Monday, February 11, 2008


I am in bed right now because "Aunt Flo" has come to visit and I feel horrible. I finally got out of bed yesterday afternoon and started finishing up the laundry HHH had started. I also did al of my in-law's towels because they were out and my poor SIL had to work all dya yesterday after church. My BIL went and got on his motorcycle and took off for about 5 hours. He is nutso for those crotchrockets and I am afraid one day he is going to hit a pebble at 75 mph and wreck! I never liked crotch rockets. I was always a cruiser kind of girl. I had a Honda CMA 400 when I was in college. Great on gas and easy to park. I had wrecked the one I had before the CMA, but that wasn't even my fault. The dealer said that it had had it's gas tank replaced when it had not been, and it was rusting from the inside. One day, as I was trying to turn onto 13th Street in Gainesville, a chunk of rust lodged in the gas tank, I rotate the throttle, the chunk breaks free, I spin out, and down I go in a heap! I still have bits of 13th Street gravel emerging from my knee to prove it! That was fun......NOT!

So here I am, laying in bed, watching Spaceballs. (We're not just doing this for money..... we're doing this for a SHITLOAD of money!") That should keep me entertained. The dog and cat are huddled up next to me because it is cold. Got down to 43 last night!

I leave you with....... day 11!

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Russ said...

Funny, she doesn't look Drewish.

There are so many good lines in that movie.