Saturday, January 26, 2008

Run Like You Stole It!!!

Well, Rebecca went to her track meet today. I, unfortunately, was sick as a dog again and stayed home. She is getting to the age where she doesn't want Mom around as much though anyway. She has friends and such and is just starting to approach that independent part of her childhood. Next year she'll be in middle school. Yeesh! Where does the time go?!? I was just starting her in kindergarten it feels like! Now, all my babies are in school and I am home alone ill all the time. Whaaaaaaa!

Back to the track meet. Rebecca said they did good and came in second. She said a LOT of schools were there! Not just a county wide thing, there must have been several counties there. She said the school got a trophy for the boys track and for good sportsmanship. Photo's will be taken on Monday to be in the school trophy case. Now, Rebecca says she wants to run every day. Not a bad choice of athletic endeavor. I see now that she is fast when she wants to be. She also has decent to excellent grades. That is hopefully going to transfer into a scholarship of some sort later down the road. (Go Gators!) Now a days, it seems you have to start earlier and earlier with the building of the transcripts for college. You have to be well rounded, both academically and socially. You have to volunteer, study, and have good relationships in the community. All I had to have was a decent ACT score and the money! Not today boy! If you even have any inkling of a blotch on your record.....Junior College hell for you! And Junior College isn't all that safe! Just the other day, I was reading an article about a parking lot fight at IRCC down in Ft. Pierce.

It seems this 20 year old woman was searching for a spot on campus and after she had gone by a car, see that the driver is trying to back out and leave. OK. She then tries to back up so she can get the space EVEN THOUGH,... there is a line of cars waiting behind her who want to get through. We've all seen this person or someone like her. The parking idiot. They think the world owes them everything and free parking to boot! Well the cars behind her can't back up, the guy trying to leave can't get out, and the woman won't move. Finally the guy gets out and the next car slips in to the parking space. The first woman is so pissed off she starts spouting obscenities and racial slurs to the girl that parked. A Campus rent-a-cop finally gets to the scene and tells the first woman to move along or he has to call the cops. THEN... the oh so intelligent woman decides to walk up to the lady who got the space and start a fight! Arrests ensued and a search of the arrested woman's car yielded drugs and drug related crap! This is who goes to the Junior College.

OK, before is start getting hate comments, I know all junior college students are not like this woman and her drug induced parking pandemonium. I was just making a broad funny statement. I mean, look at UF. My alma mater. We had the "Don't Tase Me Bro" incident. It just goes to show that the universities try to pick the best, but picking the best is all relative.

Either way.... my kid is a winner!

(PS- the Blogger wise men have been switching my fonts for me in the middle of my blogs for no good reason. Enjoy the anarchy!!)

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