Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yeah, Yeah. I'm Here, Sort Of...

I don't know what it is, but my stomach is not giving me any slack this month. Scratch that. I know exactly what it is.... the Celiac's. Add the stress, heart ache and all the other crap I have been dealing with in the new year to it and I can barely move in the mornings. I do good at first, you know, get up at 6 am and get the kids up and ready for school, but after I get them out the door.... BOOM! I start getting this nauseous feeling, I get VERY cold, and I can barely move. My stomach meds aren't doing anything to fix it either. (Please don't suggest going to the doctor. HHH lost his job and his insurance, remember?)

On the plus side of things, HHH has gotten several calls for interviews for jobs. One is all the way over in Clearwater. He had e-mailed his resume over and not an hour later they called him to set up an interview. I am hoping something goes through soon because we usually live where HHH works, ( and you can bet I won't be asking ANYONE over to dinner.), and that is when we can look for a place. Upset Waitress, thanks for the offer of that place in WPB. I appreciate it. It sounded nice. Also, thanks to everyone for their support. I needed it. It was just that I was amazed that my HHH was getting fired for doing his job and for us being nice to someone! Utter bull shit! The fact that CONCORD MANAGEMENT felt it wasn't worth it to defend their employee from the slander this bitch was pulling made me sick. That's OK. Everyone gets their come uppence in the end. (now to go with the illegal cat, the bitch has an illegal dog!) Not my problem anymore. I did find it funny the other day that she wouldn't leave the house while I was outside. Nope. made her kids and estranged hubby stay inside till I was done feeding the ducks with my daughter! I almost laughed my ass off. The skinny bitch BETTER watch out!

The other night I tried to cash in on that gift certificate I won from the TV station. I went to the site and picked out $50 worth of crap...... wait I think I told you about this..... how the $50 counts only as $25 real dollars? No....? Maybe it was when I emailed the site and asked how I redeem the bitch. So I go on the site and it has this list of the name of the restaurant, how much the gift cards are for, and how much they cost. So, for example, John's Diner has a gift card that is worth $40, and it costs you $20 to buy it. OK, with that in mind, I pick out $50 worth of cards. I get to the checkout and see I have a balance of $26 dollars. How is that possible? I don't see anywhere on the gift certificate where it says the amount is applied to the after price( the $40, instead of the $20.). I was sooooo confused. I shot off an email to the company about how the hell was I supposed to use this damn thing! That was Sunday night and still no answer from them. Dumbasses!

Wow, didn't think I had a lot to say today, but I guess I did. Just know this true believers, there is no justice in the world, look out for number one and you may make it out alive. You can damn well bet I will from now on! If you aren't family, (and some of them are on the out list right now...) don't be lookin' for me to do any favors. I gots ta take care o'whats mine!


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