Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 8

Here we are at day 8 and nothing new. Oh wait, there is something new. My BIL's parents have moved into the house as well. Yep, now there are 3 families here in this house. (it's a big house!) We have GOT to get out of here! HHH has 2 interviews today. One is for a place here in Wauchula for about $15 and hour. That would be nice, I just don't really want to live here. I have become accustom to the big city and it's restaurants, shopping mecca's, and entertainments. Plus, I will have to drive probably a good stretch to get to any kind of doctors for the kids. I need endocrinologists and pediatric gastroenterologists!

This one is going to be short. I did 3 entries yesterday and I have to find something fo rmy kids to eat! I could really have used that money from the taxes! Now it's going to be two more weeks after the 12th! Whoopee!

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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling ya, girl! Need the tax moolah NOW.....thanks for the prayers, BTW. Brian is feeling much better and is moving to a stepdown unit today!