Friday, January 25, 2008

Track Star.

My eldest got picked to go to a track meet tomorrow. Apparently, this is a big deal for the kids at this school. I was under the impression that track teams and organized sport teams didn't start till middle school, but I guess it's different here. She is an anchor leg on the relay team and they have been practicing every day at school for the meet at South Fork High. At first I was wondering if this was for real. I mean, this is the kid I always have to holler at to keep up with the family when we are out together. The kid that's always last to be ready and out the door. They want HER to be on the relay team?!? She must be faster than I thought! When we went shopping, I got her some energy bars and a lunchable for the meet. (they said that they could bring money for the snack stand, but the stuff they serve there didn't sound very nutritious.) We also have water bottles we are going to fill and refrigerate and she's going to bring them. She wants me to go, but I have more packing to do and can't. I'm sure they'll do great!

My kid ROCKS!

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Kroeger/Has2BFunE/StupidGirl said...

congratulations..when I read the title my mind went somewhere totally different...