Monday, February 18, 2008

18 & I Was Astonished!

Here I am, and it has come to day 18. I had a great big post already done, but I had a virus on here and it got dumped so I could scan and get rid of it. You know how that goes.....
So any way, the jist of my blog was my BIL and his wife and kids and extended family. Last night, we were watching TV, or I should say trying to watch TV, because my BIL's kids were just going oingo boingo all over the place!! They were throwing crap every where, running around screaming at the tops of their lungs, bouncing a volleyball and knocking over people's drinks, and standing 2 inches from the TV screen and not moving so we could see! It was ridiculous. My BIL believes in spanking, but my SIL does not, and the kids work that to every advantage they can get! Oh those kids deserved a good butt warming, but SIL wasn't having it. This was further hampered by my SIL's mom being there and saying that BIL could go to jail for spanking his kids when they are bad. She further augmented this by saying she would be happy to help him go to jail if he did spank his kids. WTF!?! I've heard of nosy MIL's but this took the cake! I feel so bad for BIL now. And the bad thing is, even if you don't spank your kids, you should at least DO something! Stand in a corner, go to time out, go to bed for a lengthy nap....... SOMETHING! The Bible says spare the rod, spoil the child..... and brother, these kids are spoiled rotten!

Now I realize how good my kids are, and I love them for it!


upset waitress said...

I'm a firm believer in child abuse. Those kids are the reason why. Beat them to a bloody pulp I say.

Blondefabulous said...

ueiprThey aren'tmine to beat, and I don't want BIL's MIL to send me to jail too! But I bet in 10 years, the parents are gonna be in the school office almost every day because of them!

Queen Of Clean said...

I have to admit that I have smacked my older kids when they were small...then you learn to play mind games with them, you remove their best toys, cancel all works, but only if you carry out your threats.

A friend once said to her kids in a real temper, 'Right, thats it, Christmas is cancelled!'

Yeah right, what are you going to tell your parents that are travelling hundreds of miles to supply your little horrors with beatifully wrapped strange shaped plastic items that make awful noises? (What is it about grandparents present buying abilities?)

Never threaten anything unless you are prepared to carry it out...then slap them!

pinktomato said...

just an opinion from the other side---i have a very strong aversion to it as it was always the first option chosen in our family growing up and so on up the family tree. One time I witnessed a severe beating by an older woman who was clearly looking after her toddler grandchild in a TARGET store in OCALA FLORIDA. She took a long rubber lizard toy and beat the back of this baby's bare legs with it like 10 times. I was so astonished i started crying on the spot. and I literally could not speak. It is okay to disagree with me, but since we are blog buddies, I just wanted to share my opinion. i dont hit my kids. and they dont act like spoiled rotten brats either. granted one is only 9 mos old. but the other one is 9 years old and is a respectful loving young human being. so to me its all in the parenting and i dont buy into the notion that if you dont spank, then you end up with bad kids. no matter what the bible says. i dont understand why it is illegal in our country to hit or otherwise physically discipline our prisoners or other adults, but it is perfectly ok to hit on a child whom you are trying to teach how to be a good human being. children learn by example. i agree that ignoring bad behavior is not the right thing to do either, (and your SIL/BIL have a lot to learn in their early 20's and already having 4 kids.) but a positive environment goes a long way. Having kids later in life helped me a lot i think - i have a bigger picture of the world in my mind. It helps me put things into perspective. with nothing but respect, jk