Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13 is here, wish life was nice.

I hurt. Not the emotional hurt I have had for the longest ever since HHH was wrongly terminated, but I actually have real physical pain! The left side of my head had been throbbing intermittently with sharp pains that radiate down my neck on the left side. It was so bad yesterday, I could barely move. I spent the day in bed. I would have been in bed anyway, but that just made the day a little less enjoyable. OUCH! There it goes again. It feels like someone is smacking me about 2 inches above my left ear with a small ball peen hammer. Ouch! Ok, one more time.... yeesh! Just something else new and fun for me to deal with. Last night I lost it with HHH. Broke down and started crying wondering what we were gonna do. I know all you in the bloggosphere are rooting for us and sending good wishes our way, but I am running low on my sunny outlook. :-(

HHH is on the phone right now with someone about a job. :-)

The dog hasn't been hassled by that bird anymore. I have been watching him very closely when he goes out.

Man on the phone said he doesn''t want to interview HHH because he thinks HHH would be too far away! :-( I guess the man didn't take into consideration the fact HHH said we would relocate.

See what I mean? We can't get a break! I think we'll have to wait until we get our tax money, fix the van, (brakes and 2 new tires), and get the heck out of here. We have to get to somewhere with more town to it. I like the big city.

So here we are,...... at day 13.

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Russ said...

In the words of Hannibal Lector, "All good things to those who wait!". Ok, maybe that is a little creepy, but keep your chin up, we're all pulling for you out here.