got him a nice card, said thank you, and cooked him a steak dinner. Yes, some may say that that was just a singular event, but most of my Valentine's Days went that way in my youth. I don't have a great love of the holiday. Never have, most likely never will. I tell HHH not to bother buying me something until after the holiday because vendors are just crazy with their mark ups! Flowers that cost $15 in January are $30 in Feburary! WTF is up with that?!? And there is the point that two of my kids are diabetics and having a large amount of chocolate around is just stupid for us!

So here I am...... day 14, and I hate Valentine's Day!

Anyone else?

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