Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Computer Viruses Are The Work Of The Devil!

Well, I spent yesterday debugging my lap top. It was a long, arduous process. I had to scann 4 times before I got all the crap weeded out! Sheesh. What do the people who think that stuff up say to themselves in the morning? "Hmmm.... I wanna make millions of people frustrated and angry today, just for the hell of it!" Jerks.
I can't wait for tonight! I am buying steaks and baking potatos! Yummy! Tomorrow is the Pork roast. I will put pic's up on here for when I make that. I am really pissed that I lost all my photos and crap that was on here. Luckily I have flickr and that has the majority of my photos on it. I am a photo freak. I love to take pictures of things that look cool or are funny, (like Toby).
This one is gonna be short. I got things to do.

Oh, and it's day 19 people.........

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Russ said...

There should be the death penalty for virus writers!