Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Yeesh.... Is It Morning Already?!

Ohhhhhhhh! I am tired. I am sleepwalking through the morning routine right now. I am awake enough to see that the San Francisco Zoo has evidence that someone was inside the retaining fence in that tiger attack last month. Also, one of the guys that got away told the Dad of the kid that was killed that all three of them were yelling and waving at the tiger. Jeeze...... one of the guys was at a blood alcohol level of .16 .16!?! Why the hell do you get drunk and go to a zoo? I can think of loads of places better to go to than a zoo!
HHH is off to his interview today. I am excited. There are 3 more scheduled for next week! He should have something soon. We can start looking for a place after we find where he is going to work. Normally these places ask for their supervisors to live on property. I wouldn't mind this place HHH is going to today. HHH said it was a brand new place. And just so everyone knows...... DO NOT LIVE AT ST. LUCIE PLACE APARTMENTS and DO NOT WORK FOR CONCORD MANAGEMENT! This is the company HHH got fired from and the apartments we are/were living in. There is big time mold here, and other problems that they are not willing to fix unless a resident complains. All of the cabinets in the apartment we are living in have flood damage and mold, but since HHH was working for them, they weren't going to fix it. The vinyl is curling up in all the bathrooms and kitchen, and the carpet is molded underneath. Gee....I wonder if that is why I keep having nose bleeds? Anyway, don't live here and don't work for this company. They do not stand by their employees and you will be chucked out the door if it even looks like you'll cost them money! Jerks!
I am feeling sick again. For some reason, I am really ill in the mornings, but get better as the day wears on. No I am not prego, but I think it may be the acid in my stomach building up over night and making me miserable in the morning. I may need to take a Prevacid before I go to be, and if you read the post from last night, that was a late bed time. I am so mad that I did not get to bed last night until almost 12:30 am!!! Yuck! That is one of the reasons I am so tired today. I am going to go back to bed today. I was to sick to be able to relax yesterday morning. That must have been why I took a little nap yesterday afternoon. I didn't mean to, but I was watching "What's New Scooby Doo" vol. 3 disc 1 with my son and I just nodded off. And I love Scooby Doo too! We are watching disc 2 today after he gets home. I miss having him home with me. He was my little cutie patootie! But now he has to go to school and be a big man. His "girlfriend" Alex has been ignoring him to play with her little girl friends. He's been asking me if he can take her some flowers. All together now.... Awwwwwwwwwww!
I gotta run. I feel like puking and maybe if I do, I can relax and go to sleep. Hey, it's worth a shot right?

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Russ said...

I don't imagine that all that mold could be causing all your issues? I know when fall rolls around and the mold index goes through the roof I am utterly miserable.