Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What I Have Been Living With.

This is some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen. I have been living with this with my family and I think that is what has been making us sick. AFTER we had moved in to this apartment, we found out that this particular apartment had been flooded in the bad hurricanes that came through here. The apartment company, CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, never replaced the cabinetry and just laid vinyl over the old, wet, moldy vinyl still in place. At the time, we didn't have anywhere else to go, so with promises from the management that these things would be replaced at the first of the year, we kept on putting up with it. There were also things that needed to be fixed, replaced, yadda, yadda, yadda. We got a new stove and refrigerator only because the old ones were on their last legs. The carpet was new, but the under pad was moldy as well. The management said they were not going to replace the carpet. Whoopie! You can see all the photo's on my flickr account.
Now that we are moving out, I am seeing just how crappy this apartment was. I pity the next person who moves in here. The management is going through some cash flow problems and they don't have the green to fix this place up to habitable conditions. Even though I am pissed off at the place, I am going to clean it up to the best of my abilities. I will scrub and wipe down all the surfaces and make sure the floors and such are clean. HHH is still friends with the other maintenance guy, and I don't want him to have to deal with a shitty move out. He has enough of those already! I feel bad for him though, having to still work here. Apparently, the management told him not to report leasing violations anymore. They even hinted that he may get fired as well if he pursues someone who is in flagrant violation of the community rules. Well, isn't that just peachy! And the poor sap is going to move in here at the beginning of February! I sure wouldn't.
I just thought everyone should know what kind of crap they can expect if they try to move in at ST. LUCIE PLACE APARTMENTS in Stuart! It and CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT are a bunch of crap, and you should not move in there EVER!


Russ said...

So tell me how you really feel!

So as a pick you up, I tagged you for a meme! I knew that would make you very happy. You've been my longest reader and I needed to thank you properly.

If your too busy, or don't do meme's I understand.

Best of luck, and keep your head up, things will turn around (for the better).

pinktomato said...

<-relates to the hurricane issues. thats when we decided to move. we sunk a bunch of money into our house to get the damage fixed from the hurricane (no thanks to our insurance company I might add)- sold and left that putrid state. I dont miss it at all. so much crap to deal with there. insurance companies and all.