Friday, February 29, 2008

Night Time With The Wetheringtons.

Oh Jeeze. I must have had a stroke when I agreed to go on this trip with my family. Not "my" family per se, but BIL's kids and wife. Have I mentioned that the kids are all 4 and younger? Well, here we are in a nice suite in a nice hotel and they are running around screaming at the tops of their lungs! This is a nice hotel. We will end up getting thrown OUT of here if BIL and his wife can't get them in line. My kids were brought up to be obedient and properly fearful of parental threats of bodily harm and such. Not so with BIL's kids. If you read back a ways, you'll see that they don't face consequence when they get in trouble. These kids think it's funny to talk back, run away, and scream for no reason. My SIL is 6 months preggers and shouldn't be chasing after these hellions, but, she helped make them and so did BIL. I hold out hope that they will take these kids firmly in hand when the new baby arrives. I see trouble on the horizon if they do not.

Here are some more pictures we took. Tomorrow will bw IOA time. The boys have a Spiderman thing and we can go to the Dr. Seuss area for the little kids. I got a killer headache today about 2 hours after we were in the park. All of the beautiful ornamental plants were pollinating and it was giving me the worst sinus headache ever! After dinner we had to jog over to the local Wal-Greens and get some sinus meds for me. Yeesh. All those plantings were pretty, but they gave me a pretty big headache.

Like I said earlier.... more to come tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have more lil'kid drama.

I Am A Glutton For Punishment!

OMG! I must be stupid. I must have gotten amnesia and taken a stupid pill. All 10 of us went to the park again. It was a little better because we went on Friday afternoon and it was pretty empty. We still got the Express Passes so we could shoot to the front of the line. (We get those for free because my kids are diabetic and can't wait in long lines.) God Bless Guest Services at Universal Orlando! I kicked some major butt on MIB. I got 412,225 points! Tomorrow we are doing IOA. That should be good. I have an inner ear imbalance and coasters are out for me, but I can do things like Spiderman, he Seuss Carosel, yadda, yadda, yadda..... I am the photographer of the family so that's why I am not in the pic's we have up on here. With the exception of the one at the top. That was at Twister, my all time favorite ride and movie. (It was Back to the Future, but they mothballed that for a Simpson's ride.) More to come tomorrow!

Still here!

Don't freak. Don't fret! I am still here! We had aan internet blurp. (Part of living in the Sticks.) We will have a better connection installed on Monday. As it stands now, we are in Orlando again at Universal. I will have pictures and such later tonight. (Not of me though!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Oh Lordy, Lordy. I can't move very much. Yesterday we trekked down to Universal with EVERYBODY! Yes I do mean both families, with all 6 kids. That was a study in futility. My BIL's kids are 4, 3, & 2 respectively, and BIL's wife is expecting #4 in May. (He has got to get a hobby or something!) My kids are 11, 8, & 5, so we could go on almost every ride, not so with BIL's kids. Oh, we did go on a few things, like Shrek 4-D and Jimmy Neutron, (they had stationary seating), but the majority of the theme park was out. Morgan, my daughter, fruited out in Shrek 4-D when it showed the spiders. It didn't help that they have those chairs that do the interactive crap and right when it shows the spiders, something tickled your legs! She started crying and screaming and latched onto HHH and wouldn't let go. She did the same thing on Jaws to. I had to cover her eyes and ears so she couldn't see or hear anything. The shark looks soooooo plastic. Very fake!

So we were spending the day there, having fun, and lo and behold...... it's also Mardi Gras there! Whoopee for me! That means I can get a voodoo juice and those little Cafe' du Monde beignets. Yummy. I haven't been to Nawlins since 1994. I miss the beignets and hot chocolate! We stayed for the parade, caught lots of beads, and had a good old time. The kids were nightmares! Of my 3, none of them would ever have to go to the bathroom at the same time. If I took 1, the other two would not have to go, but after I got back........THEN someone else would have to go. I am gonna buy Depends next trip and they will just go in their pants! I ain't making 20 trips to the bathroom!

The Blues Brothers Show was good. They had a great Jake. The Elwood was a little shaky though. In fact, most of the performers were a little shaky this time around. The Beetlejuice show was kinda weak. (vocally) Wolfman was crappy in the dancing department too. Oh well, maybe they'll be better next time.

Everyone send good Karma our way. HHH has a second interview with someone Tuesday!

See ya!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

HHH Loves Me!

Oh yes! I have a good man. A wonderful man. A man who knows when his wife is unhappy and fixes it! As you can see above........ I finally got my new wedding set! In our crisis, we had to pawn our last set for bill and food money. I have been without it and feeling naked. Now he has gotten me a new wedding ring and solitare and I can't be happier! He loves me, and now people can quit asking me "Where's your ring??"

There it is!

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Toy.

I have a new toy! Last night we bought a Nintendo DS. Yes I know it is silly, but I am hooked on a game called Mario Party. It's a board game of sorts that you play on the Nintendo systems. I have had every one that has come out. We have been trying to get a Wii so we can play the next generation of the game, but as you all know.....Wii's are in high demand, and in short supply! You can't find one anywhere! You would think Nintendo would crank up production and start making more now that Christmas is gone..... but no, they haven't. It sucks. So anyway, as I was walking around Wall to Wall Mart, I was looking at the games and noticing that there is only 1 game for my game cube. Sucks again! I see in the DS section that there is a Mario Party for the DS! Coolness. I look down and they actually have DS's available for purchase. Coolness again. I look at the DS's and they have a red one.(My fave color for anything!) This must be fate! I look at HHH and he say "Sure, why not. We can't get a Wii even if life itself depended on it.". So we get not one but two DS's because you can wirelessly link them together and play with two players! Neato! I'll be entertained for weeks on end!

We all went to the Fair last night. By we all I mean BIL's family and mine. I hadn't been to a county fair in ages. It took me back to the old days when I was in 4H and entered my projects in the fair. Now, I wasn't the steer showing, pig raising, veggie growing kind of 4Her..... I was a horticulturist, speech making, and Guide Dog raising 4Her. My guide dog project won 1st place one year! He flunked out of Guide Dog School though. He was startled by loud noises easily. When it thundered or a car backfired or anything loud happened, he would take off running at top speed! We figured he would need a blind person on roller skates! It had started raining while we were at the fair. Lucky for us we were at the show hall with the exhibits so we didn't get wet! It was still drizzly though. The kids rode all kinds of rides, (we had come on kids rides for 1 ticket night.) the adults rode a ride or two, (HHH stuffed his butt in the Zipper with BIL.), and we ate Fair food, (Funnel cake, french fries, Cappa-Frappa-Whoosie-Whatsie's). It was fun! Oh, and BIL actually knocked down the Clown that was razzing people from the dunk tank. Turned out, he was the only one to get him that night. Cool.

Well, I gotta get up and get breakfast running. Have a Blondefabulous day.
(buy a damn tshirt!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did You Get Mooned??

Hi everybody! So how's it going today? Good?? Bad?? Ugly?? Well, just remember Friday is only a day away.

Did anyone else carry their butt outside to see the lunar eclipse? I did. My kids went out with me and we ooooooh'd and aaaaaaaaaah'd at it for about 10 minutes. I took some really craptastical photo's of it and then went back inside. Hope you got to see it, cause that won't be happening again until 2010! Makes me long for Hal and his mechanical, maniacle nonsense! In other sky news, the Navy sucessfully shot down that defunct spy satellite. Wow! I thought for sure they'd miss the first time around. The whole reason to shoot the sucker down instead of just waiting for it to hit terra firma was that it had toxic fuel on board and it would create a cloud of murderous gas on impact. (not unlike a fat man at a chili eating festival!)Not what you want dropping onto your back yard! I can just see some hillbilly right now, selling tickets to go into his back yard and see the "alien space ship" that fell from the sky! Ha Ha! No matter that his cow is spitting out green milk and lil' jimmy has a 3rd arm growing out of his butt! The news in Oregon or some damn state in the northwest showed a metor falling from the sky. Apparently several security cameras caught it as it hurtled to Earth and smacked into the ground near some strip mall. It reminded me of that commercial where the dude takes pains to park his car in the farthest spot away from everyone else, and as soon as he clicks the car alarm on, a satellite drops on it. Cool...... that was a very relevent commercial to my blog topic! I guess Chicken Little would be right if he said the sky was falling this week..........

So, has anyone been to the shop? Perused the goods? Laughed at my designs? No one commented back with any ideas, so I had to come up with one of my own. I thought it was good. When the tax money gets here, I am going to get a few things for me and my dog. You all drop by and take a looky loo. Thanx......

One more day......... 21.


Dinner was, shall we say, awesome! Blogger quit f-ing up finally and here is my photos of the out come.Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am trying to get these photo's up and also go out to see the lunar eclipse. My eldest daughter, who just won a prize at the Treasure Coast Regional Science Fair, is very interested in it. I am going to take photo's of that too. I hope the pic goes up. Blogger is being a bitch tonight. It worked just fine when I put up the first set...... but who knows. Like I said earlier, I hope the Navy didn't shoot down the wrong satellite.I can hear the Village People in the back ground now.......
"In the Navy.........."

Roast....... Part Two

Here's the final outcome of my Pork Roast. I think it did good. Everyone was too busy stuffing their faces to say anything! My gravy turned out to be a sauce , bur it tasted oh so good! I may have to post the photo's later since the blogger site is giving me flak right now. Something about satallites not being aligned and the weather not being good. B.S. I say! I hope the Navy didn't shoot down the wrong orbiting piece of trash!!!!! I guess when this thing decides to be normal I will put them on here!!!

The Roast......... Part 1.

Here are the first photo's of my stuffed pork roast. Yummy!

20 is here and I am ecstatic!!!

According to the IRS web site...... We will finally get our money from the taxes on the 22nd. Whoo Hoo!!!!! We can get the heck out of here and get our own place. I am excited! I love my neices and nephew, but they are just little and young and LOUD! (See previous post about discipline and such.) Right now, my nephew is using his Elmo/Cookie Monster guitar to beat a hole in the floor. BANG!!! I got up and made breakfast for everyone. Steak and eggs with grits. I have to go to the kitchen and filet out that pork roast so I can stuff it. Then I am going to clean and cut up my veggies and get my roasting pan ready.

As for the pork roast, I am going to photograph it from start to finish. I have to make the stuffing for it. I bought stove to because I didn't want to spend too long on it. I did get an apple and some walnuts and I am going to dice them and sautee' them in butter and mix it in with the stuffing, then voila'.... I roll it up and roast it until it's juices run clear. Simple right??

Well, I gotta run. Things to do..... stuff to stuff!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Computer Viruses Are The Work Of The Devil!

Well, I spent yesterday debugging my lap top. It was a long, arduous process. I had to scann 4 times before I got all the crap weeded out! Sheesh. What do the people who think that stuff up say to themselves in the morning? "Hmmm.... I wanna make millions of people frustrated and angry today, just for the hell of it!" Jerks.
I can't wait for tonight! I am buying steaks and baking potatos! Yummy! Tomorrow is the Pork roast. I will put pic's up on here for when I make that. I am really pissed that I lost all my photos and crap that was on here. Luckily I have flickr and that has the majority of my photos on it. I am a photo freak. I love to take pictures of things that look cool or are funny, (like Toby).
This one is gonna be short. I got things to do.

Oh, and it's day 19 people.........

Monday, February 18, 2008

18 & I Was Astonished!

Here I am, and it has come to day 18. I had a great big post already done, but I had a virus on here and it got dumped so I could scan and get rid of it. You know how that goes.....
So any way, the jist of my blog was my BIL and his wife and kids and extended family. Last night, we were watching TV, or I should say trying to watch TV, because my BIL's kids were just going oingo boingo all over the place!! They were throwing crap every where, running around screaming at the tops of their lungs, bouncing a volleyball and knocking over people's drinks, and standing 2 inches from the TV screen and not moving so we could see! It was ridiculous. My BIL believes in spanking, but my SIL does not, and the kids work that to every advantage they can get! Oh those kids deserved a good butt warming, but SIL wasn't having it. This was further hampered by my SIL's mom being there and saying that BIL could go to jail for spanking his kids when they are bad. She further augmented this by saying she would be happy to help him go to jail if he did spank his kids. WTF!?! I've heard of nosy MIL's but this took the cake! I feel so bad for BIL now. And the bad thing is, even if you don't spank your kids, you should at least DO something! Stand in a corner, go to time out, go to bed for a lengthy nap....... SOMETHING! The Bible says spare the rod, spoil the child..... and brother, these kids are spoiled rotten!

Now I realize how good my kids are, and I love them for it!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

17 has come and Now there's t-shirts!

It's here people! If you look to your right, you will see the Cafepress box and if you click it........... you will be transported to a world of Blondefabulocity merchendise! Yes I am hocking my own wares to the public at rock bottom prices! LOL! It took me all day to get it done too. It seems CafePress only accepts 2 forms of image and I didn't have either on my laptop. I had to search the internet to find a converter to get my image into a form that would be accepted. Then this morning, I found that something had f-ed up my computer and I have spent the majority of the morning trying to put humpty dumpty back together again! Yeesh! Well, the fruit of my labor is t-shirts, mugs, coasters, hats, and other stuff that can be used all around your home. I even made a dog shirt! I may change that one. HHH is pretty handy with a paper and pencil, and I may ask him to doodle out a cartoon of a big bird swooping down on Toby and put that as a dog shirt! Much too funny!

It's Sunday and everyone will be clearing out for church soon. That's good because it will give me a chance to clean out the house. I cleaned this place sooooooo good yesterday after everyone went out to go shopping, and in 5 minutes when they had gotten back, it was TRASHED! And I am not talking the kids either, I mean even the adults trashed everything! I am going to lay that on the fact that my BIL and SIL are so young and are not as clean oriented as I am.

We planned out the meals for next week starting Tuesday. (it's when I get my money) Steaks on Tuesday, Stuffed Pork Roast on Wednesday, some other crap I can't remember, and Meatloaf on Friday!. I am just interested in the Pork Roast. I am gonna blow these people away! I think I'll even make home made gravy to go with it. Along with some little roasted red potatos, carrots, celery, and onions, I should have a great meal! Ok I'm hungry now......

Day 17 has arrived...... now go buy something! ;-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 16 & T-Shirts.

I am once again comfortable ensconced in bed, writing to you in my forced exile. The morning is still cool, but not as frosted as yesterday's chill kissed sunrise. I woke at 6:45 am to let the dog go out for his morning constitutional, and the sunrise over the field of nursery plants had an otherworldly feel; all misty and etheral. Of course, every camera I own right now has no batteries and I was unable to take a photo of it to share, but that will change come Wednesday. My ex finally decided to do his court appointed duty and pay up over half of what he owes. (He was $669 in the hole!) The Florida system of child support enforcement has always baffled me. These guys are assesed a certin amount every week. They are supposed to pay every week. Most do, but others do not. The system states that they have to make a payment every 30 days. Just every 30 days! How does that help?? What if you need diapers every week? School shoes? Necessaties of life? Every 30 days is a crock! And here is the kicker....... as long as he pays at least a $1 every 30 days.... they won't go after him until he reaches a certin limit. (My ex's limit seems to be $600.) So, if he is under his court appointed limit, and he pays a dollar, he gets another 30 days. Messed up logic, right? At least I can go buy some real food and show these people here what cooking really is.

That's a whole 'nother paragraph! I have been living in food hell for the last 16 days! We brought 3 big boxes of food with us when we came to my BIL's house to stay. When I looked in the cabinets and fridge, they had nada on hand to even make a sandwich! I cooked the whole first week with my food and made fried chicken, herbed meatloaf, Italian spaghetti, etc..... After we ran out of our food, my BIL went shopping. Yeesh! I coulda done better in a Pic-n-Save! They don't season their meat products, no spices or herbs EVER get used, and they had made up a menu of what they wanted to have, then didn't buy half of the ingredients to make the items on the menu! They wanted cheeseburgers on Wednesday, but forgot to buy cheese....... you get my point. I am going shopping this time, and I am gonna get some GOOD shit! I also have to buy a decent Sankotu knife because all they have here is the Wall to Wall Mart supper serrated specials. Yuck! I can't stand those things! I have no chef's knife to chop with either. I think the first thing I am gonna make is Roasted Pork Loin stuffed with apple walnut dressing! Yummy! I'll make roasted pan veggies to go with it and little red potatos too! My mouth is watering right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Now, on a completely different note, what would everyone say to t-shirts with a Blondefabulous logo on them? I was looking at Raging Server's t's and I like his logos and especially the shirt with the ghettoade saying. That was too funny! Since immitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I was thinking about doing a few designs myself and seeing how they do here! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell me. I was thinking about a design with a blonde woman relaxing with a martini and a little dog with the saying, "Blonde..... not just a hair color, a way of life." or something like that! Yeah, I know. Lame, lame, lame! It was my first attempt. Maybe something about "Laugh and the world laughs with you, be a blonde and they'll buy you drinks!" You get the point. So give me some feed back people. If ya got any clever blonde sayings, drop them by....... but dumb blonde jokes will not be tolerated! (laughed about, yes.... but not tolerated!)

So, my faithful, I leave you with day 16.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Half Way Down

Day 15 has arrived on frigid wings of butterflies who know not that this is the sunshine state. It is 48 degrees outside and I am comfortably huddled up in my bed The heater isn't necessary for me, the hot flashes I have take care of that, but the family is probably a bit chilly. If the mood moves me, I will get up and make pancakes for everyone, and by everyone I mean the entire house full. My SIL had to go to a doctor's appt. and I am in charge of her kids as well as mine. 6 in all. Problem is, hers don't mind anyone. Seems my SIL doesn't believe in spanking and/or punishment in general. Now I don't beat my kids, but if they are heinous to others they know a swift pop on the bottom will soon follow such behavior. The middle child, "A" will purposly torment my son and him being the gentleman he is, he won't smack her back! I have spoken to this child till I am blue in the face, but nothing has come of it. A nice time out in a corner, or a well placed smack on the behind would probably help. Nope. No can do. When my SIL's mom was here the other night, she was discussing how she never had to spank her kids and they turned out to be great adults. Yeah right! My SIL is barely 20 and is having her 4th child, and good ol' mom's son just turned 18 and barely speaks to her. OK. You did good lady! Yes, parenting is a tricky quagmire of what to do and what not to do, but damn it, my kids are gonna respect me! If you love your pony toy and don't clean up your room, pony toy gets thrown in a box for a week to 10 days. If you ever back talk any adult, and I mean ANY adult....... don't expect to see the light of day after school for a month! And if you purposfully hurt another living thing, a spanking is in order. See, I'm not a monster, just a woman bent on getting my kids to respect other and themselves in the process.

V day came and went. I can't stand that dang day. I guess you guys found that out from yesterdays blog, huh? Yeah, I am not a fan of it from waaaaaaaaaay back. The day before, my SIL's brother brought his girlfriend over to give her some gifts for Valentine's Day. He got her flowers, a big stuffed teddy bear, and a big balloon that said I love you. Really going all out for this girl right??? Well she comes over, he gives her her gifts, and she is all squeals and giggles. At that moment, I opened up my door to take the dog out, right? Well, she sees the cute little dog, squeals even louder, and chucks the flowers and bear to pet the dog! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Yes, he spent $50 on all that stuff, but she chucked it in a heart beat to pet my puppy! Much too funny. For me, that's V Day in a nutshell. No matter what you do, someone will always top it and make you feel like crap!

I gotta go. Pancakes need to be made before the galloping hoard wakes up.

I leave you, my faithful, with day 15.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

F*#K Valentine's Day!

Well, here it is again. Valentine's Day. Time to guilt your spouse/boyfriend/signifigant other into spending a shit load of money on crap that either makes you fat, cost too much, or dies eventually! Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make people do this? When I was in school, (and when I actually had a b/f back then), they always had a big to do about Valentine's Day. All the popular people got tons of flowers and gifts, and those of us who didn't get squat felt like big fat losers. Even better, when ya did get something, everyone compared their stuff, (kinda a girls version of penis measuements.) One year when I did have a b/f, he got me something for Valentine's Day. The office sent out little notices to people when something arrived and you got to go pick it up at the end of the day. I get a little notice in 5th period and get all excited. Finally the end of the day rolls around, and the line to pick up at the office is HUGE! I wait and wait and watch all the other girls, (and some guys..) walk by with their roses, balloons, flower arrangements, etc, and I can't wait to see mine. I finally get to the front of the line and I hand the lady my pick up ticket. She smirks, swallows a giggle, and goes to the back. I look around and I see some of the office student staff whispering to each other and I see one point at me. I am wondering what is going on and then I see it. The office lady comes back with a tiny silver vase that looks like it had tarnished, filled with a teeny tiny spray of FAKE roses! Yes ladies and gentlemen, fake, fabric roses. They were even dusty and dirty, like someone had taken them off the shelf in their Gramma's bedroom! WTF! I realized that the entire office knew that that was the most pathetic gift recieved at the school that day and they were just waiting to see what unlucky schmo picked it up. Well, that schmo was me.

So there I was, 16, fake crap in hand, and having to walk the walk of shame past the rest of the girls waiting for all their beautiful flowers. I heard the snickers, the laughs, the evil comments directed my way with no regard for my feelings. I just walked past all that. And NO! I did not reem my then b/f out for the obvious embarassment I suffered. I got him a nice card, said thank you, and cooked him a steak dinner. Yes, some may say that that was just a singular event, but most of my Valentine's Days went that way in my youth. I don't have a great love of the holiday. Never have, most likely never will. I tell HHH not to bother buying me something until after the holiday because vendors are just crazy with their mark ups! Flowers that cost $15 in January are $30 in Feburary! WTF is up with that?!? And there is the point that two of my kids are diabetics and having a large amount of chocolate around is just stupid for us!

So here I am...... day 14, and I hate Valentine's Day!

Anyone else?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13 is here, wish life was nice.

I hurt. Not the emotional hurt I have had for the longest ever since HHH was wrongly terminated, but I actually have real physical pain! The left side of my head had been throbbing intermittently with sharp pains that radiate down my neck on the left side. It was so bad yesterday, I could barely move. I spent the day in bed. I would have been in bed anyway, but that just made the day a little less enjoyable. OUCH! There it goes again. It feels like someone is smacking me about 2 inches above my left ear with a small ball peen hammer. Ouch! Ok, one more time.... yeesh! Just something else new and fun for me to deal with. Last night I lost it with HHH. Broke down and started crying wondering what we were gonna do. I know all you in the bloggosphere are rooting for us and sending good wishes our way, but I am running low on my sunny outlook. :-(

HHH is on the phone right now with someone about a job. :-)

The dog hasn't been hassled by that bird anymore. I have been watching him very closely when he goes out.

Man on the phone said he doesn''t want to interview HHH because he thinks HHH would be too far away! :-( I guess the man didn't take into consideration the fact HHH said we would relocate.

See what I mean? We can't get a break! I think we'll have to wait until we get our tax money, fix the van, (brakes and 2 new tires), and get the heck out of here. We have to get to somewhere with more town to it. I like the big city.

So here we are,...... at day 13.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Death From Above!

O! M! G!

HHH just took the dog out to use the "facilities". As Toby was sniffing around, trying to find a suitable spot to lay down his tootsie rolls, HHH noticed that there was a large bird, possibly a hawk or falcon circling high above. This caught his attention. HHH looked over at where the dog was, and noticed that the bird was circling right above it. Then in the blink of an eye, the bird goes into a power dive and tries to pick up and take off with my dog!!! YIKES!! HHH starts yelling and screaming and startles the bird, it breaks off and flies away. The dog must have gotten the crap scared out of it, cause he shot the poop out of his butt and ran inside really fast. I know he looks like a big hamster, but that is ridiculous!

Now I know we have to get out of here. I can't live where there is the chance of my dog being picked up and taken off with by large birds of prey! He'll have to go out in his camoflage jacket from now on!

Day 12 at least had a pick me up.

Day 12 & IRS Still Sucks!

Well, we were supposed to get our tax return today. You know how that went. We are still here and HHH is still looking for work. He added up the amount of resume's he has sent out, and it came up to 45! 45 resume's and no one has hired him. There are just sooooo many people out there looking for work right now, the employers are spoiled for choice.

Well, scratch that. My SIL is feeling ill and can't drive him over there. We can't win for trying. I am beginning to lose hope. Why the hell should you try when everything conspires against you??

I give up... and it's day 12.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I am in bed right now because "Aunt Flo" has come to visit and I feel horrible. I finally got out of bed yesterday afternoon and started finishing up the laundry HHH had started. I also did al of my in-law's towels because they were out and my poor SIL had to work all dya yesterday after church. My BIL went and got on his motorcycle and took off for about 5 hours. He is nutso for those crotchrockets and I am afraid one day he is going to hit a pebble at 75 mph and wreck! I never liked crotch rockets. I was always a cruiser kind of girl. I had a Honda CMA 400 when I was in college. Great on gas and easy to park. I had wrecked the one I had before the CMA, but that wasn't even my fault. The dealer said that it had had it's gas tank replaced when it had not been, and it was rusting from the inside. One day, as I was trying to turn onto 13th Street in Gainesville, a chunk of rust lodged in the gas tank, I rotate the throttle, the chunk breaks free, I spin out, and down I go in a heap! I still have bits of 13th Street gravel emerging from my knee to prove it! That was fun......NOT!

So here I am, laying in bed, watching Spaceballs. (We're not just doing this for money..... we're doing this for a SHITLOAD of money!") That should keep me entertained. The dog and cat are huddled up next to me because it is cold. Got down to 43 last night!

I leave you with....... day 11!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On To Day 10.

It is now Sunday and I am sick as a dog! (and my dog can really PUKE if it wants to!) I woke up last night around 3:30am and I noticed it was really light in the room. I wondered, "Why is it so bright in here? It can't be morning yet?" So, I get up and look at the clock and it was only 3:30 am. Why in the hell is it so bright in here? I get up and go to investigate. I look outside, and someone had turned on a light in the carport. A BRIGHT LIGHT! I was so pissed. I don't sleep easily and when I wake up in the middle of the night, It takes forever to get back to sleep!! I was about ready to get back to sleep and, boom. My stomach starts to cramp and the nauseous, bile raising feeling starts to hit BAD! I was then up for the next hour feeling completely miserable. Bleck! I think I finally fell back to sleep about 5:30am. I don't know. I do know I woke up to pee around 7:45am. Not alot of sleep for me and now I feel soooo crappy. Ugh. It doesn't help that Aunt Flo is here for her monthly visit either. Actually, I was late this month due to stress. Lots of Stress! On a good note, now that my BIL's MIL and FIL have moved back in here, the house is cleaner than I have ever seen! That is a woman after my own heart. I thought I was the only one who got up in the morniing and cleaned up the home, but she does it too. Whoo hoo. Now I don't have to keep the house clean all by myself! My poor SIL is 6 months preggers and my BIL does nothing to help with the cleaning or with the kids, (note- he's 21 and she's 20 and they are going to have 4 kids in a few months. You do the math.). I have been trying to help out as much as possible, cause I remember what it was like to be that big and have to work AND take care of the family! It sucks! My BIL said the other day that she has been feeling more relaxed lately so that's good.

I have to go and wash my dog now. He smells. I had sooo many people at the yard sale try to buy him! I kept saying "no", HHH kept saying "Yes!" At least he was asking for $300. Also, he was fed to busting, (the dog, not the HHH), with hot dogs from the birthday party they had for my SIL's brother, Todd. Toby even sneaked someone's hot dog off their plate! Sneaky mutt! Now he'll be pooping all day today.

So, I leave you here, at day 10.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 9 & Yard Sale.

Here we are, day 9 and the folks we are staying with are having a yard sale. We are trying to get into it with the little we have here with us. Mostly movies, and video games we don't play any more. I made another warning lable for my HHH last night. He has been really frisky lately, so it's really funny. I on the other hand, have been feeling nada because of the stress of our situation right now. Whe you look at the warning lable, you'll understand!

I gotta run. I know my posts have been short, but when you go no where and do nothing.... not much to write about.

And that, dear friends, is day 9.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 8

Here we are at day 8 and nothing new. Oh wait, there is something new. My BIL's parents have moved into the house as well. Yep, now there are 3 families here in this house. (it's a big house!) We have GOT to get out of here! HHH has 2 interviews today. One is for a place here in Wauchula for about $15 and hour. That would be nice, I just don't really want to live here. I have become accustom to the big city and it's restaurants, shopping mecca's, and entertainments. Plus, I will have to drive probably a good stretch to get to any kind of doctors for the kids. I need endocrinologists and pediatric gastroenterologists!

This one is going to be short. I did 3 entries yesterday and I have to find something fo rmy kids to eat! I could really have used that money from the taxes! Now it's going to be two more weeks after the 12th! Whoopee!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Something Funny

Just a little funny thing I got on It was a warning lable generator. This was all I could think of. Pathetic, right?

Here's where we're at.

This is where we are living right now. A family of 5in one little room, all the rest of our lives stored in a 10x20 storage unit. Lovely isn't it?

Day 7 & The IRS Sucks.

Ok, got an answer from the IRS about why our refund is going to be delayed/ It seems I owe them money from back in 2005. Now, I specifically remember having gone to H&R Block in 2005 and having my taxes done by them. Now, due to all the moving we have done, I cannot find my tax forms from then or remember which H&R Block I had my taxes done at! (It was up in Memphis, I remember that!) So now we'll be delayed 2 more weeks while they take out $1002. I seem to remember that the IRS delayed that years tax money too, but they didn't take anything from it. Why would they wait 3 years to take money from me?? It makes no sense what so ever, but I guess that's the IRS.

So, now that is going to delay our departure from here at "Casa de Little Kids" until almost the end of the month! I am not happy at all. My BIL's kids are all under 5! HHH has another job interview on Friday and he is going to call the place he interviewed with last Friday and ask them what's up. He is also going to put in an application at a place here in Wauchula that's looking for a porter for their complex. I just don't understand how all these places can be looking for people, but they are taking their sweet time hiring! I understand having to check people out, but background checks are expidited now and drug tests are really quick with all these walk-in clinics/labs you can go to. People should at least have the decency to tell you up front that they are going to spend X amount of time searching for a candidate to fill a position and that they will get a yes or no answer on such and such a date. I am beginning to feel like Ribeye over at Raging Server. He hasn't heard anything about the bar spot he interviewed for at his job! Jeeze.....

Update on the family in Tennessee: Everyone is ok as far as we know. My HHH got a hold of his other brother and Rob said that there were 3 tornados that touched down near his house, but no direct hits! He says he has to reshingle his porch roof, but that that was about it. We still haven't heard from HHH's mom yet. We are still having trouble getting phone service to her. We'll keep trying. The count is up to 52 people right now. I am just floored that Memphis was hit so bad. Usually we got tornado warnings, but they would skip over the low part of the city that was next to the river and touch down out in Jackson, like they did. Oh, and I was mistaken about the Hickory Ridge Mall. I hadn't been to that one. I went to Wolfchase, Spring Ridge, and The Commons at Hacks Cross. Hickory Ridge was one I hadn't been to over there. It looked like a bomb had gone off in it! I got to thinking, where would you hide in a mall to escape a tornado? The storms hit while people were casually shopping, and suddenly they had to find somewhere to go. Most malls I have been to are light and airy; lots of decorations, lots of trees and plants, stores with tons of shopping racks full of clothes. If you suddenly had to choose a spot to hunker down in, malls are pretty much shot! The bathrooms are few and far between, the trees, plants, and decorations can become deadly missles in high winds, and a lot of the malls recently have big glass atriums that can shatter and rip you to shreds! Scary thought. I think one person died in the H.R. Mall when a piece of roof collapsed on him. Sad. Makes me glad for our decision to move back to Florida. You can run from a hurricane!

As always, I am your faithful servant, and this has been day 7.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 6 & I am Angry.

Oh man, will the bad luck ever quit!?! We were checking online at the site and it said our return has been delayed. DELAYED! Augh! I am so pissed. I just don't know what I did to what ever Deity there is up there to deserve this. Now HHH is really being pro active looking for jobs and putting his resume out there, and he has 3 more interviews scheduled for this week, but these guys are calling saying that they need someone right away and then they are taking another two weeks to decide! WTF is that?? We need someone to make a decision right now! I can't put my kids back in school until we are settled somewhere, and I don't want them to miss too much time! We were really counting on that money to pay HHH's BIL back for putting us up here in his house and to go get another place. Now we don't know how long it will be before our direct deposit is put into our account. The first date they site gave us was Feb. 12th, now, who knows??
I am feeling under the weather right now. I haven't felt as sick since we moved out of the apartment with all the mold. Today is just a queasy day I guess. Right now, I am mostly worried about our family and friends living up in Memphis. Those storms yesterdayand last night were wicked! I have been to the Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis that got blown to pieces. At this time, I can't reach anyone, but CNN was saying that power outages and cell tower damage has been hampering phone calls from getting through. I hope we can reach them soon. HHH's mom and her new husband live in Bartlett where one of the 6 tornados that were being tracked touched down. Man, I used to hate it when spring rolled around in Memphis. Tornado's were really frequent up there. We had tornado plans like people down here in Florida have Hurricane plans, except it is harder to get out of the way of the tornado! HHH's other brother and family live in Drummonds, TN and I haven't heard anything bad out of there. I am really worried for my friends Vicki and Mercedes who I worked with at Miss Cordelia's. They were the best co-workers I ever had. I hope nothing happened to them! They are saying Memphis is pretty messed up, and I-40 is littered with overturned cars and big rigs. That's another thing that worries me, HHH's mom's husband drives a mail truck all day across the state and he would have been on the road when all this crazy weather was going on. I am gonna keep trying to get a hold of them. Wish me luck..... wait, that hasn't helped so far......

So here I am, at day 6 and counting......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 5

Well, here's a short one. Still haven't heard from the jobs that HHH went and interviewed with. He called the one in Tampa yesterday and the woman said that they had 2 more interviews scheduled for this week and they had to do them before they could make a decision. WHAT?? Why would they act all excited to interview him and ask if he could come for an immediate interview if they were just going to make him wait another week? That's dumb. I was a little pissed off when I heard that. So now HHH is off to go around Wauchula and look for a position in the apartments around here. (Just for the record, I really don't want to stay in this area. Too small town, blah.) I am really hoping that the job in Tampa gets their head out of their ass and calls HHH soon.
Thanks for all the good wishes guys. I appreciate it. We are in a really bad place right now, but I am just hoping that it is going to give way to something better.

Till then, it's Day 5.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 4 + Super Sunday.

Wow, last night's Super Bowl was good, huh? Wether you were rooting for the Pat's to have a perfect season, or the Giants to come from behind, it was a real nail biter! I love a good game. I don't like blow outs where you see some little team getting the snot pounded out of them. It just isn't sporting. And did you see Bili-chump's face? Oh man! He looked sooooo pissed off! He even walked off the field with seconds to go and the officials had to clear the thing in order to finish the game. I guess Eli can finally tell everyone, "screw you" since he has a ring like daddy and Payton. I tell you, I never thought he would have a ring like his family. At times he just seemed to lose his cool on the field and make stupid mistakes. Not so much last night. In the 4th quarter, when it came down to brass tacks, he and Plaxico had the connection that mattered. The Giants now go down as the team that killed the perfect season.

Now for all you readers who were asking about the Sherriff and what happened, nothing really did. My SIL, who had the information the detective wanted, came home in the middle of this yahoo harassing my HHH and I and he decided to believe her when she said we didn't know anything about a stolen motorcycle. I say if the guy is trying to check out everyone who lives at the residence that the motorcycle was stolen from, that must mean they suspect someone here of stealing it. I am just hoping that HHH gets his call for that job today and we can get out of here. I did not know this, but my BIL's MIL and FIL have a small church built on to the back of this house. I don't do organized religion. My first husband, (who was a nut job to say the least), had gone nutso and started attending a church in some guys back yard and then began to believe that he could call down angels from heaven to smite his enemies. Yes people, full on wacko! ( He also was an Amway salesman. )Needless to say, a confrontation occured that involved a gun and his going to jail, and I do not do church of any sort. I have a sort of "mental aversion" to it from the horrifying gun incedent association. Therapy did not help. So now, I am even more antsy to get the heck out of here and to a home of our own. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in the Big Guy and his making of the Heavens and the Earth, but I am just "gun-shy" about man's influence on how we worship, etc...

So, now we sit hoping for a job call. HHH said that they were very interested and that he had more qualifications than the guy he was gonna be working under! I just hope for all of us he gets it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Homeless- Day 3

And the band plays on. Here it is Sunday, and we are still here at BIL's house. I am hoping HHH will hear from the place he interviewed at on Friday. So far nada. I have been keeping busy cleaning and cooking here. Yesterday, I had the boys go up into town and get me someabrasive cleaner and a few scrubby pads so I could take on the bathroom. They have "country" water out here, which means it is hard water that smells of sulfur. Yummy, right? Yeah, that's why I prefer to live in town with treated, chlorinated, flouridated water! I know that most people say they would like to own their own home, but me, I'd liketo be a high rise dweller. Give me a balcony over a yard that needs mowing any day! When we had a yard, I was the one that would always end up mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and all that jazz. HHH was always too tired after work to go out and spend hours on the yard! Besides, if I want plants, container gardens are the way to go. So, I was cleaning the hard water stains from the bathtub, and HHH was watching the kids. Fun Fun! I amso ready to get out of here. I remember why I said I didn't want any more kids. Mine are old enough to get their own breakfast in the morning, the nieces and nephew however are 2, 3, & 4 and are up at the crack of dawn making noise and being little kids. I like to sleep in. So does HHH.

On a better note, aside from the head cold that has me "snounding wike dis", I haven't feltquite as bad as when we were living at the old apartment. I am pleasently suprised at that. I was suspicious that the mold in the apartment could have been affecting me health wise, but now I am sure. I may have to go back there and warn the next tenent. (Or anonymosly call in a mold complaint to the head of the health department!) I am just glad I feel better.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Homeless-Day 2

Have you ever watched the show, "My Name Is Earl"? I am beginning to see how one can believe in Karma. Yesterday, I was cleaning my SIL's house while she had gone into town to run errends. As my kids were playing on the porch, and I was in the house mopping, a car pulled up. A detective from the sherriff's office got out and basically began to give me the Spanish Inquisition about some crap I had no idea about! He started asking me who lives at the house, where everyone was, what was I doing there, etc. Now, I am the type that, If I don't know the flavor of the Kool aid, I am not going to offer up anything that may make a bad situation worse. I am polite to the detective and say that I am uncomfortable with his questions and since we had just arrived the night before at 7:30 at night, I had no knowledge of any thing that may have occured and would he please come back at 7 pm when my BIL, ( which was who he said he was looking for.), would be home. I shut the door and tried to go back to cleaning, only to hear a sharp banging on the door. The detective was PISSED. He begins to rattle off why he is now going to take me to jail for not cooperating with him and offering up information I don't have! What the hell!?! How am I supposed to know what happened at the house when we weren't there??? He gets all pissy and rude and says that HE is investigating a Grand Theft of a motorcycle from this house and I should tell him anything he asks. Man, kiss my ass! I don't HAVE to do anything, especially when you are a rude idiot! I guess the sherriff's department has decided maybe someone at this house had taken the motorcycle that disappeared, and it was this detective's job to investigate everyone on the premisis. Fuck that! If I had known that there was a police investigation going on here, I would have slept in the van! They ended up hasseling me, and then HHH when he got home from his interview! STUPID!!!

As it is, HHH's interview went well. He said they are keen to hire him to start almost immediatly! We are waiting on a call for when he can go to drug testing. They also said that we could move on to the property! The place looks really nice. They were saying that HHH would get what he was making before, or more than that! I am excited. I am hoping good things will start happening, I have been trying to live well, be well, all that stuff, and I am hoping that Karma will take notice. I mean, cleaning my pregnant SIL's house, cooking dinner for the family, etc has to count for something, right??

My Name Is Blondefabulous.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Homeless- Day 1

Well, here we are, at my BIL's house. We are all staying in a big room off of the living room. It's roomy enough. We got all the suitcases in and they had extra matresses for us to use. I guess it's better than staying in the van. My husband had the oh so great idea of stopping at my Mom and Dad's house on our way through to get here. That was a debacle and a half! I haven't spoken to them in several weeks. Ever since I called my Mom to tell her what had happened, and she instantly launched into "I have no money to give you and your HHH probably did do something to get fired." speech, I have avoided them like the plague! I was already stressed from HHH being fired for shit that never happened, I didn't need her trying to make it worse! She was all nice to HHH on the phone when he called to say we were stopping by, but when we got there she took me off on a tour of her yard and spent the time bad mouthing HHH and saying I was stupid and dumb to have married him in the first place! WHAT!?! I thought family was supposed to support you in hard times? I must have been mistaken. You can bet she won't get any more Buche de Noel's from me! Anyway, she basically spent the whole time bitching at me and tearing me down. As we walked back up to the house, HHH took one look at my face, and said, "Let's go." So we loaded the kids up in the van and left. I didn't say good bye, didn't want to. Hell, I never wanted to go there. HHH made me. We got to HHH's brother's house about 7:30pm. After getting everything in, we settled down and got everyone to sleep. I couldn't sleep for shit. The A/C was soooooooo loud. I'm gonna have to turn that off tonight. I didn't sleep a wink! At one point, I even dreamed I got up and turned it off. Then, I heard it come on and it woke me up and I cursed under my breath that it had been a dream! I hate that. Kinda like when you dream you already got up and got ready for work, but then the alarm goes off??? Yeah, like that. Sucks don't it!

HHH has gone off to an interview this morning. The place seemed pretty anxious to talk to him. Looks like a property got purchased and they are hiring a whole new staff. The woman on the phone said he would get between $12 and $15 and hour, which is what we are looking for. It's in Brandon over by Tampa. There are a few more doctors for the kids there. We had originally wanted to move there when we came down from Memphis, but it was the season, and nothing to rent was available, plus the rents were high as shit! (tourist season sucks!)
At least we'll be close to Busch Gardens. That would be nice. Our taxes are due around Feb. 12th, if the IRS site can be believed. I can't wait. I don't want to be a burden to our in laws. Right now, I have a cold, along with HHH and Morgan, so we are trying to stay away from the cousins and my SIL, Erin. She's pregnant with their 4th child, and I know how hellish it was to be preggers and have a cold. It sucked major ass! At least there is a wireless signal to bounce off here. Apparently, the BIL's neighbor has internet. I didn't expect it out here in the stix. And do mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out here in the stix. Wachula, Florida to be exact. I dated a guy who lived here when I was in high school. He was cute and a year older than me. We met in 4H. Yes people, I was in 4H. In Okeechobee, there pretty much wasn't anything else to do. I was president of the Horticulture club at the time, and we would go to district meetings and state conferences. I even went with him to his Grad night at Disney. Anyway, anchient history, I got me a jock now! (HHH played football) So I am familiar with the town and it's layout, now we just have to wait for our taxes and HHH to have a job come through. If this one doesn't pan out, he has another interview on Monday! We'll see. Till then, this is homeless- Day 1.