Sunday, January 6, 2008


So here we are on Sunday, and I am trying to not be depressed about the crap that has been going on. As per several friends, relatives, and fellow bloggers, I have been out trying to find a job. No luck. I thought I had a few possibilities Thursday, but I never got a call back. Now I have to gear up for my daughters doctor's appt in Hollywood on Tuesday, and all the rest of them that are following. That was the main reason I didn't work anymore. Between the two chronically ill ones, we go to several appts a month. When my daughter was first diagnosed, the job I had actually had my immediate supervisor take me aside and say to me, "It's either your kid, or your job." This was while she was still in the PICU! Really! They did that! I told them to shove their job so far up their ass that a team of Harvard educated proctologists couldn't find it! I have now realized that most jobs feel the same way about kids and working parents. If you have too many obligations at home, they find some way to sack you and get someone who has no obligations to take your place.

The day with the cousins went well yesterday. (change of subject) We went to the flea market, got some lunch, went shell searching, watched a movie, and had pizza for dinner. Their kids were excited to go out to the beach, and they got to see their first live jelly fish. There were tons of blue Man o' Wars washing up on the beaches. t first I spotted them and tried to show them to HHH, but he was telling me that they were blow up toys. I corrected him by pointing down the beach and showing him the many more washing up by the minute. I think one got me on the foot though. Either that or something in the sand irritated it. We found a lot of good shells. The best time to go is after the storms, and it had been crappy all day yesterday. We found oyster shells, scallop shells, conch shells, etc... HHH and his brother kept making fun of the trash they found on the beach, using a fake Cousteau accent and describing a plastic bottle as "fabulous, underwater sea creature". Dorks! Mike's wife Erin was helping her little girls find shells and ignoring the both of them. It was a good day all around.

Well, I'm gonna go. I have to get the place cleaned up and start making plans on how to pack up everything. So much to do......

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