Saturday, January 5, 2008


I know I said I wouldn't be back in a while, but we have relatives coming out today and I may be posting pictures of my nieces and nephew soon. If we can't find anywhere to go before our taxes show up, we are going to go and live with them till it shows up. HHH has put out resumes at a bunch of places, and I have put out my name at a couple of servers jobs and such. One was this British Tea House. I had called it thinking it was an American owning it, but I actually got a British guy answering the phone. They were looking for part time serving help. I said I could do that and cook too if they wanted! (I'd have to brush up on my English baking methods.)
So, there could be photos coming soon. We'll see.

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Upset Waitress said...

Season is almost here Blonde. Get on a floor and wait tables if you can. It's good money right now, and EVERYONE is hiring for season :)