Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Off To The Doctor....and Geaux Tigers!

I just gotta say it....GEAUX TIGERS!!! Ha ha ha! Ohio State chokes again! They just can't deal with the SEC. Hands down. It reminded me of the UF game last year where OSU did well in the first 5 minutes and that was it. LSU was just unstoppable, and that blocked punt! Whoo hoo....I was laughing my ass off!

Morgan and I are trekking to her gastro doctor today. We are getting a ride from the local transportation company to it so we have to leave 4 hours early. It sounds bad, but the doctor is 3 hours away so it is just an hour extra built in, and if they are going by way of I-95 then having some pad time built in is a good thing. I'd be driving if the damn gas prices weren't so high! Whoo, they went up 10 cents over the weekend! WTF!?! Since we get offered transport, I took them up on it. Why waste my gas on a 30 minute appointment? So we are headed to Hollywood today and will be back sometime in the evening. I'll blog more then.


Upset Waitress said...

That little girl is so cute! So cute. I mean, she is so happy. I wish I could give her a tacky bracelet. Too cute. Unlike your dog!

Blondefabulous said...

That was taken when she had her surgery to diagnose her Celiac's. Those are the pictures of her insides the doctor took.