Sunday, January 27, 2008

WTF Is Up With Craig's List?!?

Once more, I was watching the ol' CNN and I saw another story about someone trying to use the site for criminal purposes. WTF is it with this thing??? This latest story is about a woman trying to procure the services of a hit man to take out her lover's wife. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she was gonna take out the competition! And this isn't the first time that Craig's List has been used for something like this. When I was living in Memphis, there was a story on all the news stations about an add on where to find hookers! Yes. someone had scoped out all the "Ladies of the Evening" in Memphis and put down descriptions and usual locations for them and put it on Craig's Lust... er,.... I mean List. The only reason anyone of authority found out about it was because one of the hookers stiffed a guy and he called the cops and squealed! After that, the next thing about Craig's List I saw was in California. There was a woman who came home from work one day to see her house demolished. Gone! Totally down to the bare walls. It seems that someone who disliked her had put an add on Craig's List saying that the home was to be knocked and for people to come and take what ever they wanted out of the house for free before demolition. So people came and took the furniture, fixtures, sinks, carpet, EVERYTHING! The house was trashed! The cops tracked down the person who posted the add, but it was too late for the woman's home. Even her daughter's things were taken. No one gave anything back. Then there was the case of the realtor who put his competitor on Craig's List and advertised her as a prostitute for hire. He had put her work and home and cell numbers on the ad and even when she changed her numbers after the first 100 calls, he went and put her new numbers on the ad as well. He even had her address in the ad and men were showing up at her door looking for sex! She got calls at all hours of the day and night. The cops caught that guy too, but the damage was already done. Her realty business was tanked and she was living in fear of men showing up at her door.
This has just made me think that Craig's List is just a joke. Don't they check these ad's before they let them go up on the site? Does this mean I can advertise for someone to vandalize something for me? Or kill someone? Or blow something up?? When is Craig's List and it's owners going to take some responsibility for any of this crap?!? I don't know, but believe me, I am not taking ANYTHING on Craig's List seriously.

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Russ said...

I remember seeing a story not long ago about a baby on Craig's List. It seems like some people are wired to self-destruct. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't take other with them...