Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20 is here and I am ecstatic!!!

According to the IRS web site...... We will finally get our money from the taxes on the 22nd. Whoo Hoo!!!!! We can get the heck out of here and get our own place. I am excited! I love my neices and nephew, but they are just little and young and LOUD! (See previous post about discipline and such.) Right now, my nephew is using his Elmo/Cookie Monster guitar to beat a hole in the floor. BANG!!! I got up and made breakfast for everyone. Steak and eggs with grits. I have to go to the kitchen and filet out that pork roast so I can stuff it. Then I am going to clean and cut up my veggies and get my roasting pan ready.

As for the pork roast, I am going to photograph it from start to finish. I have to make the stuffing for it. I bought stove to because I didn't want to spend too long on it. I did get an apple and some walnuts and I am going to dice them and sautee' them in butter and mix it in with the stuffing, then voila'.... I roll it up and roast it until it's juices run clear. Simple right??

Well, I gotta run. Things to do..... stuff to stuff!


pinktomato said...

we love pork roast here! but when it comes to cooking them - my husband takes charge - he rubs jerk seasoning on it (which we buy walkerswood and still can only really find it online or have to have our florida friends send us some)and we either put it on a rotisserie on the grill or smoke it...yum either way. yours looks great -will have try stuffing it sometime!

kvegas911 said...

I am completely stoked about the tax returns too! Your food pictures are killing me! It all looks so yummy I can practically smell it-not good when I am at work in the middle of the night with no pork roast in sight *sniff*