Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes on a Sicko.

This is an open blog to all the perverts, sickos, and pedophiles out there. You guys should burn in hell! When ever you even think of a child in any sort of sick, perverted way, your privates should spontaneously combust and explode! I hope you get cancer and wither away. Death is too good for you!

OK, on that note. The other day I was checking my kids e-mail addresses and profiles on the computer. I have them so they can keep in contact with friends up in Memphis and my Ex, their father. I was looking at my oldest's email and I saw there were some notifications from Flickr about people wanting to be a contact to her. I click on them and check them out and it was sick! A 50year old man was asking to be my daughters contact! It even says in his profile that he "Likes to be naked with young girls." ! That is a direct quote. No lie! The other two were the same. Sick, perverted crap. I instantly blocked them from her, and reported them to Flickr. Then I started looking in my own profile on flickr. I have a pro account and recently they added a feature that can track stats on the photo's. As I was looking at the stats, I noticed a site called Flickrleech.net. What the hell is that? I clicked it and it basically took me to a site that lets anyone look at whatever without having a flickr account! The way the wording was, it sounded like a funnel for pedophiles. Gross, sick, and disgusting! I have since put up higher filters on all the photos we all have, but I also sent an email off to flickr itself to tell them a site is using its logo and name to do something shady. The first two responses I got back were basically computer generated crap about "thanks for contacting us", and "Click this and that". No help at all. I sent one more email saying I couldn't report or block a site, I can only do that with an individual. Finally, I got a real sounding response but it was no help either. The email said that they can't block a site either and if I don't want people looking at my photo's, don't put them up on flickr. I guess flickr doesn't care if someone uses their credentials and look to do something nasty and flickr doesn't care if they are going to be associated with such nastiness. It shouldn't be a surprise though. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and Yahoo went through that thing where they were letting people make up their own chat rooms, then acted surprised when people made rooms like, "13 and under for sex"and "Older men for Young Girls". That is just a sick, disgusting, nasty thing!!! There has to be something fundamentally wrong with someone who thinks like that!! I just have one thing to say..... I check my kids sites and I check them often. If I find anyone on there who is inappropriate of trying to contact my child for crap like this, I am taking your info to the police and I hope they put you under the jail. I will make sure the other inmates know what you did because they don't take to pedophiles inside and you will end up someone else's bitch. See how you like being violated Mofo!!!!!

Ahhhhh.... now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. How about you?? Good. It's actually chilly here this morning. My son had me put his clothes in the dryer to warm them! HHH ate all the oatmeal so the kids had to have cereal instead. Dang it. It is supposed to warm up on Thursday and then get chilly again for the weekend. Whee. That means I don't have to use the A/C. Either or, I'm going back to bed.

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Upset Waitress said...

I was going to do a post tonight about how sickos have found my site. I mean, some of the keyphrases that led actual people to my innocent waitress site? Weirdos.